Hi all !  Today ( OCTOBER 8th ) is LENEDA'S BIRTHDAY !!!  ( and since LEROY is her twin brother... HIS TOO !!! ).
They grow up so fast !  Well... OK... not in this case but it is still amazing how fast the years go by.    LENEDA has been on the market for 10 years already.  She sure found lots of friends and a "reputation" for being quite the star among the AA contemporary dolls.
- Leneda was named after a customer of mine from my early days in the doll world.
- Leneda - Medium hairstyle ( cornrows ) took two hours per doll and yet the factory was happy to be doing "something different".
- Leneda's lips are painted with multiple colours.  All other dolls have only one colour paint on their lips.
- Leroy was "born" because the factory over produced the Leneda bodies and I did not want them destroyed.  We created a "twin brother" head for the extra bodies.
- Leneda- Dark wearing the "Out of Africa" outfit is always a favorite at events
To commemorate her birthday I am offering a 30% OFF on ALL LENEDA and LEROY DOLLS from now until October 16th at 11:59pm.
BUT...  YOU MUST WISH LENEDA A HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the comment field !!!  
This sale offer is valid until OCTOBER 16th at 11:59pm !
Remember... you MUST wish LENEDA a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
Denis Bastien