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Rep Shumate married
This newsletter is going to focus not on state and local politics but the vicious attack on the First Amendment that is occurring in our state.  You might well say to yourself that our government officials can’t be that bad, that surely things will turn out okay even if you do nothing.  To that I would say, meet Stanley Milligan.
Milligan was a recent 28 year old graduate with a PhD. from Harvard that conducted a study that shocked the world in 1963 with the publication of the results of a study conducted at Harvard in 1961.  The study was on people’s willingness to follow orders even when those orders caused harm to others.  In the study the participants were put in control of a machine that delivered a severe shock to another participant that was giving answers to a word association test with the voltage starting out at a mild 15 volts and reaching a maximum of 450 volts.  With each failed answer the voltage was turned up and a powerful electrical shock was administrated to punish the wrong answer.  Despite the screams and pleading of the victim, over 65% of the study participants continued to increase the voltage and punish the wrong answers.
The “victim” of course was a talented actor and the shocks were fake but the participants weren’t aware of this.   The results shocked the civilized world and the scientist found himself embroiled in controversy for a few years while the world and the academic community accepted the findings.   The purpose of the study was to try to explain the atrocities in Germany in WWII but the result was something that civilized people were not ready to accept.
The reality is that most people are more than willing to follow orders rather than stand up for what is right and wrong.  All it takes is an authority figure with a stern countenance giving orders and you will be at the mercy of the sociopaths that run our government.  Government workers, police, lawyers, judges, all will be in the thrall of the concept of being a cog in the machine as that machine rolls over your liberty and freedoms.
Freedom of speech needs protected constantly and we are in the midst of a severe attack on free speech and the right to hold politicians accountable.  First it was the Jarjoura/Sheriff Whetsel lawsuit against Al, rival candidate Darrel Sorrels, Sorrels’ campaign manager, and one of the sources of the Jarjoura information.  Next was the “blackmail” charges and computer crime charges against Al for daring to promise political pain for political acts done by Senator Branan, and the latest attack was the threat of five years in prison for daring to speak to a reporter about facts that a grand jury had already made public.
The legal community is rallying around Al but there will be a lot of money needed to pay legal costs that aren’t provided pro bono.  All three cases are likely to go all the way to the Supreme Court because the establishment dare not lose this fight and neither can the citizens of Oklahoma dare to lose this fight.  For if Al loses, we all lose and none of us will dare speak up against corruption unless we are in a position to go to prison for our words without wiping out everything that we worked for over the years and without devastating our family.
Please send checks to:  Sooner Tea Party, 358 North Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, Ok, 73127
You can send PayPal donations using this email address: or follow the links below to donate.  Consider purchasing a subscription to the Oklahoma-Guardian for $35.00 for twelve issues so that the Sooner Tea Party can divert resources away from subsidizing the newspaper and into the fight for the First Amendment.  Each subscription pays its own costs and allows us to drop a free newspaper in the driveway of 400 voters to educate the voters of an out of control politician.
From the Athenian Republic to the Demise of Freedom in America
 "A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship."
1887 Alexander Tyler, history professor, University of Edinburgh Scotland
Tyler was writing about the Athenian Republic which had briefly thrived then collapsed two thousand years ago.  He wrote that civilizations generally lasted a mere 200 years throughout history and they as the civilizations evolved they passed through the following stages:

From bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependence;
From dependence back into bondage.
Our country began as a gaggle of Spanish, Dutch, and English colonies in the 1600’s, lead on by religious repression and war in the old world.  Colonists escaped bondage by following spiritual faith and found the courage to colonize a strange and hostile land.
The independent lifestyle demanded by colonization and expanding the frontier led to the formation of a courageous people in the 1700’s that eventually pushed back against and deposed their far away rulers in the American War of Independence and found liberty established in America.
That liberty paved the way to abundance and prosperity on previously unimagined scales on into the mid 1950’s.
Complacency began developing in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, allowing the welfare state to develop, allowing personal responsibility to die, allowing apathy to take hold.
The apathy allowed the country to go off the gold standard in 1973, allowing an expansion of the welfare state and federal spending, leading to dependency to the point where even capitalist businessmen no longer believed that they could create jobs without government guidance and permissions.
The dependency of the average citizen on a government check or handout, on the elimination of competition through crony capitalistic laws, has led out country to the final stage; bondage to the overwhelming state and the rapid development of tyranny in the U.S.
Frogs in The Boiling Pot
By Ms PM
Our state government is on a fast track to remove freedom of speech. This is a direct assault on everyone. When you cannot speak your mind concerning government matters and by doing so; it would likely put you behind bars and directly affect your daily quality of life. When governmental interpretations of our Constitution infringe upon the rights of citizens, thereby holding us all to a warped agenda based perception of power, their power, and their perception, it isn’t long before each and every person that steps over their line, is prosecuted under the full extent of the new laws set forth by their interpretations.
This new world we live in is so far removed from what our Founding Fathers brought us. When they put pen to paper as they wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights protecting us all from this tyrannical style of government, only sleeping fools will be incapable of seeing the results that will follow.
What if…those that you elect, were held accountable? Would there still be radical Muslim terrorists living in America, and better yet, radical Muslim terrorists that those elected into power were not afraid to call radical Muslim terrorists? Would these America hating fanatics still be able to collect their welfare checks paid for by your tax dollars? Would they continue to kill innocents on your dime? Would they be allowed to continually come to our country, collect college tuition, and not go to school?
What if…those that govern you were held to the same laws they pass? Would they still be exempt from their treasons against citizens which include a healthcare system you want no part of but are forced into? Would they finally be thrown in jail by a jury of those they reign over for their misdeeds against humanity?
As for most of our locally elected, the goal is but a hop, skip and jump to larger payoffs when they reach the destination of more government control from the big hill on Pennsylvania Ave. They will pass more laws that fail to protect the rights of citizens and continue to toss anyone of their choice into a life of exile and bankruptcy at a whim. How many businesses were forced out of business due to IRS incompetency refusing to look at the facts? Not your problem? Wait a little longer as you sit in the pot with the water getting hotter by the second. Your time will surely come.
We are faced with decisions. All paths require action unless you are a stump. How many people would it take to stop our local government from abusing their power when they come up against an activist for a free society? Ponder this as you go to work and give away your money to those who will vote for the person that will continue to give your money away. Think about the strength of one vs. the strength of many voices.
One point that continually surfaces in the world of grassroots activism seems to be the lack of acceptance on how the different groups work toward achieving their perceived priority goals. In the short years of personal watchful eyes, it is astonishing how so many people with a common goal of limited government can run each other into the ditch because of the many paths chosen to achieve that goal. It continues to be the old saying of cutting off your nose to spite your face. The fact that power and recognition for work done, continually supersedes the common goal. It usually ends up with I’ll take my toys and go home. Honestly, isn’t this the same as those we elect to represent us once the grasp of power takes hold?
Leaders are strong personalities; therefore it takes great leaders to incorporate all personalities into a movement. One of the most common frictions happens when the eyes shift from the common goal. A great manager has the ability to find and then allow each person to shine with their own abilities. They rarely do the actual work of the many but they are uniquely capable with a finesse of pulling it together for the big show. They are great communicators with an ability to know when to stop and how far to go. There are far too few that ever acquire this ability and there are far too many that sour the journey for others.
One thing for sure, the road to freedom is more often paved with hurt feelings and hate. Something to ponder would be to answer the question as to why there are so many small groups of freedom fighters. Human nature of the power trip variety would surely fit in with an honest assessment. This fight for freedom is never about you, your sufferings, hurt feelings or personal achievement. It is about the end result of freedom for all. To learn the art of being humble would do a great service.
But the fight took a new turn early this month and it became even worse at the end of the month.
