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Rep Shumate married

Gary Richardson to Speak at Tulsa County GOP Men's Club

Governor Candidate Gary Richardson will speak in Tulsa at the Tulsa County GOP Men’s Club on February 13tth. The 2014 gubernatorial candidate has eliminating the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority as one of his central planks of his campaign.

The Tulsa attorney says, “The turnpike is a scam on the people of Oklahoma," said Richardson. "It was a scam when they proposed it in the 1950s and it is a scam today."

Oklahoma has ten turnpikes with over 600 miles of road, tying the state for first place in the nation for the amount of turnpikes, Richardson’s talk will cover the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, how it operates and how the collected toll money is spent. Richardson says that the State of Oklahoma makes no money off the turnpike at all as all of the toll income is eaten up in expenses and bond payments.

Richardson’s speech will occur at the Hibachi Grill at 74th & Memorial on February 13th starting at 11:30 am and finishing up at 1:00 pm.

For more information on the event contact:

Okay Al, Where the Hell Are WE This Session?
That pretty much sums up the emails that we are getting since Monday after the raucous first day of the legislative session. It was an interesting day to say the least with plenty of twists and turns.
Governor Mary Fallin gave her state of the state speech where she apparently conceded that bond issues to pay for core government responsibilities like keeping the Capitol in repair weren’t going to fly this session. She instead advocated spending ten million dollars of appropriated money to begin the repairs, something that could have been done several years ago when the dog and pony show began starting with the placement of scaffolding at the South East entrance.
The defeat of the hundreds of millions in bonds intended to repair the Capitol as well as renovate many of the surrounding buildings in the Capitol Complex was a surprise to both Governor Fallin and the State Chamber whose members were salivating at the fat bond sales fees to be earned as well as the above market rate interest payments for investors.

Governor Fallin then jumped on board the train that left the station last year when the Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges were defeated along with the defeat of any idea of expanding Medicaid. Fallin adopted the decision as her own, admitting that the political pain was too much to bear and chose to join the parade as a tardy politician must do. However she quickly veered to the far left with her announcement to spend tens of millions of dollars on state programs for medical assistance. Conspicuously absent was any mention of her plan to accomplish any of her goals, indeed the entire speech was a recital of platitudes and vacant promises.

After the Fallin speech the crowd in the galley thinned out as the House convened and got down to legislative business. The main battle, if one stretches the truth a bit, was as expected; the adoption of the House Rules for the 53rd Legislative Session. Stretching the truth comes up because there was less of a battle than we would have liked and more of a suicide run by the handful of Democrats backed by a smattering of conservative Republicans. The movie “The Last Samurai” came to mind because although the odds were stacked against them the Democrats and a handful of Conservative Republicans took a run at improving the House Rules with a series of sixteen amendments.

Now those attempted amendments mostly could have been taken right off our previous newsletters so the majority of the changes would have been for the best of the common good. Those pushing the amendments had the logical and moral high ground in 90% of the cases and that left the Republicans hanging out there voting to table (to kill the amendment) good changes to the House Rules, mostly common sense things like bringing back the protection of minority opinion. One legislator made an excellent point when he pointed out that rules are made to protect the minority as the majority needs no protection as they have the strength to prevail. Those are republican values, also Republican values, but in this case we are using the word to describe the necessity of a constitutional republic that governs by using a set of rules specifically designed to avoid the tyranny of a pure democracy. Just remember that a pure democracy is where 51% of the voters or legislators can strip the rights of the other 49% with a simple vote.

