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Latest Lawsuits: These lawsuits were just filed, updated or settled.

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Update from the President: What’s going on @ TCA and more lawsuit updates.

Class Action Investigations


Yaz/Yasmin, Beyaz & Ocella Birth Control Pill Class Action Lawsuit Investigation – Did you take Yaz/Yasmin, Beyaz and/or Ocella and suffer a pulmonary embolism, blood clot, heart attack, stroke or deep vein thrombosis? You may be due compensation!


Dialysis Heart Attack Class Action Lawsuit InvestigationWas a loved one undergoing dialysis and had a heart attack or other severe cardiovascular problem while undergoing treatment or within a few days? If so, their death may have been caused by the solutions used as part of the dialysis treatment. You may be due compensation for your loss.


Depakote Class Action Lawsuit InvestigationIf you were prescribed Depakote, and had a child with birth defects, you may be due compensation. Find out more now!


Propecia Sexual Dysfunction Class Action Lawsuit InvestigationTake Propecia and experience problems? Propecia side effects can be devastating for men and their loved ones. You and your spouse may be due compensation for your injuries.


Mirena IUD Class Action Lawsuit Settlement InvestigationIf you or a loved one used the Mirena IUD as a form of birth control and “lost” the device or had to have it surgically removed you may be due compensation!

Latest Lawsuit News

The lawsuits below have recently been covered on Top Class Actions, Top Drug Lawsuits, Top Mass Torts or Legafi.

  • Flonase Class Action Lawsuit SettlementGlaxoSmithKline has agreed to pay $35 million to settle a class action lawsuit accusing the company of blocking generic versions of Flonase from entering the market. If you purchased Flonase you may be able to claim a cash award from this settlement.
  • Teen Develops Stevens Johnson Syndrome After Using LamictalSeventeen-year-old Gabrielle Corral seemed to have it all. As a California resident she was a high school cheerleader when her world was turned upside down. After being prescribed Lamictal, a drug used to treat patients with epilepsy, Gabrielle developed Stevens Johnson Syndrome.
  • Steve Madden Text Settlement Claims Deadline ExtendedIt seems that the court may be looking for more claims and extended the deadline for this class action lawsuit settlement. In the Steve Madden class action you can receive up to $150 if you submit the claim form online and qualify.
  • Vaginal Mesh Injury Settlements Could Net Plaintiffs BillionsTens of thousands of women have received bladder sling implants that contain synthetic materials like polypropylene to treat their stress urinary incontinence. As two bellwether trials indicate – one against Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary Ethicon and the other against C.R. Bard – jury awards for victims of transvaginal mesh side effects could be in the millions of dollars.
  • FTC Secures $25 Million Ab Circle Pro SettlementThe companies being the Ab Circle Pro have agreed to pay as much as $25 million in refunds to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they made unsupported marketing claims. Consumers who purchased the abdominal exercise device can file a claim to receive a refund through the FTC’s Ab Circle Pro settlement.
  • Domino’s, Papa John’s and Yasmin Blood Clot Side EffectsSome of the companies with the most vehement objections to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, happen to be men linked to national pizza chains. In fact, one pizza company is refusing to pay for female employees’ birth control prescriptions.
  • Court Approves $62 Million TD Bank Overdraft Class Action Lawsuit SettlementA federal court approved a $62 million class action lawsuit settlement between TD Bank and customers who say they were improperly charged overdraft fees. Eligible TD customers can expect to see a payment or account credit within the next few weeks.
  • Doctor Advocates Against Propecia Due to Sexual Side EffectsDr. Andrew Rynne has over 30 years of experience in the medical field and is now considered a sexual dysfunction specialist. In an article he published on his website he strongly advocates against the use of Propecia, also known as finasteride, for men looking to treat their male pattern baldness.
  • Great Western Bank Overdraft Class Action SettlementDetails on how to file a claim for the Great Western Bank overdraft class action lawsuit settlement have finally arrived. If you were charged an overdraft fee from Great Western Bank between 2000 and 2010, you may be eligible to receive a cash payment from the class action lawsuit settlement.
  • New Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Over GranuFlo RecallThe side effects linked to the dialysis product GranuFlo have allegedly claimed another man’s life. Tanzella Leary has become the latest plaintiff to file a wrongful death lawsuit after her husband, Darian Leary, died from complications caused by receiving GranuFlo during his dialysis treatment.
  • Judge Approves $9 Million Netflix Privacy Class Action SettlementA federal judge granted final approval to a $9 million class action lawsuit settlement between Netflix Inc. and customers who said the company violated the Video Privacy Protection Act by storing their rental history after they canceled their accounts.
  • Mirena IUD Can Cause Permanent DamageWhen it comes to choosing birth control, no matter which method you choose, side effects should be taken into consideration. Just as traditional birth control pills have risks, so do intrauterine birth control methods such as the Mirena IUD.