The Attorney General’s office investigator came by his house on April 23rd around 5 pm with a subpoena for contempt of court. The Oklahoman did a story where he had said he was a witness against Prater and Sooner Tea Party newsletters were listed as evidence. The integrity of the investigation was protected by a gag order, but the question for all to ask is, how long is a gag order legally to be in effect? The grand jury concluded its work in August of 2012. Why is he being served with a subpoena now? Is this a tactic to hush what needs to be brought into light given all the other charges against him that continue to surface? Is it really a far stretch to question animosity as the culprit behind the AG using his position of power to prosecute a citizen because of previous corruption allegations and simple dislike?
In this article it clearly defines the limits of gag orders. Ask yourself, should the contempt citation stand even though the grand jury has long since disbanded? He revealed nothing more than what he already knew before he testified. Isn’t a gag order set in place to secure testimony that isn’t publically known? The McCarville Report had already made public that he was a witness before the grand jury and the report of the grand jury in June revealed not only the entire list of witnesses that testified before the grand jury, but also that they investigated a “web based article” that led to the OSBI being asked to investigate Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater.   In this grand jury report
it shows that the “web based article” was the Sooner Tea Party Newsletter. With an initial distribution of over 6,000 Oklahomans, why would the newsletter content not be considered public knowledge?
As most of you already know, the person I am talking about is Al, and as you can all see, there is no doubt that the powers at work in our local government have a personal vendetta against him. Many out there in the grassroots movement are smiling big and shaking heads up and down. High fives and thumbs up, finish it off. Many don’t like Al either because Al gets things done and the other groups don’t have the courage to become effective. The common link among all of us is the desire to stop government when they act above the law. Our laws protect everyone, including those you don’t like. If grassroots activists allow this type of attack on freedom of speech and don’t take the time to look at the unintended consequences, then you will encounter a loss of freedom because your silence will forever silence you. A perfect example of this ignorance is the fact that Obama won the election because those that didn’t like Romney refused to vote. Yeah, we get four more years and more social justice. We get socialized healthcare and another President that is convinced your money is better spent supporting those who will later vote to keep these predatory givers in power. These facts are black and white, are you doomed by color blindness  to continue a course of self-destruction in the name of liberty for all? 
In what few years that I have personally had the sense of being shaken into awareness of what all government is capable of, there is only one man that has done more than anyone I know in the cause of fighting for every single citizen here in Oklahoma. He has never backed down from the corrupt powers that be. He is willing to lose everything in this fight. You may not like Al’s style, tactics, or him personally but only fools refuse to look at the big picture. Who out there is capable of this kind of strength when the rubber meets the road? And yes, that is a rhetorical question with the answer of:  none other that I have seen. There are always situations that prevent many from joining in the real and necessary dirty fight but that doesn’t give them the right to refuse to support those that can join in the fight.
If the grassroots in Oklahoma do not take action, 1-by defending your own Constitutional rights, and 2- defending Al’s Constitutional rights, then the next chapter within the movement will sound similar to a flock of screech owls, ugly sounds with little affect because there is a known fact: those imposing their will upon your way of life know you will back down when they turn up the heat. This situation brings to light that activists MUST put principles BEFORE personalities. Easier said than done when huge bull headed egos clash, when too many insist that it has to be a perfect scenario before they will get involved, when many can’t find the time to get involved and when far too many believe the lies of government thereby not believing they have any say in what happens at the local level.
The pot is getting very hot, sit there and cook. You will be a great dinner for those feasting on your liberty and justice for all.
Cotton County GOP Meets on April 29th
Walters Public Library will be the location of a April 29th meeting featuring a discussion and lecture about the U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment given by guest speaker B.L. Cozad, Jr..   Along with Cozad’s lecture, a presentation will be given by Kendal Irvin about the movie project “Last Call for Freedom” slated to be filmed in Walters.   The meeting is open to any that wish to attend and is sponsored by the Cotton County GOP.
Terrorism Expert John Guandolo Interviews for the Washington Times
Former FBI terror expert John Guandolo is a perennial favorite for the Tea Party when he makes one of his frequent visits to Oklahoma to speak on the growing danger of Muslim extremists.    One of his blog articles that we featured last week caught the attention of the Washington Times and lead to a lengthy interview on why the Boston terror incident occurred and how we can begin to prevent future terrorism.
Oklahoma Attorney General Scot Pruitt
Charges Tea Party Leader
Another Attack on Free Speech or Has the A.G.’s Office Thrown a Lifeline?
Early last week tyranny struck again with a knock on a door to deliver a subpoena charging Sooner Tea Party leader Al Gerhart with a criminal charge of violating a gag order on the 2012 Grand Jury investigation of Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater.  The criminal charges filed complained that Gerhart openly spoke to a report at the Oklahoman about his testifying before the 13th Multicounty Grand Jury and the fact that the Grand Jury had copies of the October 2011 Sooner Tea Party newsletters where the first public notice was given of Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater’s acceptance of illegal in kind campaign donations.  The Sooner Tea Party articles also covered the controversy called “Justice for Sale in Oklahoma County” that covered a multitude of cases where David Prater campaign donors were given special treatment on various felonies while the statute of limitations was running out on the felony cases.