Minority Leader Scot Inman (D) told the story of how the House came to abandon the germane rule. It seems that for nearly 100 years the Oklahoma House of Representatives functioned as most legislative bodies do with a rule that required that bills and amendments be germane to the subject matter contained in the subject of the bill and with the title of the legal section that the bill was filed under. You couldn’t take a bill filed under Oklahoma Statutes that covered insurance and load it up with proposed law on farm animals. Any amendment had to be relevant to the bill it was attached too, no amendments prohibiting texting while driving could be placed on a bill that dealt with the judiciary.
That ended one day when President Pro Tem Glen Coffee stormed over to the House lobby one day during the Speaker Benge administration and chewed Benge’s butt out over a bill not being heard due to the lack of being germane. Benge folded like Lee Denney in a donut shop and the germane rule was stricken from the House Rules. I remember Benge well because of two meetings that the OCA had with both Coffee and Benge in 2010. Coffee brought in one lieutenant who sat quietly off to the side during that meeting. Benge had a wall lined with his handlers and what struck us as most ridiculous was watching Speaker Benge make a comment then look over at Representative Ken Miller while saying “Isn’t that right?”

We have mentioned in the past that many times a clique will choose a spineless Speaker to represent the group; someone that won’t break from the ranks but will do as they are told. The danger of choosing a weak and ineffective leader such as Benge or Kris Steele was well shown the day that Speaker Benge sold out the House of Representatives and the people of Oklahoma after Senator Coffee chewed him out. The so called “Coffee Rule” has been in force since 2005 and Speaker Shannon’s refused to wipe the stain from the House reputation. Why? Because the rule comes in handy as it allows the House leadership to shrug and blame things on the Senate, allowing bad laws to be passed that benefit special interests over the common good of us all.

Most interesting was watching how the situation in the House had split the conservative Republican block. Watching Rep. Mike Ritze vote opposite of his long time desk mate and ideological twin Rep. Mike Reynolds was certainly something new. On rare occasions the two had differed in the past but the votes were almost all different on Monday. Here is the thing though, as much as I admire Rep. Reynolds for his unbending dedication to doing the right thing and voting the right way sometimes that rigidity gets in the way of winning the long term war. As in chess, sometimes pawns should be sacrificed if it sets the stage for a win. So when I see legislators that I highly respect voting on opposite sides I don’t fret; I understand that some legislators will choose the hill to fight and die for and that we need both types of legislators to advance the conservative cause.

The Democrats made some good moves by taking advantage of House Leadership’s refusal to pass good rules. They now have recorded votes showing Republicans voting against openness and transparency in state government, something that they will certainly use in the next general election. For 100 years the Democrats were the ones that used bad rules and bad processes to maintain their grip and despite Republican vows to fix the process, the day they came to power they choose to not only continue to keep bad rules and processes, they made them worse!

One House Rule change that slipped past us was the deletion of a single word that changed the requirement of an amendment to be filed in a committee 48 business hours in advance of being heard to 48 hours in advance of being heard. That now allows a deceitful or clever legislator to file an amendment on a Friday afternoon as everyone is long gone from the Capitol and hear the same amendment at 9 am on Monday morning. If a legislator hasn’t read a bill no doubt that the author would be “happy” to explain his intent but not allowing legislators sufficient time to read the laws they are voting on is just bad law making.

Still after watching the fight on Monday I still believe that we are much better off than two years ago. Yes we have some really, really bad rules but we also have a Speaker that is almost a complete 180 degree turn from the social justice/socialist Kris Steele. Yes Speaker Shannon did place the RINOs in positions of power and influence but using Rep. Pam Peterson as an example he also hog tied some of the most dangerous ones. For his own purposes Speaker Shannon has made peace between as many of the factions as is likely possible and has given almost all of the factions a seat at the table. Whether that peace holds or not will depend on how heavy handed Speaker Shannon uses the bad rules that he supported.

Speaker Shannon filed some bills that are sorely needed to rebuild Oklahoma and to inoculate our state from the troubles that may come.

HB 1909 requires food stamp recipients to work, train for work or be involved in community service programs for at least 35 hours per week as a condition of eligibility for food stamps. The only problem that I see is that a lot of the food stamp recipients have low wage full time jobs; will they also be required to do something to improve their skills so they can climb the ladder and become self sufficient? I would say that they should.

HB 1910 starts the process of liquidating unneeded real property assets and using the income to repair/maintain the buildings that are used. Good businessmen have a repair and replacement budget, that is what depreciation is all about so it is time that state goes back to the traditional approach of maintaining state properties instead of letting them run down so they can spend the maintenance budget on other things then scream murder, ruin, and catastrophe to bilk the taxpayer to fix the mess they made. To paraphrase the great Ronald Regan “Mary Fallin, pull down that scaffolding!”

