Hello Cat Lover!

Here's what's in this issue:

Holiday gifts for you!
Moving web site, smoothly I hope!
Cat food news...
Stuff for Cat lovers...books, insurance, furniture, toys
Web sites to explore...some strange ones this time.
A smile for you...a new video on my web page!
Help pets in trouble...


Well, first things first... I have some holiday gifts for you!
I appreciate having you as a reader of my newsletter, even
if it's not the most fancy newsletter on the Internet. (A survey
last year favored keeping it plain.) I enjoy writing it and finding
interesting stories for you to read. So, I set up a special holiday
page for you here:


I uploaded 9 ebooks I found on my hard drive that I hope
will entertain, inform and please you.

Now, there is a potential problem, as I will explain in
a moment. If you cannot get to the page, or in case the
download page doesn't come up, you can use this link
as an alternate:



OK, here's what's happening with my web pages...
I have to move to another hosting company this week.
If things go smoothly, no one should notice any lapse
in service. But the way my life goes, smooth isn't the
usual chain of events. So I'm just trying to make things
available for you in case the first option doesn't work.

I hope you enjoy the ebooks I set up for you! And have a
Happy New Year, too!


You may recall I announced the new version of my book,
How to Make Your Cat Adore You, was released last
month. If you already bought an earlier version, you should
have gotten the new one by now. If you didn't, please let
me know which version you have and I will replace it with
the latest one!


Here are two sites that provide the latest info on what's
being recalled:

1. www.avma.org/petfoodsafety/recalls/default.asp
(from the American Veterinary Medical Association -
a review of all the latest petfood recalls and alerts.)

2. www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/newpetfoodrecalls
(from the US Food and Drug Administration)


Help Feed Shelter Animals

Don't forget to visit these sites as often as you can and
click on their shelter-feed links. There is no cost to you
to do this, but generally, it can only be done once per day.



http://www.freekibblekat.com/ (Answer a trivia question...
even a wrong answer gives a donation.)

You can sign up for their daily reminders, too, if you need
a little nudge, like I do.

STUFF FOR CATS (and cat lovers)

Thanks to Karen!



(How to move when you have pets)

(Because every cat deserves to be comfortable!)

(Information about getting pet insurance)

WEB SITES to explore

Send a talking cat e-card!

This site is a little strange, and some of it may be offensive
to sensitive people. Just keep your eyes on the page about
the cats, if that's the case:

Hmmm, must be strange web site night. This one is different, too, and
has some annoying advertising on it. But the story is nice, even if a little old:

Pet Poison Helpline


The Lion Whisperer

-------- LATEST VIDEO -----------

Check out the video on my website, at the bottom of the page.
It's 3 cats singing Silent Night... very cute!

These sites provide up to date information on how to help animals:

1. http://www.pet-abuse.org
If you're so inclined, it's a good resource to find petitions to
sign, letters to write, or other actions we can take to help pets in
abuse situations.

2. http://www.dosomething.org/whatsyourthing/Animal+Welfare
A good resource for helping people decide what kinds of help best
fit their own abilities and interests.

3. http://bit.ly/1YfBeo
Five quick, easy ways to help rescue pets NOW!

4. http://www.hipaws.com/help.html
Help feed the ones that never got adopted.

5. Special case: A couple weeks ago, a cat was left alone in a
house when the owners had to leave due to a failed mortgage.
The cat, named Tavia, was in there for many weeks, with
neighbors helpless to rescue her because the authorities
refused to allow anyone to get her out. She became frantic
and was screaming in agony, to the horror of people peering
in the windows. By the time a judge eventually signed a
release to allow entry, the cat succumbed.

I'm so mad I could spit nails. Instead of an angry letter, I
decided to send a card, "In Memory Of Tavia," a victim of
human political correctness.

If you would like to send a memorial card, here is the
address I used:

Osceola County Animal Control
2300 Kissimmee Pk. Rd.
St. Cloud, FL 34769

Do you have any interesting stories to share about your
cats? Send them in and I'll put them here in
this newsletter. (Include your name and website
if you have one, and I'll give you a "plug" for
your website. Or, anonymous is OK, too. It's
up to you.)
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