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The Voice had its own board elections on October 23 and elected Bonnie Squires (President), Ken Myers (Vice-President), Dan Loeb (Secretary) and Eric Smolen (Treasurer).
We have big shoes to fill as Ronit Treatman and Goldie Milgram step down from their leadership roles after two years of distinguished service. We are happy to announce that Ronit will continue to edit our food column and Goldie will continue to edit our Living Judaism column. We plan to hold a gala to honor Ronit early next year, please contact Lisa Grunberger if you would like to join the gala organizing committee.
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It is almost a testament to the strength of the U.S.-Israel relationship that the worst that President Obama’s critics can point to is name-calling. If the Obama administration is in a crisis with Israel, we should only wish that the Bush administration had similar crises.


Nora Raleigh Baskin’s short novel is a page-turner, skillfully designed to encourage both family and classroom discussion of difficult topics such as divorce, abuse, first love, intermarriage, and coping with the end or loss of both casual and important relationships.


I never went to visit the preceding Body Worlds exhibits because I thought the human bodies would be too gruesome to view, but the animal world of "plastinated" creatures sounded fascinating. And it really was.



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Cartoon courtesy of Mike Stanfill.