A new release of GNSS Solutions is available (Friday Januaray 31, 2010) for download:
Folder: ftp://ftp.ashtech.com/Land%20Survey/GNSS%20Solutions/software/
PDF Information: [ info ] [ mirror ]
Download from official ashtech.com ftp site [ ftp ]
Download from http backup / mirror (does not require ftp access, may be faster or more reliable) [ http ]
This version does not require patching after installation with replacement GEOID files, plus it address some other important issues:
 • Fix a bug related to wrong SV numbering in old receivers (SV#33)
 • Fixed Geoid09 and Alaska09: wrong height with GNSS Solutions
 • Also fixed (same issue): Alaska06, Geoid99, Alaska99, Hawaii99, PRVI99
Raw Data import and RINEX Converter
 • Added protection against ephemeris records with an old week number in E and G-files
 • Impossible to import raw data file with GNSS solutions 3.10.07 (PM3)
 • PM500 raw data wrong by one week
 • Fix a bug related to incorrect accuracy estimations for PM500 data
My initial testing generates identical results to the patched 3.10.10
Good luck!
Mark Silver