Hello again,

We don't usually do a follow-up to correct our errors, but this time around we had a couple that cried out for mea culpas and amendments.

The first was an incorrect URL for the Celtic Attic. They have been such long and faithful sponsors and supporters of our efforts, we couldn't let the mistake go by. And besides, it will be extremely difficult for you to take advantage of all their free goodies if you can't find them!


Our second goof-up was in the spelling of our music reviewer's last name. For whatever reason, Bridget gets it wrong all the time. But William continues to be very patient with her while gently pointing out that the correct spelling is Ramoutar!

We probably have other innacuracies - but we're not aware of them. If they do come back to haunt us, we'll mention them in our next newsletter which appropriately should be out around Hallowe'n.

Boo humbug and all the best,

Bridget & Russ