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April 2009

The StudioKat Designs Newsletter

HELLO and Welcome my friends!- Hope this springtime day is finding you well. Since its Saturday, you probably have oodles of stuff to do today, but how about grabbing a cup of coffee or tea for now, and take a few minutes to read this newsletter before you get started on your day? I have a lot of fun stuff for you... two on-line stores loaded with terrific gifts for quilters, a new cat video, a royal decree, a sneek preview of my newest design, and ELEVEN of the most beautiful handbag creations you'll find anywhere on the web! So come on, let's get started, and don't forget to...
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Also, especially for the convenience of our friends at Pattern Review & AOL, all of the hotlinks are listed in order at the bottom of this letter, and as always, if you prefer, you can go to www.studiokatdesigns.com/apr09.htm to see the online version of the newsletter.

Feline Quote for April -"Cats were put into the world to disprove the dogma that all things were created to serve man." Paul Gray

New on my Website!-
Hear ye! Hear ye! There's a new Queen on the Roly-Nester throne! Her name is Rebecca Aitken of Fairview Heights, IL (pictured with her princess, Elizabeth. Believe it or not, Rebecca is ascending the throne having made TWENTY Roly-Nesters! And here they are all nested inside each other! If you want to check the FREE Roly-Nester pattern, the rules for unseating Queen Rebecca, as well as all of the other FREE patterns on my website, then just click HERE.

Peg Rice has been surfing on the web again and came up with a doozie this time! Check out this terrific cat & dog video! The little white dog looks a LOT like my sweet Jake (long departed now) & the tuxedo cat... well you know...

Bobbin around the Web- Two Creative Studios.Com
In the mood to learn a new skill? What if you could learn from the comfort of your home? Which is exactly what you can do at Two Creative Studios.Com. You can choose between box making, mixed media collage, or how about learning to make your own journal? Wouldn't they make great Christmas gifts? Fiber Artists Sue & Terri also sell their wares in their own Etsy stores, if you'd rather just buy it already made. Click here to visit Sue's store, or here, for Terri's.

"Handbag of the Month" Gallery-
One of my favorite times of the month is when I sit down to look at all the wonderful pictures of the fabulous handbags you all are creating! Every month the entries get more and more exciting, so let's jump right in & check out these pics, all received in March & then cast a vote for your favorite. The owner of the handbag receiving the most votes at the end of the month wins a $10.00 SKD gift certificate. Dotty Yackle of Battleground, WA was our talented winner in the March Handbag Contest. Click here to see her winning Boho Baguette, which has also won a permanent place of honor on our website!

   And now...Here's this month's entries (and they are AMAZING!):

Judi Graf's Boho Baguette is gorgeous in black faux leather. Judi added a stunning pair of curtain tie-backs as a substitute for the cording with beads as the perfect final touch! Great idea, Judi!

Veronica Johnson of Tasmania, Australia "went to town" with this incredible Bellagio Bag. From the pieced & embroidered batik exterior, to the embroidered strap, Veronica's Bellagio is beautiful indeed!

This fashionable SideKick was submitted by Nancy Bridgeman of Hemet, CA. She said she wasn't much of a seamstress but was able to complete this wonderful purse due to the detailed instructions. Nancy just had surgery on her left thumb and sewing is her way of exercising it!

And talk about a yummy spring bag, take a look at Marie Corey's Boho Baguette! Marie fashioned a matching leathercord bead pull for the outside zippered pocket. I imagine she's the toast of Portsmouth, RI when she's carrying this bag!

And here's another fantabulous duo from Peg Rice of Westport Island, ME. An unbelievable Gadabout with a matching PortaPockets Insert!

Lori Gates of West Henrietta, NY has been busy making a Boho Baguette with a matching PortaPockets Insert and covered note-keeper for her zebra-obsessed daughter. (Notice that the notekeeper has the initial "C" in the upper right corner in RHINESTONES!)

Don't you just LOVE this fantasy-print Harmony Handbag sent in by Blair Sechrest of Raleigh, NC. I love this bold color combination as well as the purple zipper visible on the back! Blair said it "spoke" to her!

Roxanne Schnitzler of Decorah, IA, sent in pictures of TWO Boho Baguettes, made all the more incredible when you realize that she made them both (among other things) in one quilting retreat weekend! This tan beauty is in ultra-suede, (here's the inside) and this gorgeous floral print Boho is in quilter's cotton, the inside of which is equally beautiful!

If you need inspiration for a whimsical spring bag, you must check out Sylvia's unique Trifecta. She fashioned a small matching Cash Keeper with a tabbed attachment. Here's the front & back inside pouches.

OK, ready to vote now? Just click on the link below to cast your vote.