To say that Sooner Tea Party members were puzzled by the charges is an understatement given that the group had planted Pruitt’s 2010 campaign signs in over 400 precincts and had openly praised Attorney General Scot Pruitt’s lawsuits against Obama Care.  Once the shock had worn off the group began wondering if given the flimsy basis of the charges if in fact the move wasn’t a political tactic to thrust the Sooner Tea Party/Gerhart/ David Prater history into public discussion across the entire state.
At issue in the controversy is whether or not there is any legal basis to the charges for speaking to a reporter, long after the grand jury had ended, about information that was public knowledge.  The legal principle at stake is called prior restraint of free speech and our legal system ferociously guards against the overuse of prior restraint by the government.  Any law that allows prior restraint of free speech must meet the three parts of the “strict scrutiny” test.
Strict scrutiny must refer to something that is absolutely necessary not something that is preferred.   Matters of national security, preserving lives, or not violating explicit constitutional protections are examples or necessities. 
The law or policy must be narrowly tailored to achieve that goal. If the government requirement is too broad or fails to list the essential aspects of the compelling government interest then the rule is not narrowly tailored encompasses too much.
The law must be the least restrictive means to achieve the interest, i.e., there cannot be a less restrictive way to effectively achieve the compelling government interest.
The Supreme Court has already weighed in on prior restraint of speech and state grand juries that is best laid out in Butterworth versus Smith (1990).   A reporter had testified before a state grand jury about public official corruption and was warned by the judge that his testimony was never to be revealed if he was to avoid criminal prosecution under Florida law.   After the grand jury finished its work the reporter filed suit against the state in Federal District Court claiming that the Florida law was an unconstitutional prior restraint of his free speech and asked for an injunction preventing the state from prosecuting him so he could write about his testimony.
In the case an appellate court ruled in the reporter’s favor saying that the state’s interest in preserving the confidentiality of the grand jury proceedings had to be balanced against the reporter’s First Amendment rights.  The fact that the reporter wished to write about his own testimony, about information that he already knew prior to testifying before the grand jury and not about anything he learned from participating in the grand jury was the deciding factor.  The appellate court found that state officials may not punish publication of lawfully obtained truthful information about a matter of public importance without proving a need to protect a state interest of the highest order.  The state’s interest in preserving grand jury secrecy were found to be insufficient to warrant a permanent ban on releasing the info because once the grand jury is ended there is no need to keep the information hidden.
 The appellate court found that once the subject of the grand jury had been charged or exonerated the state’s overriding interests were gone and that while the reporter wasn’t free to disclose the testimony of other witnesses he was in fact free to discuss his own testimony.  The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure likewise didn’t prohibit secrecy on grand jury witnesses nor did the majority of the states demand silence forevermore.  The court held that the reporter was free to divulge what he knew before he testified and was free to divulge what he knew after he testified. 
The appellate decision was appealed to the Supreme Court which delivered a unanimous decision that the potential for abuse was too great for the state of Florida to wield such power and that such a law could be used to suppress those who knew of unlawful conduct or irregularities concerning public officials.
Here is the bottom line on this issue; if the government had this unrestricted power to gag individuals forever then the government would be quick to empanel a grand jury on any controversy, pull in those that were criticizing the government to testify and prevent them from ever speaking of the issue again.  We as a free people are not going to allow that to happen I hope and the Supreme Court has ruled that any state law that says otherwise is unconstitutional.
All that remains is to ask why Attorney General Scot Pruitt pulled such a stunt.   The grand jury itself had already publically said that Gerhart had been a witness in its final report and they admitted publically in the same report that a “web based article” was what forced the Attorney General’s office to forward the info along with two letters dated from March 2012 from a local attorney to the OSBI for investigation.    Finally it has been long known and reported that the Attorney General, Scot Pruitt, was a regular reader of the Sooner Tea Party newsletter, proven by tracking pixels imbedded in each newsletter.   Is the A.G.’s office to have us believe that Pruitt knew of the newsletter’s content on the Prater controversy and did not forward it to the Grand Jury?   Would this not open up Pruitt to charges of withholding information from the Grand Jury?
Of course not because Pruitt did the right thing and told the Grand Jury about the Sooner Tea Party publicizing Prater’s illegal activities and that now that the cat was out of the bag they had no choice but to move on the Prater controversy.  Was Pruitt upset that the Sooner Tea Party forced action on the issue?  Most likely but that doesn’t explain threatening a man with years in prison when the law is on his side.  What it does is show the immense political pressure to shut Al up and make an example out of him before they lose control of the Senate and are unable to furnish the goods to the special interests.   We knew last year that the House was under control after the defeat of the bond issues and Obama Care/Fallin Care and the cartoon video lambasting Al and Charlie Meadows for controlling the House of Representatives that was put up by our political enemies on YouTube.  And you don’t see Charlie Meadows being attacked, do you?   We knew when the Governor Fallin emails came out admitting that “the Tea Party was beating the crap out of us” that Governor Fallin had fallen in line.  The last bastion of the special interests was the Senate, their last hope to kill off good legislation and to push special interest legislation to the House where they could threaten the House legislation if the Senate bills weren’t passed.  And Al finally took aim at the Senate this year so it scared the crap out of the crooks and liars that were in control.
