Bill Synopsis
SB 1826  directed the districts to provide information about The McKay Scholarship Program to any member of US Armed Forces who enrolls their child in a public school.  It also established a pilot program to work with students 22 years old who have a disability in a supported school/work environment.  We will continue to work with Senator Gardiner on these issues.
HB 807 (SB 1706)
proposed legislation requiring all schools to submit financial statements and have a full audit of their books each year.  We opposed this bill due to the fact that the current regulations and current system used by DOE has controlled fraud and that this type of invasive and expensive accounting would not reduce fraud but would drive small schools or schools with low numbers of McKay students out of the McKay Program. This bill died in the Senate Education Pre K-12 Committee. 
SB 1478 required all choice students returning to public school to take a nationally normed test.  While we would approve of testing to determine what a child needs as they move forward in school, this testing was to be used to evaluate the choice program.  This “research” would be on a flawed premise and would not give a true picture of choice programs.  This died in the Senate Education Pre K-12 Committee.

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March 16, 2012
Legislative Session Is Over
Over-regulation Held Back
The legislative session is over and none of the bills concerning The McKay Scholarship were passed.  The Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools has been in the forefront leading with the charge “The McKay Scholarship Program is successful and the laws and rules in place are working to hold schools and parents accountable. No new regulations are needed.”
As we alerted you in the fall, bills calling for teacher credentialing, accreditations, mandated standardized testing were just a few of the regulations that legislators were proposing.   These never became bills due to strenuous efforts on the part of Coalition board members, members and schools in educating the legislators as to what regulations currently exist and how the McKay Scholarship Program requires maximum flexibility to develop programs and curriculums for our diverse group of children with disabilities.
Three bills were filed but none made it through the committees to a floor vote.  (See sidebar for bills.)
Many of the legislators that we spoke to this year did not have the information concerning all of the accountability measures that are already in the law.  They were working on information given to them by anti-choice individuals disguised as proponents of the program.  Once they were presented with the factual information and educated concerning the existing laws and regulations, they understood more fully how “accountable” this program is to the state.  They also understood the need for private schools to maintain autonomy in curriculum, teacher credentialing, testing, and other issues.
One of our legislative supporters said, “Knowledge is Power.  You must give us (legislators) the information to counter those against or who would weaken choice programs.” 
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