Leith Hill Action Group – Newsletter 11 (5th July 2012)                 

Stop the Leith Hill oil drilling!

Hello and welcome to our eleventh newsletter.  This newsletter goes out to you just a few days before the Public Inquiry starts.  As such, we’ll be making a big appeal for your presence.

Firstly, though, we have to let you know about the success of one LHAG event, and details of the final two events.  And then we have a big announcement about our funding total...

A Great Run

The LHAG 10k run was held on 1st July and it truly was a magnificent success.  Runners came from miles around, with 113 lining up at the start (plus five walkers).  We were all tremendously impressed with the participants, who put in a great performance on a brutally hilly and muddy course.  A full race report, together with some great photos, can be found on our 10k website page.  And if you enjoyed our race, you’ll love The Hurt taking place in the Hurtwood in Peaslake this coming Saturday, organised by all about triathlons who loaned us all the equipment for the LHAG 10k.

In all, we raised over £1,600 from race entrance fees and we know of at least £600 raised in sponsorship, with more information still to come, meaning that we have raised at least £2,200 in total.  Thanks to everybody who attended, who raised sponsorship and who helped to make this such a great event!

Upcoming Events

Our last two LHAG events, each of which promise to be great fun, are:

·       Al Stewart and his Debtors” at the Plough Inn tomorrow night (Friday 6th July) at 8pm.  You’ll get one of the Plough Inn’s excellent burgers (vegetarian if you wish) thrown in too for the entrance price of £10.  Profits from ticket sales go to LHAG – if you wish to pay in advance then use the button on our website.  Come and enjoy what promises to be an excellent night!

·       Open Garden Event at Leylands Farm on Sunday 22nd July, from 2pm.  Adults £3, children come in for free.  This is slight a reduction from the price previously announced, with children now enjoying free entry.  Leylands Farm is a beautiful place to have a picnic, enjoy some cake or a cream tea and have fun on the putting green.  Come and relax and meet some fellow LHAG supporters to boot!

Funds Raised

And now, the big news.  We’re proud, very pleased and incredibly excited to tell you that we havereached and actually slightly exceeded our fundraising target of £50,000.  We’ve made it!  And here’s the updated totalizer glowing red hot...

Our enormous thanks go out to the hundreds of people that have helped us raise this huge sum of money in such a short space of time – it really is an incredible team effort and we should all feel mighty proud of our achievements. 

We can’t rest on our laurels just yet, however, as our latest forecast of funds required has crept up slightly to just shy of £51,000.  And you never know what contingency funds might be required; legal battles are costly things and unanticipated delays could easily add another few thousand pounds to the expense.  So we are continuing to fund-raise, with income from the last two remaining fundraising events very much needed. 

Public Inquiry

The Public Inquiry is being held at Dorking Halls from Tuesday to Friday on each of the next two weeks. That’s Tuesday 10th to Friday 13th July, and then Tuesday 17th to Friday 20th July.  It’s from 9:30am to 5:30pm each day.  The exception is Tuesday 10th July, when proceedings will only run from 1:30pm to 5:30pm.

We need you there!  The Inspector needs to see that people care about this issue and so you will really help by attending.  This is of prime importance so please take a day off (or just a morning or afternoon) and get down to Dorking Halls.  As far as we know, you can leave whenever you like, so don’t be put off by other commitments. 

This is the final hurdle.  You’ve helped raised the money and the LHAG committee have put in hundreds and hundreds of hours of work into the legal case.  So please do your final bit and attend the Inquiry.

Good Luck to us all ­– see you there!

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting the fight so far.  Now it’s time to see it through to the very end!

Patrick Nolan

Fundraising Committee, The Leith Hill Action Group

Summary of reasons why we are objecting to the application

Keeping in Touch


To feed back, ask questions or offer help, contact Patrick Nolan at lhag@hotmail.co.uk  

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