Is it any wonder that they aren’t going after Al with trumped up charges?  All that remains is to ask what are you going to do about it?
Tar Baby Outcome for District Attorney David Prater?
Red Dirt Report Calls Recent Incidents
“A Major Free Speech Case”
Anyone else old enough to remember the Uncle Remus children’s book about the Tar Baby character?   Once there was a custom for parents to read the traditional fable books to their children, fables passed down through the generations that taught good principles and morals to children.  One of those fables was about a character called Tar Baby.   Fittingly enough, Tar Baby was a doll made out of sticky tar and turpentine.  The story involved another character called Br’er Fox that wanted to trap Br’er Rabbit so he made the Tar Baby and set him by a road that he knew Br’er Rabbit traveled.  Sure enough Br’er Rabbit came by and said hello to Tar Baby.  Upon not receiving a response, Br’er Rabbit decided to attack Tar Baby for not being polite but in doing so the attacker became stuck to the Tar Baby with each blow and wound up suffering as much if not more than Tar Baby itself.  The moral imparted was to consider the repercussions before attacking someone less you yourself might suffer.  Anyway, the old fable came to mind after reading a new article posted on the Red Dirt Report this week.
On April 25, 2013, Red Dirt Report editor Andrew Griffin posted an eloquent article on the recent charges against Sooner Tea Party leader Al Gerhart calling the criminal charges “A major free speech case….”  Griffin started the article with an interesting story of a martyred abolitionist newspaper publisher in the mid 19th century named Elijah P. Lovejoy and went on to speak of the joys and dangers of being a reporter and watchdog of public affairs.
Griffin’s story called into questions District Attorney David Prater’s judgment for filing criminal charges stating:
 “It is clear that District Attorney David Prater has it in for Gerhart. And we know Prater is gunning for the AG’s office. After all, he’s got some notches in his belt (or thinks he does) with former legislator Randy Terrill and others.”
Griffin went on to reference the Oklahoman story on the second set of criminal charges levied at the expense of free speech,  “Sooner Tea Party co-founder accused of violating grand jury secrecy order.”
The Red Dirt Report article went on to defend free speech, saying:
“Yes, despite their anti-gay positions and conspiratorial ways, the Sooner Tea Party does have a point when they say the state chamber of commerce and “special interests” have taken control at the Capitol. And we support Gerhart and STP’s right to point out corruption and wrongdoing by government officials. However, in today’s political climate – and that includes open season on independent journalists and defiant watchdogs – exposing said wrongdoing can prove costly.”
(Editor’s note:   The Sooner Tea Party is against special rights for any group including gay groups but has always taken the public stance that politicians should just leave the gays alone to live their lives in peace.   We believe that they deserve the same rights as any U.S. citizen but that doesn’t include special rights based upon their sexual preference.)
Griffin went on to describe District Attorney David Prater’s personal attacks against Gerhart as likely to cost Prater more than he gains politically stating:
“It reminds me of the case of National Review v. Willis Carto, et al. from the mid-1980’s, where the insufferable establishment conservative blowhard William F. Buckley sued a populist newspaper for allegedly sullying his good name and demanding millions in damages. However, in the case, tried by seasoned trial attorney Mark Lane, Buckley’s scheme backfired and his well-documented racism, arrogance and contemptuousness of the weak and poor was exposed and he achieved little in the end. I’d say the more Prater and his minions go after Al and the Sooner Tea Party, the more their own soiled baggage will be exposed. After all, anyone heard any updates on the Terrill case? Hmm?”
The Griffin article went on to talk about Agenda 21 and the media frenzy surrounding the attack on free speech:
“And we here at Red Dirt Report have become increasingly familiar with the goals of Agenda 21, having written about it here and here. Local blogger Kaye Beach at Axxiom for Liberty has also offered some very informative articles about the topic as well. In addition to this story, Red Dirt Report is uncovering the truth about MAPS and the shady dealings of some developers and local officials. We hope to have more on that soon.
In the meantime, the local media is feeding on this story and The Oklahoman is taking Prater’s side, patting the crusading DA on the back at every turn. And Gerhart? The national media is starting to take notice. This is a major free speech case, in our opinion.”
Green Glows the Jealousy of a Man Forgotten by the Media
Charlie Meadows was at it again this week, taking his shot at getting some kicks in while a fellow activist was under attack.   Meadows has not forgotten nor forgiven being eclipsed in the media as the spokesperson for the conservative movement nor has he suffered silently as his own failings were pointed out.
  Meadows forgets that he leads two small, static factions of the Republican party, namely the far right wing of the Christian faction and the even smaller John Birch Society faction of the Republican Party.  This lack of universal appeal coupled with his tendency to kiss politician’s a…, uh… Kris Steels, has pretty much marginalized Charlie Meadows.  All that is left, indeed all that there ever was, was a small but dedicated group of patriots eating lunch on a Wednesday while listening to politicians as they tried their best to indoctrinate the OCPAC attendees.
Now don’t get me wrong, the rank and file OCPAC members are salt of the earth types and they are beginning to wake up.   Charlie himself has seen the writing on the wall and has publically stated that he won’t run for another term as president of OCPAC.  But in his last days as OCPAC leader Charlie continues to lash out for political payback at every chance.
