Cold Winter is Great for Alpaca Sales!  
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We're all caught up!
Our team of "Al-packers" will be filling orders daily.

Have you checked out our LATEST products?

We've been expanding our product line with your farm store in mind.
In everything we sell we first think about you.
* Someone had to do it,
and we do a lot of camping... 
so we created an
ALPACA Sleeping Bag
The Alpaca Sleeping Bag is a *New* creation
100% Alpaca Filled
- Sized for adults
- Also works as a blanket
- Compressible
- A "Left" and "Right" zipper bag can zip together!
- Filled with alpaca!
*We have new alpaca hats. 
Our Pom-Pom Alpaca Hat and our
Messy Bun Alpaca Alpaca Hats 
are flying off the shelves. 
100% Alpaca Pom-Pom Channel Beanie Hat
Messy Bun Alpaca Hat
* The popular AdventureRequired hat line is now back!
- 6 styles, 9 colors
Hip, comfortable alpaca hats.
* Our Alpaca Watching line has expanded. 
T-Shirts and Sweatshirts, Alpaca Socks,
an Alpaca Mug and an Alpaca Tote Bag!
Find our newest products here: 
Alpaca Watching Socks are a HIT!
We knew people would love them! 
They have been flying off our shelves. 
Haven't got some for your store yet? 
The Alpaca Watching Socks are cute and
comfortable alpaca socks for adults and kids
which feel wonderful!
Featuring attractive tradtional design and cute alpacas!
Comes in 3 colors, in 3 adult and 2 child sizes.
The Alpaca Watching socks are sure to become
a BEST SELLER year round!

Predicting a COLD winter where you are?!
We're WELL STOCKED in wonderfully warm 
alpaca socks, warm blankets and gloves! 

Capes, Wraps, Ruanas, Scarves, and Shawls
New Alpaca Dryer Ball Gift Set
Along with bags of 100 and cases of 360 bulk balls
we offer a cute Alpaca Dryer Ball Gift Set.
Perfect for your store.
Are You On the MAP!?

The Preferred Retailers MAP encourages
folk to visit your farm and buy your products.

"Google" your farm name and your Preferred Retailer listing might be the top response! Many have reported visits coming from the MAP.
Becoming a Preferred Retailer is easy.
Place one order of $750 or more and you
will automatically be added at the next
update cycle.
Then, as it has for many, watch your web hits,
farm visits and sales increase!
Are you looking to ramp things up this year?
We're looking to grow with you!
We make it easy to expand your business! 
"Finance" your $750+ order for just $30
  1. $750+ orders qualify and ship FREE!
  2. "Financing" is simply 6 automatic credit card installments
  3. We promote you on the Retailers MAP as a Preferred Retailer.
  4. Your never "stuck" with product! Return anything up until NEXT april.
  5. Don't be left without! Many tell us their only mistake is they didn't order more!

We love to work with you and help promote Alpaca!


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