HB 1911 aims to prevent frivolous unemployment claims against small business owners. I’ve faced these claims before; fire a worker for just cause and spend the time responding to the claim. If you want to fix much of what is wrong with America you couldn’t do much better than getting back to the principle of “No work, no eat.” Working people aren’t too good to take a temporary job through a labor service if they lose their main job. Matter of fact the state needs to make it a requirement that those on unemployment show up at one of the private labor services every morning that they draw a check. As a business man, most will take any work to keep the doors open when things are slow; why should a working person or a professional be treated any different?

HB 1914 restricts the ability of state bureaucracies to increase fees. This is surely needed and even better would be if they amended the bill to go back and make the bureaucracies to justify the fees they charge as reasonable and necessary.

HB 1916 would repeal the state's punitive franchise tax on businesses that already pay taxes.

HB 1917 forces state agencies to plan for reducing their dependence on federal funding. The day is surely coming when federal government will initiate austerity measures to deal with an inability to sell bonds/treasury notes or to deal with hyper inflation. Shrugging off the red tape and strings that go along with federal funds is also important.

HJR 1036 places a limit on state government debt. No more bonds that waste taxpayers hard earned money on enormous bond sale fees or above market bond interest payments. No longer will the solution to be to borrow money to fund core state responsibilities. It should be criminal to pass down our debts to future generations just to keep the special interest money flowing to the State Chamber of Commerce cronies.

These seven bills are truly conservative bills as written but the cynic in me is wondering if these bills are just window dressing to make Shannon look good to further his political career. But the Sooner Tea Party doesn’t whine about the hand we are dealt; we look at what we have to work with and put it to best use. Therefore all seven of these bills will be used in the 2013 RINO Index and it won’t be enough to pass the bills in the House and depend on the Senate or Governor Fallin to veto the bills. Instead both the House and Senate leadership team will have five points deducted from their RINO score for every bill that fails to pass and you can depend on both House and Senate leadership’s legislative districts getting an issue of the Oklahoma-Guardian dropped to publicize any failure to act.

Our promise to Speaker Shannon is this: You file these bills then you better damn well get them passed and into law because you will be held responsible along with your entire leadership team along with Senator Bingman’s leadership team.

House Leadership Team Part II
Yaba Daba Doooo!

By the Watchman

Three members of the House Leadership team would feel comfortable sitting on the other side of the isle.. We’re talking about Majority Leaders Dennis Johnson and Fred Jordon along with Assistant Majority Floor Leader Lee Denny.

We’ll begin with Majority Leader Dennis Johnson. If this man truly believed in the Republican values we wouldn’t be writing about him. Unfortunately our investigation indicates that to date, he cares more about enriching himself, than benefiting his constituents.

We went back and took a look at his voting record that earned him a RINO index of 40 with 100 being a true Republican and below 65 being a RINO.

HB 2130 Obama Care, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HR 2171 Highway Bond Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HJR 1002 Property Tax, , Liberal Vote
HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, , Liberal Vote
SB 154 Quality Jobs Act, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote

We began our research by going to his web page at . There we found that he sat on two different sub-committees of the Appropriations and Budget Committee. One of those committees is the Revenue and Tax Committee. Folks this man is dangerous to your wallets.

We next went to to see what information was available there. There we found that the man’s background is in marketing. This caused us to wonder what his qualifications where to sit on such committees as Higher Education and Career Tech Committee and the Judiciary Committee? He owns a freaking appliance store. What is he going to do, recommend what washer and dryer to buy when remodeling college dormitories?

We then went to and fond that his campaign donors were two individual donors and the rest were special interest groups, unions or corporations. We felt we needed to verify this and we did.

We went to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission web site also located at to see what information they had on file. Their information verified that the same two individuals listed at were the only two individual donors to his campaign. This can leave no doubt as to whom he owes his allegiance to; when it comes time to vote, he will vote to benefit those that paid for his campaign.

