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“Thou shalt not is soon forgotten, but ‘once upon a time’ will last forever.”  Philip Pullman
Webster’s dictionary definition of a raconteur:
a person skilled at telling stories
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 May 2013- In This Issue
-       R” factors that will help you have audiences remember and repeat your message  (R chapter paraphrased from my book): ‘Speeches That Will Leave Them Speechless- An ABC Guide to Magnifying Your Speaking Success’
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Quotations of the month:
 “Their story, yours and mine- it’s what we all carry with us on this trip we take, and we owe it to each other to respect our stories and learn from them.” William Carlos Williams
  “In the end all we have are stories and methods of finding and using those stories.” Roger C. Shank, from ‘Tell Me A Story’ 
Why Rockin’ raconteurs are remembered and repeated!
They know: that these ‘R’ factors are crucial in the planning and delivery of their stories.
- result is the reason
- rapport and relate
- reveal a resolution
- relive and re-capture
- reflect and realize
   PLANNING STAGE: start with the intended RESULT or reason for telling the story
-   What do I want my audience to think, feel, say or do differently AFTER I finish?
-   What is my take-away message? (State it in fewer than 10 words)
-   Which stories would be most effective to evoke emotions within an audience? 

RAPPORT (build it early) to RELATE to your audience
   Storytelling creates an excellent, natural, conversational way of building rapport with and relate to your audience. 
- establishing your similarities to them, (possibly your human frailties)
- that it’s all about THEM, not you
- and stating the benefits they’ll receive from listening to you, you’ll create an emotional connection.They’ll be endeared to you, trust you and want to ‘journey’ with you.
A well-crafted story that relates to the audience’s emotions and needs, establishes your credibility instantly, captures the audience’s attention, and creates immediate rapport. 
REVEAL a RESOLUTION to an obstacle, issue, hard-ship you were able to overcome because of a process you learned. In your stories, create and escalate a personal conflict, and then reveal a resolution, the life lesson learned and its life-changing results!!
 RE-LIVE and RE-CAPTURE the sights, sounds, and sensations of your life stories.      
 DELIVERY STAGE: balance narrative and dialogue when telling your story; re-live and re-capture scenes, just as you do with friends, by using characters, body language, actual dialogue, including your own inner dialogue or thoughts. Let them view it, not just hear it.
 “If you tell me, it’s an essay. If you show me, it’s a story.” Barbara Greene
 “Don’t say the old lady screamed- bring her on and let her scream.” Mark Twain
Pause and give the audience opportunities to reflect on your revelation/point/message so they realize that they too can achieve the same success in their lives. Their wisdom comes from their own reflection, hearing their own inner voices
Next time you speak, try to be conscious of and use the R” factors in the planning and delivery of your stories...and you too, can rock as a raconteur and beREMEMBERED and REPEATED!
Join me next month when I discuss the letter “S” as it relates to another story-telling skill.
Until then, happy speaking!
Kathryn :-)

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