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In This Issue:
A 'Lil Welcome Home From Paddy's
The Day o' Givin' Thanks is upon us -- well, almost upon us.  To welcome our college-aged staff, family, friends, and those yet to be, we're makin' a special offer to those with a valid college ID.
Just pop in during the Thanksgiving holiday period (Wednesday thru Sunday) and you'll get 30% off whatever ya eat and drink when you show your college ID.  Of course, make sure you have your o'fficial state ID if'n ya wanna be regarded as an adult. 
So - to be specific...startin' Wednesday, November 22 and endin' Sunday, November 26 - show your college ID and get 30% off your own eats and drinks.  Although - we'll be closed on Thanksgiving Day.  Simple enough?
The Gift Everyone Loves - Gift Certificates
'N while you're here...what better way to beat the Black Friday crowds than orderin' up Christmas gifts at Paddy's? 
Buy $50 in gift certificates and receive $10 absolutely free.  Just stay on your stool or in your chair watchin' ball games and enjoyin' our fine fare and signature quenchibility -- and when your server or bartender brings you your gift certificates, declare shopping season done!
Stay tuned to our social media and check out our website to keep up to speed with further party plannin', the weather, and much more!
~~~~~  Final Words for Family 'n Friends ~~~~~
May the roof above us never fall in,
and may we friends gathered below never fall out
Paddy O'Quigley's