Unum Provident Disability Insurance Class Action Lawsuit InvestigationWere you denied disability coverage by one of more than a dozen different insurance providers? You may be able to get the payments you deserve!


Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) & Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN) Class Action Lawsuit InvestigationIf you were diagnosed with SJS or TEN you may be due compensation for your injuries and medical bills.


Closing Soon

The lawsuit settlements below are ending soon. Make sure to submit your claim NOW so you don't miss out.

Transvaginal Mesh, Vaginal Mesh & Bladder Sling Class Action Lawsuit InvestigationIf you had vaginal mesh or bladder sling surgery you may be due compensation.



Did you take Zithromax/Z-Pak and suffer Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, have a heart attack or experience other problems? You may be due compensation! Attorneys are investigation claims that Azithromycin may cause heart attacks, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and other deadly problems.

Omontys Anemia Drug Recall Class Action InvestigationDid you or a loved one receive Omontys and suffer anaphylaxis or another injury after being exposed to the drug?


Text Message Spam & Unsolicited Calls on your Cell Phone Class Action InvestigationAre businesses, banks, debt collectors or other companies calling your cell phone or text messaging you without permission? Submit your information now!

Update from the President of TCA

Good morning awesome Top Class Actions viewers! I hope you had and amazing week! Mine was one full of meetings, great news I can’t talk about yet, and lots of giggles from my girls. I was home almost all week so we had plenty of time to “play family” (this is when one of my girls plays the role of the parent,) have tickle fights (I win until my wife tickles me, I’m not ashamed to say I’m still ticklish!) and lots of laughs. Few things make a parent smile wider than hearing their kids laugh. When Sydney and Aubrey really start laughing it’s hilarious and FULL of joy. Super special. I may have to break out the tickle monster to get some giggles going…

I know giggles, chortles, and laughs are GREAT, but I’m pretty sure you want some lawsuit and settlement updates, so here goes!

De Beers. The settlement that just won’t end or pay out. Well, rumor is that consumers will see a check within 60 days. That’s right, we might get paid before summer hits. The jewelers just got their SECOND check (emptying out their fund completely) and it looks like they’re getting around to paying US, the consumers. Fingers crossed we’ll see checks next month!

Own a BMW Mini Cooper? Had engine problems? You’re not alone. Plaintiffs just filed a class action lawsuit accusing BMW of concealing an engine defect that causes the cars to suddenly quit without warning.

The judge presiding over the Citibank home equity line of credit class action lawsuit settlement just approved it. Homeowners impacted will be able to seek reinstatement of their line of credit and/or receive $120 in cash.

UnitedHealth is fighting a class action in California. A group of plaintiffs allege that UnitedHealth set up multiple layers of practices and procedures which prevent patients from receiving mental health coverage they paid for and need. We’ll watch this one and see how it develops.

For the first time, we’re seeing a class action which might just core Apple. Apple Inc.’s recent “unacceptable” conduct in a privacy class action lawsuit may result in sanctions from a federal court after the judge presiding over the case discovered the company hid information from plaintiffs’ attorneys. I know one of the plaintiff attorneys involved in this case personally, and while he’s a great guy, I wouldn’t want to cross him. I’m confident the attorneys in this case will bulldog this one forward as a win for consumers. We’ll see!

That’s all for now! I hope you have an incredible week! If you want to see where some of the original Star Wars was filmed, subscribe to my feed! I was exploring the dunes with my friends over the weekend. I mean, exploring Tatooine over the weekend. Lots of sandy fun! Don’t tell the border patrol I was too close to the fence please. ;)

Make it a GREAT week!

Warm Regards,

Scott Hardy


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