Next we look into the other Majority Leader Fred Flintstone I’m sorry I meant Fred Jordan. First of all, it boggles the mind to think that you need two Majority Leaders. I could see maybe an Assistant Majority Leader, but not two Majority Leaders. Is this an admission that two half wits make a full wit? I hate to tell you this Speaker Shannon but that isn’t how it works, usually two imbeciles adds up to at least four imbeciles, at least it works out that way in a cabinet shop. Or is Rep. Dennis Johnson the “Barney Rubble” and Shannon doesn’t want to break up the duo? By the way, did you ever wonder about Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble? Both of them are wearing dresses, spend an inordinate amount of time hanging out with each other despite the fact that they have good looking wives…. I’m just saying….

We first went to to visit his web page. There we found that Jordan sat on the Appropriations and Budget Sub-Committee on the Judiciary and also sat on the Judiciary Committee. This would appear to be a conflict of interest. He is involved in setting the budget for the very agency of the government he is setting the rules for and approving new judges at the same time.

We also found that Mr. Jordan is a rather secretive individual. He has elected to keep all of his personal information exactly that, personal. He doesn’t indicate his line of work, his marital status or anything. I guess he thinks he deserves secret service protection. Needless to say, we dug deeper.

We next went to to see what they had on Mr. Jordan. We learned a lot about him. We know he’s married, his religion, he graduated from OSU, and that he is an attorney. We also know that he was a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. Dang, what happened to him?

We know that he gets reasonably high ratings consistently from the Research Institute for Economic Development with scores always in the high 80’s while earning low scores of 60 and 75 for Consumer and Patient Advocacy. Compare that with his 2011 RINO Index score of 40, way down deep in enemy territory. Here is how Rep. Fred Jordan voted:

HB 2130 Obama Care, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HR 1004 Open Governance Bill, Voted No, Liberal Vote
HR 2171 Highway Bond Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, Liberal Vote
SB 154 Quality Jobs Act, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote

A RINO Index rating of 40 is well below the minimum needed to consider yourself a conservative.

We also went to to look at his campaign finances. He is one of the many Liberal RINO Republican politicians that accepted campaign donations from President Obama’s campaign donation bundler from Tulsa, George Kaiser. The same man who raked in millions of tax payer dollars from the Solyndra scandal. Another prominent donor to his campaign is the renamed remnants of the old A.C.O.R.N. organization. You combine that with all the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce contributors, and you’ve pretty much paid for his campaign. Looks like another House District will not have its constituents represented for the next two years.

The third act in this three stooges is a real loser. We’re talking about Assistant Majority Floor Leader Lee Denney. Now first you must understand that she is one of only six Assistant Majority Floor Leaders. With that much fire power on the floor, one would think that the members were a little on the rowdy side. Surely our House of Representatives would respect the decorum of the office without resorting to fisticuffs, although some could use a good swift kick in the ass by their constituents.

We started our investigation at by going to her web site to see what information was available. Here again we found what appears to be a conflict of interest where she sits on the Appropriations and Budget sub-committee for Common Education as Chair, and also sits on the Common Education Committee. This insight allows her to funnel additional funds to specific projects that she knows will need them from her discussions in the Common Education Committee. This is stacking the deck against other projects that may be just as deserving, but lack her specific support.

I also question her qualifications to be on the Common Education Committee. Her only background in education is a short two years as an Instructor at the Central Vo-Tech in Drumright in 2004-2005. This was fully twenty six years after she received her D.V.M. degree from Oklahoma State University in 1978. Other than an above average ability to know what the inside of a horse’s ass looks like, what courses did she take to prepare her to be an instructor for anything in all those years? Wait a minute, perhaps the knowledge of horse’s… never mind.

We next went to to see what they had on the porcine politician. We went straight to her ratings and endorsement pages and found a familiar story, the high economic development score that shows they are puppets of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. According to these reports the Research Institute for Economic Development has consistently rated Representative Denny in the high 90’s to even a 100 while earning scores for Consumer and Patient Advocacy rated from 71 to as low as 58. Simply put, if you are a consumer or a patient, you are screwed.

