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The Dr. Alfonsina Q. Davies
Epilepsy Foundation

 Special Request

You can start changing the lives of three million Americans - In Less than two minutes.   CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW!!
How?  Read the following information 

If you have read our newsletters, then you know that 3 million Americans have epilepsy, an incurable, but usually treatable, neurological disease. 

One in ten Americans will have a seizure in their lifetime. 1 in 26 will develop epilepsy. More people die from epilepsy than from breast cancer.  There are twice as many people with epilepsy than with Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Autism all three combined.

Epilepsy can strike anyone at any age.
Here is epilepsy; Suffering pain and discrimination in silence.  
The leading non-medical problem confronting people with epilepsy is discrimination in education, employment and social acceptance. There are no rehabilitation facilities for people with epilepsy.
YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Share the informational materials that we will send you at no cost to you.  Take them to your work or business, read the back issues of the newsletter, read the materials, THEN START SHARING.

Once you start, you will find as we do, that about 8 out of 10 people either know a person with epilepsy, have epilepsy, have a family member with epilepsy or grew up with someone with epilepsy. Become a spokesman for those that cannot or will not speak for themselves. 
Here is a sample of the materials that you will receive.

Options:  Personal Use  (20 items each).   Business (100 items each).  Four different items will be included: Business Card, Two different and attractive Bookmarks, and a four page folder on the Comprehensive Treatment Center that we hope to fund someday.
Sample Bookmark (Both sides shown), Business Card (Both sides shown) 
Thank you for being a continuing reader of the newsletter.  We appreciate your support.
Tom and Nadia Davies