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  October 2018
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  • Nelle Maxey's Review of the 2018 CAEFISS Summary Report
  • Ontario Parent Challenges Principal on Pharmaceutical Sales in Schools
  • Lost Arts Radio Show with Richard Sacks - Special Guest Ted Kuntz
  • Flu Shot Season Revisited –Janet's Planet
  • Great New Flu Brochure from our Friends at Children’s Health Defense
  • Transverse Myelitis caused by Travel Vaccines – Melissa’s Story
  • Stop the Hysteria Over Measles Outbreaks – Another Perspective from Ted Kuntz
  • Children First Canada Report Ignores Vaccine Injury – Ted Kuntz
  • Become a Member of Vaccine Choice Canada
  • Additional Reading
Nelle Maxey's Review of the 2018 CAEFISS Summary Report
In September 2018, The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) released its latest adverse events following immunization (CAEFISS) report spanning the four years between 2013-2016.  Once again Nelle Maxey, VCC’s vigilant science researcher has analyzed the report and provides commentary based on what she has learned in her five previous reports on Canada’s post-market, vaccine adverse events surveillance systems.
The four year Summary Report of adverse events following immunization (AEFI) is “beyond disappointing”, writes Maxey. It appears to be a well-calculated attempt to comply with reporting requirements without actually providing meaningful information. The report is sloppily written, poorly designed and not transparent.”  Despite the low quality and dearth of information provided by PHAC, Maxey provides us with comprehensive insight into Canada’s failing vaccine adverse events system while contrasting it to more transparent reporting systems in other countries.
For example, in the U.S.A and Australia, countries with vaccine schedules similar to Canada, reports of adverse events following vaccination are increasing as more vaccines are added to the childhood schedule.  Yet Canada is reporting fewer and fwer vaccine adverse events. WHY?  In the 10 year span from 2006 to 2016, there has been a 40% decline in Canadian AEFI reports. The recent CAEFISS report seems to take great pride in this decline, as if diminished reporting means that fewer vaccine reactions and injuries are happening.
We learn that Australia has recorded almost double the rate of serious adverse events (SAE) at 15% compared to Canada, which reported only 8% of all AEFI as being serious. While Canada’s population is increasing along with the number of vaccines given to children, we would expect to see an increase in AEFI reports as is happening in other countries. “Diminished reporting likely reflects an ideology on the part of medical professionals that vaccines are safe, rather than reflecting a genuine attempt to collect and analyze empirical data that could prove otherwise”, writes Maxey.
It is widely acknowledged that only one percent (1%) of vaccine adverse reactions are captured by government reporting systems, so the official numbers provided in CAEFISS reports here in Canada, or VAERS in the U.S. are only the bare tip of a destructive iatrogenic tornado threatening children’s health.  It is a gross misrepresentation of the actual numbers of vaccine adverse events and injuries that are driving the chronic disease epidemic in children today.
Disturbingly, Maxey observed that 80% of serious events are suffered by children. As always, the youngest children who receive the most vaccinations in the shortest time period suffered the greatest number of serious adverse events.

The only conclusion the currently contrived reporting rates are concretely telling the public is that fewer and fewer adverse events are being reported over time in Canada. We estimate that in the 4 years covered by the CAEFISS report, at a bare minimum, over 1 million adverse events actually occurred. Of these, almost 50 thousand were serious adverse events, the majority experienced by children.

As a final comment Maxey writes, “if CAEFISS continues on this downward spiral of barely useful summary reports, trust in the Public Health Agency of Canada and their surveillance system will correspondingly continue to erode. It is becoming increasingly difficult for public interest groups like Vaccine Choice Canada to monitor vaccine safety in Canada since CAEFISS is not fulfilling its mandate. Canadians deserve reports on adverse event data that are meaningful, timely, and entirely transparent.”

