These are today's subjects:

1. Pet insurance gaining momentum
2. Fleas and Ticks
3. Dr. Jones, on vaccinating
4. Funny cat video


PET INSURANCE is getting to be quite the latest
thing! Now Purina even has something to say about it:

"Pet insurance can bring real peace of mind - and is a
great help when it comes to the unforeseen expenses
of treatment. Even so, you should be careful to choose
the right company and the right policy for your pet."

According to the Ohio Dept. of Insurance, about 20
companies are licensed to provide pet insurance, and
more than 10,000 cats and dogs are now insured there.

Still, the largest market interested in insurance for
their beloved pets is the East and West Coasts and
many of the larger cities across the U.S. Many rural
areas still regard cats as "just cats" and often don't
even spay or neuter.

As veterinary costs continue to rise, and medical
advances are made for cat and dog care, those costs
can easily skyrocket, leaving some of us and our pets
in a difficult spot if they need expensive or long-term

New studies also show that people who are very
connected to their pets are willing to spend whatever
is necessary to save their lives in an emergency...
if they can afford it. That's where insurance may
come in. (to get more info)



Britain is in the grip of a record outbreak of ticks
and fleas & and the wet summer and recent mild weather
are to blame, according to this article.

It's also estimated that only about half of pet owners
even know how to check for these pests. Thus, it's important
to have a veterinary evaluation if there is any doubt about
the pet's condition.

Of course, the obvious signs might include persistent
scratching, head shaking, and possibly flattening of the ears
down or back. These are also signs of ear mites in cats, so it's
a good idea to be sure which parasite you're dealing with so
you get the correct treatment.


Read about The Cats Protection league in Britain here:


Dr. Andrew Jones, about vaccinating:

"To get my ENTIRE Dog and Cat Vaccine
Recommendations, PLUS exactly what to give
to AVOID vaccine reactions, you should click
on over to:"


"Shadow's new toy"

(Long URL... if it breaks, you may have to do a
copy and paste into your browser. Remove spaces if
any appear.)

If you are unable to view this short video, it's
about a kitten playing with bathroom tissue. If you
have a cat, you KNOW about this special interest that
many cats have. ;-)


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