Meadows last rant centered on his lack of media coverage concerning the Senator Branan/Al Gerhart story.   Charley calls the email that was sent to Branan “despicable” and from Charlie’s viewpoint that “politicians are placed over us by God so they shouldn’t be questioned or second guessed”, I suppose he is at least being consistent.   Like Amanda Teagarden of OKSAFE pointed out last week, Charley initially supported Obama Care/Fallin Care because Senator Sykes had convinced him that it was best.   When the same Senator Sykes killed off the 2011 ALAC bill because he wanted his previous ALAC bill that was tied up in court to be vindicated, Charlie once again spoke of his “disappointment” with Sykes but that he trusted that Sykes knew best.   Charlie pointed out in his attack on Amanda Teagarden that she was out of step with Republican values on the 2012 State Questions without mentioning his being out of step with Republican Party values on Obama Care/Fallin Care or a myriad of other issues.
Meadows was kind enough to point out that the “blackmail” charges and computer crimes were a real stretch for the prosecutor but Meadows focused on labeling Al a media hog that “measures his worth by the amount of attention he is getting….”  In psychology there is a condition called transference where a mentally disturbed person “transfers” his guilt by blaming someone else for his own actions.  Me thinks that old Charlie is writhing in agony at the lack of attention, no doubt believing that God himself has ordained Charlie’s right to be all things conservative.
Charlie goes on off the deep end with blaming Al for the defeat of the Agenda 21 bill while contradicting himself in the previous sentence:
“I am very confident Senator Branan never intended to allow the
bill pushing back against the United Nation’s Agenda 21 plans to be
heard. Al’s foolishness (sic), allowed Cliff the perfect political cover to
play the threatened victim and thus not allow the bill to be heard.”
Idiot, if Branan never intended to hear the bill then the bill was dead unless someone forced him to pay a heavy price for not hearing the bill then perhaps, maybe, Branan would think twice.  Getting past the immediate consequences for Branan one should also think about how the other politicians would view Brannon getting away scot free for killing a very popular, bipartisan bill.  Al not only brought huge attention to the Agenda 21 issue and Branan’s refusal to hear the bill, he also brought huge political embarrassment on the Senator and enormous pressure on Senate leadership to deal with the dirty laundry scattered about which made the Senate itself look like a laughing stock.  These Senators aren’t used to the rough and tumble politics of the House, they want to remain “Senatorial” and above the dirty skirts and mud flying about.  Al brought it home and they know he will continue to bring it home to the Senate.
In the end Charlie hurts no one but himself when he lashes out.  He elevates his targets above him by attacking them and garners even more negative publicity about his failure to lead OCPAC and his selling them out in exchange for access to politicians willing to speak at his lunch meetings.  It is sad that a wonderfully self educated man, a window washer for Gods sake, has made an impact in the past but is now wallowing in self pity and anger after losing the attention of the media and the politicians themselves.   The politicians don’t respect Charlie or OCPAC, otherwise we wouldn’t have witnessed going on six years of Republican rule in the House and Senate while the budgets keep getting larger and special interests keep control.
Get some professional help Charlie…. The color green doesn’t become you.
As you can tell by the title of this piece, we are broaching a subject here that is not one that is in our normal preview. It is a subject that needs to be addressed because it is believed that it will affect many Veterans within the State of Oklahoma. We here at the Sooner Tea Party want to stress that we firmly believe that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a problem that exists within not only our Veteran community, but throughout our citizenship. Individuals who suffer from this do indeed need help. Remember PTSD isn’t about what’s wrong with you, it’s about what happened to you.
Contrary to what some political figures will tell you, PTSD has been around for decades if not centuries. We have a staff writer for this newsletter who suffers from PTSD that was diagnosed after the Vietnam War. Veterans use to be able to rely on the V.A. to receive this help. This reliability was thrown into doubt with this article. ‘I Get A $3,000 Bonus Per Veteran For Seizing Their Guns’: V.A. Psychiatrist Exposes National Gun Confiscation Operation « Pat This is enough to call into question every  physiologist and psychoanalyst that works at the V.A. Are they there to help you, or are they there to help take your 2nd Amendment rights from you?
The first move by the administration was the gun control bills that were introduced in the Senate. When they failed, we got this, After Senate setback, Obama quietly moving forward with gun regulation - National gun rights | They aren’t just sitting back on this one regulation either. There is also this, Obama administration moves to remove barriers to firearm background check reporting. We would urge you to download the proposed new rules by the ATF. There is a way to comment on them and we would urge you to do so. If you are a member of the NRA, we would urge you to have them get involved also.  Even better, tear up your NRA card and join the National Association for Gun Rights or NAGR.  Larry Pratt’s Gun Owner of America is another group although they are less confrontational in the approach.
Should you find yourself in need of help with PTSD, we urge you to seek it.  You may find it by reading this article here (61) Facebook. Make sure you read the entire story.
We would also recommend that you find yourself a “battle buddy”. That can be a person from your own war, or someone that fought a previous war. As we said earlier, PTSD is not unique to the current conflicts.
For the women and men in the lives of these combat veterans, you need to stand by them. You need to educate yourselves on what they are going through. You may be that “battle buddy” they so desperately need. You may be the one that ultimately shows the caring and understanding that gets them over it.
Finally, for those of you who seem to have your gun rights arbitrarily taken away from you, without a hearing, don’t give up the fight. As explained in this article, Feds sued for snatching veterans’ gun rights there is free legal assistance out there for you. At three grand a pop, we are sure many Veterans will receive these George Soros funded letters.

