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Cat Photo Competition
Here is a fun cat photo contest you might enjoy entering.
Check out this website to learn about deadlines, rules and
photo guidelines.


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Janus Cat Dies
Did you ever read about Frank and Louie the 2 faced cat?
He was born with 2 faces known as a "Janus Cat".
Frank and Louie broke all records for this condition
by living to be 15, gaining a place in the Guiness Book
of World Records he passed on just a week ago. No other
Janus Cat has ever lived beyond a few days or few weeks.

Read the story and see a video here:

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A study done recently provides some interesting and obvious findings.
Cats eat more during the winter and owners should give pets
who spend time outdoors more food during this time.
The study found cats ate approximately 15% less during summer because
they were more likely to prefer resting, in contrast to winter when extra
activity is needed in an effort to create extra body heat to keep themselves warm.

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Of course keeping your cat indoors helps prevent problems associated with
changing weather conditions.

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