Come back next month to see who the winner is... or better still...
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Join the StudioKat Designs Chat Group at Yahoo! Looking for some new sewing buddies to give you some constructive criticism or some much needed applause? Our new chat group has over 210 members now & I am finding that I like having this fun group of gals to bounce new ideas off of. Come ON! Join us TODAY by clicking here!

New at StudioKat Designs- The Encore Purse Insert
I've told by many of you that you wished the PortaPockets Purse Insert could be made bigger to go with today's larger style purses, & I've been feverishly at work on just that. Click here for a sneak preview! Just like it's predecessor, the "Encore" can easily be switched from bag to bag while completely organizing the interior. It also has a few unique design elements, like a full length exterior zippered pocket, & an interior zippered change purse! My goal is to debut this new Encore Purse Insert at the Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, after which it will be made available to all of you! More details and pictures to come in the May Newsletter!

Quotation of the Month-
"Fear melts when you take action towards a goal you really want." Robert G Allen

Website Spotlight- Quilter's Gift Shop.Com
Here's a great find for all of you quilting fanatics, because Quilter's Gift Shop caters to YOU! Where else are you going to find gifts designed specifically for quilters? Like boardgames, & journals! There's even quilting-specific notecards & stationary for you and the quilters on your gift list. And for a special treat, check out this beautiful quilting-related jewelry. You'll be back again and again!

Your cat might own you if...he sits at, or even worse... ON the table when you eat!

Surf HERE for Neat INFO!- Top Secret Recipes.Com
You might be cutting back on eating out to save money these days. However, that doesn't mean you have to do without those special dishes you enjoy at chain restaurants. Visit this popular site from cookbook author Todd Wilbur to find recipes for clones of brand-name foods. Check out these freebies, like Starbuck's Hot Cocoa, or Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza, or Olive Garden Alfredo Pasta or even a good ol' 7-Eleven Slurpee! It's easy to search by restaurant name or food type. And to spice up the fun, don't miss Todd's latest cooking video.

New Word of the Month- Intaxication- The euphoria you feel about getting a refund from the IRS, which lasts until one realizes it was one's own money to start with.

Love Handbags?- Laura Bee Designs.Com
From custom handbags to hairpins, the Laura Bee Design team is dedicated to creating original handbags and personal accessories. Based in Seattle, I like the fact that these finished bags do not look like handmade bags. There's a lot of faux leather and fur and LOTS of embellishments. The Eve Shoulder Bag & the Gelato Bag would be great everyday bags. And these cute little wristlets would be great for any gal, whether she's 8 or 88!

Sewing Tip of the Month- Decorative Edges
Trims can add so much to a finished garment or purse. Here's a great tutorial on how to apply various trims and fringes. Click Here.

Did You Know?- that a squash ball moving at speed of 93mph (which is not uncommon), has the same impact as a .22 bullet? Consider this, if ever you are invited to engage in the sport!

A cool Internet Activity- Great Grandparenting
Grandparents will love this site's many ideas for building great relationships with their grandchildren. There's something for everyone here including suggestions for age-appropriate childrens' activities, vacations, meals, & toys. Visitors can also get expert advice, sign up for a weekly newsletter, & participate in online discussions.

Surf HERE for FUN!- Great Tips for Group Trips
If you are planning to travel with a group of friends or family this year, then you'll want to visit this site. It has all the tools you'll need to organize, plan, & finalize that girlfriend getaway or buddy trip. You can send invites, create an itinerary, assign tasks, share online articles, & post comments to settle on the details. Be sure to take advantage of featured deals, & use the group travel guide to narrow your search.

Question of the Month-What do you get when you cross a cow with a rabbit?
                Answer: Hare in your milk

Monthly Trivia-
Today is April 4th, 2009. It was on this day, 45 years ago that the Beatles held the top five positions of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, a feat that probably will never be duplicated. "Can't Buy Me Love" was #1, followed by (in order) "Twist & Shout", "She Loves You", "I Want To Hold Your Hand", and "Please, Please Me". The Beatles had made their first US appearance barely two months prior on the Ed Sullivan Show (a Sunday night tradition in my family's house). Ahh... I remember it like it was yesterday!
On a different note, celebrating her 81st birthday today is celebrated author and poet, Maya Angelou. As well know as she is in literary circles, she may be best know for being Oprah Winfrey's mentor & friend. Can you imagine Maya sharing her birthday cake with Batman? It seems odd, but it could have happened, had Aussie actor Heath Ledger not died an untimely death a year ago. And if today is your birthday too, here's a great big "Happy Birthday to YOU!" from Studiokat Designs! And if today is not your birthday, you can celebrate the day anyway by checking out these links of early Beatles appearances. Click here to see a video clip of the Beatles debut appearance on 'The Toast of the Town'. And here they are performing one of my favorites, 'Hello, Goodbye' in their Sgt. Peppers outfits.

Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!

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