SB 101


 No, we aren’t talking about the 2013 Senate Bill 101 which was a mental health bill that established the Task Force on State Services for Adults with Asperger's Syndrome and Autism although there are going to be some senators blurting out obscenities and rocking back and forth with a vacant stare in their eyes as SB 101 begins to unfold.  SB 101 is the name of a new Sooner Tea Party project soon to begin named Syphilitic Bastards 101 that refers to a new campaign against the Oklahoma Senate.   The name came about after the sobriquet “syphilitic bastards” was used by Gene Policinski, senior vice president and executive director of the First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University, in a story by the Oklahoman.   Policinski opined that our founding fathers considered being called a syphilitic bastard might be called a good day if that is all they were called.

What can we say?  We liked the sound of it and it fit so many of the Oklahoma State Senators that so we chose it as part of the name of our campaign against the Oklahoma State Senate.  The later part, “101” refers back to college days as in History 101, the prerequisite class before advanced classes.

But first let’s talk about the origins of the words syphilitic and bastard and why they are an excellent characterization of so many Oklahoma Senators.  First off is the word syphilitic which is a word used to describe anything pertaining to syphilis or those that are afflicted with syphilis which is a horrible venereal disease is caused by the microorganism Treponema pallidum.  Syphilis symptoms include ulcerating sores oozing with pus that begin on a senator’s private parts and are spread by the lymphatic system to nearly all tissues of the body.   Syphilis is also called the “French disease”, no doubt by those irascible Germans in retaliation for losing two wars even though the French are horrible warriors (If you like to collect old battle rifles consider the French MAS-36 that the French used in WWII.  Most have had very few rounds fired through them and were generally thrown down only once.)  But I digress…

The classical symptoms of syphilis are lesions or open wounds on the skin at the point of contact where the bacteria was picked up and as the disease progresses a rash appears on the trunk, extremities, including the soles of the feet and hands.  Other symptoms include a fever, sore throat, malaise, weight loss, and headaches.  Feeling queasy yet Senator Jolley?  If the disease isn’t treated the patients (senators) may develop  odd lumps called chronic gummas which are soft, tumor like balls of inflamed tissue on various parts of the body including bones, skin, and liver but the growths can occur anywhere.  Eventually the disease attacks the central nervous system causing poor balance, pain, tremors, apathy, and seizures.    The disease also progresses into dementia, blindness, and heart disease.

Are yah getting the picture here?  Syphilis was one horrible way to die and there was no cure back in the founding father’s day.

Interestingly enough syphilis appears to have come from America as it was definitely historically present and some say it was brought back to Europe by Christopher Columbus although perhaps the disease was already present in Europe but undiagnosed and un-named.  The first historical record was a epidemic pinned on French soldiers during an invasion of Naples Italy and the disease was spread by returning French troops.  Aren’t yah glad you aren’t French?

