Schedule of 2011 Courses

ELNEC Turns 10!

ELNEC-For Veterans Available on the Hospice Education Network

Updates on ELNEC-International Training

ELNEC-International Receives Funding to Promote Global Efforts in Palliative Care Education

First ELNEC-For Veterans Courses Held in August

ELNEC-For Veterans Trainers Break Down Barriers

ELNEC Trainer Opportunity
ELNEC-For Veterans is Now Available on the Hospice Education Network

Hospice Education Network (HEN), a division of Weatherbee Resources, Inc and ELNEC are expanding their collaboration by adding the ELNEC-For Veterans video series. This is the 4th ELNEC video series now available on HEN. ELNEC-Core was the first to be introduced on HEN in October, 2008. In 2009, ELNEC-Pediatric Palliative Care and ELNEC-Geriatric were added. Click here for more information and an overview of the curriculum and modules.
Past and Future Opportunities to Provide ELNEC-International Training
In September, four national ELNEC faculty traveled to Kingston, Jamaica to hold a 3-day train-the-trainer course.  Twenty-seven nurses, one physician, and a representative from the Bureau of Health attended this course. Five people also attended from Antigua. In December, 2010, two teams will provide ELNEC training in the countries of Georgia and Syria.  In February, 2011, a three-day course will be held in Ibadan, Nigeria. The ELNEC Project Team is working with nursing faculty and clinicians in Nigeria to attend this three-day train-the-trainer course.
New ELNEC trainers from Jamaica and Antigua and ELNEC Faculty after the pinning ceremony.
ELNEC-International Receives Funding to Promote Global Efforts in Palliative Care Education
Two-Year Grant Will Provide Opportunites for Nurses in Eastern Europe to Improve Care
Under the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation’s 2010 Bridging Cancer Care Initiative, the ELNEC Project has been awarded a two-year $150,000 grant to work with nursing educators, practitioners, and leaders from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine to improve palliative care. These funds will provide further opportunities to mentor Eastern European nurses who will be attending the April 4-8, 2011 ELNEC-International course, funded by Open Society International. “This funding allows us to take the international work to a new level, providing the opportunity to train Eastern European nurses in Salzburg and then allow the ELNEC faculty to work with these trainers for a year. The ELNEC faculty will assist these trainers to launch their own ELNEC training program within each of their countries in 2011,” stated Betty Ferrell, Principal Investigator of the ELNEC Project.
New ELNEC Trainers from Romania, preparing to improve palliative care throughout their country.
Let Us Hear From You!
We are interested in your thoughts and suggestions about end-of-life nursing issues. What would you like to see in this newsletter? Do you have a story to share about how end-of-life nursing education has made a difference for your patients and their families? Please forward your suggestions or comments to:
Pam Malloy
ELNEC Project Director
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The End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium is pleased to bring you the Fall 2010 issue of ELNEC Connections, a quarterly newsletter to showcase efforts in end-of-life nursing education and practice. This newsletter spotlights project developments and provides resources that may be useful to you as an ELNEC trainer. ELNEC is a national education program to improve end-of-life care by nurses. The project, which began in February 2000, was funded by a major grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Additional funding has been received from the National Cancer and Open Society Institutes; the Aetna, Archstone, Oncology Nursing, and California Healthcare Foundations; and the Department of Veterans Affairs. 
ELNEC is administered through a partnership between the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and the City of Hope (COH).
Schedule of 2011 Courses
ELNEC-Core, ELNEC-Critical Care, ELNEC-Pediatric Palliative Care, and ELNEC-Geriatric: 
January 13 & 14 - San Diego, CA
Each of the four ELNEC courses will be held separately. These courses are offered in collaboration with the Palomar Pomerado Health, University of San Diego’s Hahn School of Nursing, and the National ELNEC Project.
February 21-23 - Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
April 4-8 - Salzburg, Austria
ELNEC-For Veterans: 
March 7 & 8 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
June 2 & 3 - Dallas, TX
Funding is available through the Department of Veterans Affairs to those who work in VA facilities.
ELNEC-Pediatric Palliative Care: 
April 29 & 30 - Indianapolis, IN
Co-sponsored by Clarian North Medical Center and the National ELNEC Project.
June 16 & 17 - Denver, CO
July 28 & 29 - Atlanta GA
Both courses are co-sponsored by the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA) and the National ELNEC Project.
ELNEC-Critical Care and ELNEC-Core: 
August 4 & 5 - St. Louis, MO
Both courses are co-sponsored by the University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Nursing and the National ELNEC Project.