Background on Canada’s vaccine adverse events reporting system
In 2015 VCC researcher Nelle Maxey set out to compare the Canadian vaccine adverse events reporting system with the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), which became active in 1990 following the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986. Our goal was to analyze and compare the quality of data available in Canada and in the U.S. as well as compare ease of public access to vaccine associated reaction and injury reports submitted by medical personnel, vaccine manufacturers and the public in both countries. Unfortunately, this proved impossible.
In this first report, our investigation found that while vaccine adverse events data in the U.S. are readily accessible through a user friendly Med Alerts search engine, Canada operates a dual reporting system that is confusing, lacks transparency and is mostly inaccessible to the public.
From 1965–1987 physicians, pharmacists, public health nurses, hospitals, manufacturers and consumers reported adverse reactions to Health Canada for inclusion in the Canada Vigilance (CV) on-line database. These reports included reactions to vaccinations as well as all other drug products.
In 1988 the Canadian Adverse Events Following Immunization Surveillance System (CAEFISS) was established to specifically monitor adverse reactions to vaccinations. While this initiative increased the potential and ease for Health Canada (and later the Public Health Agency of Canada who inherited the CAEFISS database)  to track vaccine reactions, in reality, it represents a major setback in the public’s ability to access this data. Instead of creating a transparent, searchable database that includes details of vaccine reactions and injuries similar to VAERS, the CAEFISS data is kept secret and remains inaccessible to the public.
The only access to CAEFISS data is through a formal access to information request, or from summary reports released every few years at the discretion of the government.  The vast majority of vaccine-associated adverse events reports are routed to the CAEFISS database where they remain inaccessible to public scrutiny.
As an example of what is hidden and what is revealed, two full public reports on CAEFISS confirm that from 1992 to 2012 the CAEFISS database recorded 87,911 vaccine adverse reaction reports. Compare this to the publicly accessible Canada Vigilance database which recorded 551 reports or less than 1% of all adverse reaction reports on CAEFISS during those same years. Whatever the intent of the database reorganizations, the outcome for the public is that Canadians have no meaningful access to reports on adverse reactions following vaccinations.
Ontario Parent Challenges Principal on Pharmaceutical Sales in Schools
“Over the years the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and our government has grown and strengthened to the point that I don’t know that they are separable anymore.  With this has come the push to sell pharmaceuticals to children in schools, while away from their parents, away from their doctor and medical history, in a location where compliance is demanded, and where a perfect stranger is entitled to ‘decide’ what information on risks is relevant and attempts to gain compliance from targeted children.”
Lost Arts Radio Show with Richard Sacks - Special Guest Ted Kuntz
“Ted Kuntz ( wrote Peace Begins With Me about lessons he learned and gifts he was given during the thirty-two years of his son Joshua's life, and in his internal search for meaning since Joshua's premature death from vaccine-induced injuries that originally caused his regression into Autism.”

Ted’s recent book, Dare to Question,  looks at the damage done by vaccines, especially to children. He believes the organized and intentional effort to deny citizens their right to make voluntary and informed medical decisions for themselves and their children is the greatest threat to humanity today. If we lose the capacity for choice over what is injected into ourselves and our children, if we lose our self-autonomy and bodily integrity, then we are no longer free citizens.
Flu Shot Season Revisited – A compilation of resources and information from Janet's Planet
“It's flu season! (Or rather, flu shot season.)

Here in Toronto we're being inundated with exhortations to get the flu shot. It's on the "news," on billboards at the side of the road (apparently), at the drugstore & … at the grocery store. ...
Please educate yourself! We can’t provide 'informed consent' & say 'Yes' to vaccines if we haven’t taken the time to learn about their contents, possible side effects, & about vaccines' efficacy (i.e., whether or not they are actually effective at preventing influenza - or any other illness).”
Great New Flu Brochure from our Friends at Children’s Health Defense
Transverse Myelitis caused by Travel Vaccines – Melissa’s Story
“When I arrived home in Canada my left leg was totally paralyzed and I still couldn’t feel my body from the breastline down. After multiple tests an MRI indicated I had 14mm of Myelin stripped off my spinal cord and the first question asked to me was ‘Have you been vaccinated recently’?  Confirmed by 3 Neurologists in two provinces I had Transverse Myelitis due to a vaccine.”
Stop the Hysteria Over Measles Outbreaks – Another Perspective from Ted Kuntz
“What the medical business fails to understand is that their unwillingness to acknowledge their ‘shadow side’, their persistent and dogmatic disowning and repression of the harm that is being caused by an ever increasing vaccination schedule does not build trust, but rather erodes trust. The systemic denial of vaccine injury increases the feeling of being unsafe because we recognize there is something that the medical business is hiding. And indeed, they are hiding something critically important.”
Children First Canada Report Ignores Vaccine Injury – Ted Kuntz
“I am responding to the recent report, Raising Canada, prepared by the O’Brien Institute for Public Health for Children First Canada describing the state of children’s health in Canada today. While I applaud the efforts of Children First Canada to monitor and advocate for the health of our children, I am deeply concerned by your failure to acknowledge the impact of injected vaccine ingredients on the declining health of Canadian children and your indiscriminate advocacy for the vaccination of children.”
The undisputed fact is we are experiencing “a failing state of children’s health”. There is an explosion of allergic/anaphylactic diseases, autoimmune diseases, mental illness, and cancers that now afflict infants and children on a scale never before seen. This is especially evident in the dramatic increase in autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, and seizure disorders.
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Additional Reading:
The One Conversation the vaccine industry is avoiding - Jefferey Jaxen’s article provides part 1 and 2 of this video symposium on vaccine safety.

VAERS Update Adverse Events Following HPV vaccination As of September 14, 2018, VAERS, the U.S. vaccine adverse events reporting system recorded 59,634 reactions following HPV (Gardasil) vaccines, of which 944 were life threatening.  There were 438 deaths. It is acknowledged that ONLY 1% of vaccine reactions and injuries are reported to government reporting systems.

More Fake Flu News from the CDC by David Brownstein MD
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