We next took a look at her voting record. We looked at votes that mattered to Oklahomans. Here is what we found.

HB 1397 Transvestite Birth Certificate Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote

HB 2130 Obama Care, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote

HR 1004 Open Governance Bill, Voted NEA, Liberal Vote

HR 2171 Highway Bond Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote

HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yea,
Liberal Vote

HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, , Liberal Vote

HB 1647 Open Carry Bill, Voted No, Liberal Vote

SB 154 Quality Jobs Act, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote

We next went to and looked at her campaign finances. It’s to a point with some of these people that you can almost write this part in your sleep. There were only five (5) individual donors to her campaign. Everyone else is a union, a special interest group, or a member of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. For those of you who live in Payne and Eastern Logan County, who do you, think she really is going to represent your interests or those of the people that paid for her campaign? The way she played kissy face with the President’s entourage a while back, should leave you no doubt.

But there was something missing when we wrote this story, her tie in to Barney and Fred. After some thought we concluded that Rep.Lee Denney must be the brontosaurus that Fred Flintstone rides at the start of the cartoon, can’t you just see old Fred Jordan on top of Denny, sliding down her enormous backside while screaming “Yaba Daba Dooo!”. And my god, did you see her on Monday at the Opening Day session? Wearing a hot pink dress, or was that a circus tent? Maybe it was one of those art exhibitions where they wrap skyscrapers in fabric? Anyway, there was so much pink that I was reminded of the Muskogee Azalea festivals after a good warm spring. The one thing that you can’t say about Lee Denney is that pound for pound she gives her constituents more representative than any other district. Note that the operative word was representative not representation.

In conclusion there is no doubt that we have three left of center RINO Republicans here that will do their best to harm the Speakers conservative agenda. The plan that is beginning to solidify is that a good pre emptive strike in five or six House districts would be well worth our money.


“My Boss Wants More Money,”says legislator.

(editors note: This is a rare reprint of an article and not our work but we do like this man’s style.)

Dr. Doug Cox, a Republican state legislator here in Oklahoma, has written this piece, in which he bemoans Governor Mary Fallin’s rejection of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. Among his complaints? Hospitals, facing a loss of their DSH (disproportionate share hospital) payments (this cut is in Obamacare, but is by no means final..the hospitals will in all likelihood retain these payments in some form) will have to cost shift much more aggressively, now that they can’t count on all of the uninsured folks being “covered” by Medicaid. You can refresh your memory on DSH payments, the uncompensated care scam and more here.

Let’s get started by revealing that Dr. Cox is an employee of Integris Health, the largest hospital system in Oklahoma. Yep. You read that right. OK. Try to concentrate on the other remarks in this blog like anything else that I jot down matters compared to that little gem.

Cox relays two sob stories, one of which is about a woman that needs her gallbladder removed, the price for which at our surgery center is $5865 and posted online. Our price includes the surgeon, anesthesia and facility charges. And yes, we are making a profit at this price. Having established that, it goes without saying that the actual cost for this procedure, an amount representing no profit (not for profit?) would be less than $5865. Dr. Cox maintains that the big hospitals will have to jack up their prices (what are their prices, anyway?) to cover losses like this. Keep in mind that “not for profit” means that these institutions don’t pay tax. What’s that perk worth?

Try to fathom how much these hospitals spend on print and television ads. Try to imagine how much they spend sponsoring sports franchises. You already have some idea what their administrative overhead is if you have seen Oklahoma Doctors vs Obamacare,” the Reason documentary about our facility’s free market approach to health care. (Try to also keep in mind that Jim Epstein of Reason Magazine discovered during his research on this documentary that our online pricing is less than what Medicaid pays the hospitals for the same procedures. Yes, you read that right.)