ELNEC Turns 10 Years Old: Come Celebrate in San Diego!
In January 2001, ELNEC was presented for the very first time to 100 nurses in Pasadena, CA. Originally conceived as a three-year program as specified in the original Robert Wood Johnson grant has thrived for 10 years and produced 11,750 trainers!  From these 11,750 national and international trainers, it is estimated that they have trained over 350,000 nurses and other members of their interdisciplinary team to provide excellent end-of-life care. On January 13 and 14, 2011, nurses and team members will be invited to attend one of four national ELNEC train-the-trainer courses that will be presented at the Hahn School of Nursing, University of San Diego—to carry on and celebrate this important work. ELNEC-Core, Pediatric Palliative Care, Geriatric, and Critical Care train-the-trainer courses will be held simultaneously. 
A reception and celebration will be held Thursday evening, January 13 at the University of San Diego Garden of the Sea, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Room will be available for those who would like to provide a poster, highlighting your work in palliative care over these past 10 years. If you plan to bring a poster, email Pam Malloy at, and she will send you the specifications. Read more and register, space is limited! 
First Two National ELNEC-For Veterans Courses Held in August
Two ELNEC-For Veterans train-the-trainer courses for 2010 were held August 11-12 in Pasadena, CA and August 26-27 in Washington, DC. A total of 274 nurses, physicians, social workers, chaplains, pharmacists, and psychologists attended one of these two courses. Participants came from 48 US states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Approximately 50 participants attended from non-VA facilities, as 96% of veterans receive care in non-VA facilities. A new curriculum, dedicated to veterans has been developed to meet the unique needs of nurses in caring for this population. Free registration for the two 2011 courses will be provided for nurses who work in Veterans Affairs Medical Centers and other VA facilities. The March 7-8 course in Ft. Lauderdale, FL will be held simultaneously with the Education on Palliative and End-of-Life Care (EPEC) course. Opportunities to review four modules together with EPEC participants will be available. Some small group work will also be provided. This will be a unique opportunity! We encourage all nurses to obtain this training, irrespective of their workplace. See for further information.
ELNEC-For Veterans Trainers Break Down Barriers to Provide Excellent Palliative Care to Veterans
Carmen Rodriguez-Munyan, BSN, RN is the Hospice/Palliative Care Case Manager at the VA Medical Center of Martinsburg, WV. She and her team have envisioned better ways of caring for terminally ill and dying veterans. For example, they have begun a Making Memories Program for veterans who have been diagnosed with a serious life-limiting illness. Veterans share with the team what they would like to do before they become too ill to be able to do the activity. As a team, they make it happen. The 11th Hour Angel Program is a program where “no veteran shall die alone.” Volunteers are specifically trained to accompany the veteran and family through the end stages of life. The Hospice/Palliative Care Buddy Volunteer Program is a project that assigns a veteran to a buddy volunteer. This volunteer visits the veteran 1-3 times a week and provides various services. A Flag Drape Procession is initiated while the deceased veteran is being escorted to the morgue. The Hospice/Palliative Care Family Room is an area dedicated to families so they can “put up their feet and relax.” It has some essentials with comforts of home. In addition, the Hospice Veteran Partnership currently works with 32 community hospices to assure excellent end of life care for veterans living in the community. Twelve of these hospices are heavily involved on a regular basis, and an annual Hospice Open House is orchestrated. Lastly, Bereavement Services are available through the social worker, who does pre/post bereavement in partnership with veterans, families, and staff. For more information about Carmen and her staff’s excellent work, contact her at
Beth Stem, BSN, RN, MS, CHPN, Nurse Specialist for Hospice and Palliative Care at the VA Maryland Health Care System (VISN 5) put the finishing touches on the first regional ELNEC-For Veterans training course this fall. The VA facility, with the cooperation of other ELNEC-For Veterans trainers from the Washington, DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) and Gilchrist Hospice Care Community Partner, presented the two-day class on October 6 and October 12. VISN 5 has also formed an Education Consortium, connecting the separate VAMCs in the region.  They are committed to teaching an ELNEC-for Veteran’s course each quarter. For more information about this work, contact Beth directly at
ELNEC Trainer Opportunity
Plan now to apply for the July 13-15, 2011 course, funded by National Cancer Institute (NCI), titled Improving Quality of Life and Quality of Care for Oncology Family Caregivers. The course will be held at the Disneyland Resort Paradise Pier Hotel in Anaheim, CA. Cancer family caregivers rely on the expertise of an interdisciplinary healthcare team. This course offers nurses, physicians, social workers, and other healthcare providers the opportunity to advance their skills and improve the quality of life and quality of care for oncology Family Caregivers across the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual domains. For further information on this course and to see if you qualify for the free registration, visit RN and Social Worker CEs will be provided by City of Hope/Beckman Research Institute. Betty Ferrell, PhD, MA, FAAN, FPCN, is the principal investigator of this project. For further questions/information, contact Jo Hanson, MSN, RN, CNS, OCN at or 626-256-4673, ext 63108.