Happy Birthday Greetings
Hope your day is as special as you are, Andrea! Big kitty hugs to you!
Celebrity Cat Lover,
Kurt Cobain
Helping Stray Cats, the Humane Way!
I found this article a while back and ran out of room to share it with you then, so here it is now:
Frankly, when it comes to helping cats, this information is never out of date.
Congratulations to my friend in Iowa who took in an abandoned house cat this summer and has found him a wonderful home! Every cat should be so lucky!
Rescued Kitten Stars on Broadway, Now Needs a Home
Alfonso, a gray and white kitty, will appear with James Earl Jones and Rose Byrne in "You Can't Take It With You" opening on August 26 in New York.
Several cats are in the show and all will be offered for adoption during intermission.

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                                August 21, 2014
Help! Name This Cat!
I need some help again. A new cat was dumped in my yard this week, and I need a name for her. She's very sweet but scared and just wants to cuddle, or, as seen in this photo, yawn. [Tip: Animals that are nervous often yawn a lot. They are not bored, just wary. Probably more common with dogs.]

I found some names at these sites:

Visit my blog, http://loveablecat.blogspot.com, to see the ones I like so far. Also, thanks also to Cheryl and Amy for sending me some ideas.

Drop me an email with your suggestions and I'll let
you know which one she chooses. Yes, I'm going to let
the cat select her name. Have you ever done that?
Let us know how it worked. Write to me at felinehelpline@live.com (yes, you'll have to type that in) or just leave a comment on the blog.
Over 100 Tuxedo Cats Dumped At California Shelter In Boxes, Shelter Overwhelmed

OK, who's dumping cats in California? The humane society in Novato has been flooded with more than 100 cats, dropped off late at night, a few dozen at a time. They appear to be in good shape and are likely the result of a breeding operation or perhaps a hoarding situation. The shelter doesn't have room for them all and is looking for the person(s) responsible so they can get them some help.   http://bit.ly/1pg2Xue
Petfood News and Links
Following the recalls? Here are some helpful links:
Free shelter feed links:

http://www.freekibblekat.com/  Please note that this link provides THREE ways to donate cat food, dog food, and/or kitty litter. So, one link and all three donation buttons are there!
Thought For the Day
If you want your cat to adore you, first you must adore your cat.
~~RJ Peters
Last minute news:
Tammy's Surgery is a Success!

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