"Home Again".

ISSUE 10 : MARCH 2011

Hello and welcome to the first newsletter of 2011. All previous newsletters can be found on the M4S website.

* Strange Attractor - free download-only mini album!
* Richard van Kruysdijk - co-composition for "Brides for Peace"
* M4S Back Catalogue: Tam Tam - "Miles"

Free Strange Attractor tracks!

 Strange Attractor have released a download-only mini album (MP3) containing three new tracks from their forthcoming CD:

1. A MOMENT (feat. Marie-Claudine)
2. RAY POTATO (feat. Blaine L. Reininger)
3. IRON HORSE (feat. Graham Lewis)

Warm up for the new album, entitled "Anatomy Of A Tear" - to be released this spring - with this free download featuring members of SONAR LODGE, WIRE and TUXEDOMOON.

(320kbps MP3, 35MB)

Richard van Kruysdijk - "Brides
for Peace" - co-composition

Together with drummer/composer Greg Smith, Richard has created music for a new performance by choreographer Jens van Daele.

March 2011
15: Arnhem - Schouwburg (try-out)
16: Arnhem Schouwburg (première)
17: Zwolle - Odeon de Spiegel
18: Den Haag - Korzo Theater
19: Amersfoort - Theater De Lieve Vrouw
22: Haarlem - Toneelschuur
24+25: Rotterdam - De Gouvernestraat
26: Purmerend - Theater de Verbeelding
30: Zaltbommel - Theater de Poorterij
31: Den Bosch - De Verkadefabriek

April 2011
1: Nijmegen Theater - LUX
5+6: Utrecht - Theater Kikker
8: Hengelo - Rabotheater
11: Amsterdam - Theater Bellevue
20: Doetinchem - Gruitpoort Theater
26: Roosendaal - Schouwburg de Kring

May 2011
3+4: Amsterdam - Melkweg
6: IJmuiden - http://www.wittetheater.nl
18: Torino (Italy) - Festival Interplay/11

"Brides for Peace" is inspired by the living art project "Brides on Tour" by the Italian artists Pippa Bacca and Silvia Moro, that came to an untimely end. In 2008, to prove that the world is a less violent place than it might appear, Pippa and Silvia – both wearing wedding dresses and carrying a sign bearing the word "Peace" – started hitch-hiking from Milan to Jerusalem. However, the project was halted before they reached the Middle Eastern border. Shortly after this, Pippa was found dead. She was raped and murdered near the Turkish coast town Gezbe.

M4S back catalogue highlight

This month's highlight:


Tam Tam - Miles (12" vinyl)

  Sam Auinger - electronics
Hannes Strobl - bass
featuring: Hanno Leichtmann - drums

"the sound environment is becoming the instrument"
"the instrument is becoming the sound environment"

Superb and deep ambient release.
Features a remix by RELAXO ABSTRACTO.


click cover for info