The hospital expenditures above pale in comparison to what is spent building new and unnecessary facilities, hostile takeovers of physician practices and buying out their competitors, particularly the rural hospitals. Seriously. Where are they going to find any money to cover a gall bladder removal for a poor uninsured woman? You would think these hospitals were operating pretty close to their margin reading Cox’s piece, since the only way they can survive, offering an occasional gall bladder surgery at a discount or free of charge, is to charge all of the rest of us much more.

His economics is no better. ”The federal reimbursement for the expansion of Medicaid would have been 100% of the cost through 2016….” Where does Cox think this “federal” money comes from? And who should know better than a legislator the folly of trusting future government payments?!

Finally, and perhaps the most troubling part for me is this: "The fact is, it (Obamacare) is now the law, whether we like it or not.” Translation? ”Give up.” “Surrender.” ”Lie back and enjoy it.” “It’s time to join up!” I find this Vichy attitude disgusting. I am glad that rather than surrender to and collaborate with the regime the governor and the attorney general and several legislators in this state still have some fight in them. Obviously, Cox isn’t in this camp.

As one friend wrote to me regarding Cox’s piece: ”Obamacare cost my family thousands in debt and made us go without health insurance.” “I’m glad I don’t live in Doug Cox’s Oklahoma.” Another wrote to me: “I love that he can be compassionate by taking money from my children and grandchildren.”

We can only hope that more people see the promotion of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion by individuals as conflicted as Doug Cox, as completely and utterly lacking in credibility.
G. Keith Smith, M.D.
Opps! We Screwed Up a While Back
Update on the Larry Birney Case
Last week we got a phone call and an email from the General Counsel of CLEET pointing out that a story that we had done around a year and a half ago had the wrong picture. It seems that a Google search had turned up a photo that was tagged “Larry Birney” but it turned out to be a photo of the guy that replaced Larry Birney as head of the CLEET organization.

Well, this gentleman was embarrassed that his picture might be be taken as Larry Birney’s picture and was very interested in getting the error fixed which we promptly did and sent our apologies for the mistaken use of the picture. It wasn’t labeled as Larry Birney but we could see how someone could assume that it was Larry Birney. So why was the current CLEET director frantic to avoid being compared to the previous director?

Because Larry Birney was one of those cases that we hung around Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater’s neck in October of 2011. Allegedly Birney was arrested for a road rage incident where he brandished a weapon at a motorist but the arrest didn’t lead to an arrest record or criminal charges. Most likely either Sheriff Whetsel took care of turning Birney loose or David Prater saw to it that the record was wiped clean; no one is saying what the truth of the matter is. But CLEET heard about it and before long Birney had resigned. As part of the correspondence with the CLEET general counsel we learned that Birney was facing an investigation which led to his resignation which apparently ended the matter. So after fixing our error on the picture I asked the general counsel about the Birney investigation and what records were available. The gentleman took the time to send a lengthy reply before he began his classroom schedule and as I was about to go on a short trip we didn’t have the time to follow up but will do so next week. For now we just wanted to publish the correction and take the time to appreciate the openness that CLEET gave to the matter. We learned quite a bit from talking to their general counsel and have more confidence in the standards they set as they seem to be willing to let the chips fall where they may. How refreshing!

And the kicker to all of this? At the end of the reply was an offer to get a copy of the final order on the Larry Birney case which is a public record that we didn’t know existed. More than anything else that shows me that the spirit of integrity and honesty is alive and well at CLEET, that they are one of the good guys that we should plow the path for.

As a cabinetmaker and businessman I know well that you can look at a customer complaint as a costly bother to be dealt with or as an opportunity to show that customer that you stand behind your work. A few hours and a few dollars spent fixing a problem, sometimes even when it isn’t your company’s fault can earn you a great reputation for honesty. Obviously CLEET understands this and decided that fixing their problem was more important that any temporary embarrassment that might occur over the Larry Birney incident. What is sad is that even after we outed the story of Oklahoma County covering up the road rage felony neither District Attorney David Prater nor Sheriff John Whetsel bothered to come clean on who covered this felony incident up.


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Former Senate Candidate, Former Tulsa City Council Candidate, and Dead Beat Mom Nancy Rothman Hired with Tax Money
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