And the word “bastard” is also a word with an interesting past, and is a word that refers to a child that is illegitimate or was born to a woman who was unmarried.  The origin of the word appears to be from Middle English or Anglo-French (yeah, them again) perhaps descended from “bost” or marriage and akin to the Old English word “bindan” which meant to bind.   Some sources claim that the word originated in Old French from the word fils de bast or "packsaddle son," meaning a child that was conceived on an improvised bed which was sometimes a horse saddle believe it or not.  The ending “art” or later “ard”  was a pejorative (I’m sure Senator Branan is reading so, Senator, pejorative means a nasty way to say something.)    Another source is said to be the Germanic word “banstiz” or barn, suggesting an equally low origin.   Another alleged source of the word bastard was that the word came from the old Dutch word for “Branan”.   Okay, we made that one up….

But Senator Branan will be relieved to know that the word bastard hasn’t always had a connotation of stigma.  William the Conqueror was referred to in state documents as William the Bastard but by the  14th century the word became synonymous with unclean or impure and by the 1830’s being called a bastard was certainly ingrained as a form of vulgar abuse of a man.

But these days, and for our purposes, the word bastard can mean:

·         an illegitimate child,

·         something that is irregular, inferior, or of questionable origin

·         or an offensive or disagreeable person

Powerful words, eh?   The combination of syphilitic and bastard creates a vision of diseased, pus covered, wreck of a human being slowly going blind and insane, shunned by society, incurable, and decidedly of questionable origin and most offensive to the general public.  Is it any wonder that Gene Policinski used syphilitic bastard as an example of a horribly offensive insult in our founding fathers days?

Now can you think of a better label for the miscreants inhabiting the offices on the East side of the Capitol?  Senator Branan, syphilitic bastard, just rolls off the tongue I think.

Now couple syphilitic bastard to the term “101” and you have the perfect name for our new campaign.   The 101 refers to the education the voters are going to get on the ethics and backgrounds of the various Oklahoma State Senators that have drank the State Chamber Kool-aid and are standing against Oklahoma values.  How fitting that the disease of syphilis was untreatable for centuries and that it caused such revulsion and dread while it rendered its victims (senators) blind and insane as their bodies slowly and horribly rotted away with the advancing infection.  Can you think of a better way to describe a State Chamber whore of a senator addicted to campaign contributions as that disease naturally progresses?

Here is a story that we haven’t been able to tell mainly because we had hope that the Senate would see reason in coming over to the will of the people and would abandon their bad habits.  The story has been told of the conversation between Al and Senator Bingman, the Pro Tem of the Senate, at the Super Tuesday Watch Party at the Marriott that foretold the killing of the Senate version of Obama Care/Fallin Care but the rest of the story has not.  If you recall it wasn’t a cordial conversation but a puzzling one.  Afterward Al called a couple of legislators that were also present that night and was told this had occurred.

It seems that Senator Bingman was chatting with a couple of legislators that night right before coming over to introduce himself to Al.  The subject was none other than Speaker Kris Steel and how the Tea Party/Conservative Representative/Democrat coalition was whipping his butt politically and making him into a laughingstock over at the House.  Bingman was reported as “chuckling” at the treatment that Steel was getting, saying that if you declare war on conservatives then you deserve what you get.  No doubt that Bingman was curious to know what kind of person could pull off such a feat and wondered if they could be co opted.  He found out, as all men tend to do, when he got eye to eye with Al.  Sometimes you just know and out of that meeting came not only the destruction of Obama Care/Fallin Care but the seeds that grew into the killing of the 2012 bond issues as well which saved Oklahoma taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in bond sales fees and interest payments.

They say that any weapon wielded by man moves from the heart and not by the strength of the man.  A man that knows that his motives are not pure, that knows that those of his allies are not pure, just doesn’t have the heart to fight with his all.  Instead they prefer to fight underhanded, to use others to perform their dirty work, relying on mercenaries instead of men with patriotism and honor in their hearts.   The latter simply will not follow such a leader when things get tough.  The audacity of fighting for principles, well, those sort of men laugh at the idea until they come up against those that do so and in the end those sort of men ultimately lose their will to fight against their betters.

Such as it will be with the Senate in the coming years.  True, it took us three years to beat the House of Representatives into following Republican values.  As it did to whip Governor Fallin into accepting the inevitable and allowing Obama Care/Fallin Care to die.  It might well take three years to put the Senate back into conservative Republican hands but the fight starts very soon.  There are four more NDAA/Obama loving Republicans to punish with a pallet of newspapers but we are taking a look at the Senate Districts that overlap those House Districts and you can bet that the Senate/Tea Party war starts there. And make no mistake about it, the Senate has made political mistakes this session and they will likely make more before the end of session, and each bad vote will become a club in our hands.

Rally for the Republic or tell your children one day that when called you were afraid to act to protect their future.  Get involved with the Sooner Tea Party and help take this nation back.


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