FOTOCRIME - New band from RYAN PATTERSON (COLISEUM), debut 7" with shirt combos!
Ryan Patterson from COLISEUM has returned with his new group FOTOCRIME. FOTOCRIME's debut 7" Always Hell is available for preorder now, along with specially priced shirt combos. Stream "Always Hell" at FOTOCRIME's online store and order their debut, self-released 7" record!


TRUE WIDOW - New shirts for the first time in years!
After many years, TRUE WIDOW has finally added two new shirts to their online store! The "Three Cards" shirt is a tarot-inspired gold print while the "Dragon" shirt is a psychedelic inspired design on a Canvas tri-blend. Get all of TRUE WIDOW's classic merch in their official online store.


GRAVES AT SEA - Two new shirts!
GRAVES AT SEA have added two new, exclusive shirts to their online store! The "Behold The Curse" shirt is a multi-colored print featuring a gorgeous illustration. "Pariah" is a classic stark white print of the head of Medusa. Get all of GRAVES AT SEA's classic merch in their official online store.


CAT MAGIC PUNKS - New "Cat In The Brain" shirt.
CAT MAGIC PUNKS have added a new design to their collection of cat-themed shirts - the new "Cat In The Brain" shirt featuring a dense collage of kitties in the shape of a human skull. As always, 15% of each shirt sold benefits Alley Cat Advocates, who perform safe and humane trap-neuter-return treatment on feral and unowned cats. Get all of the CAT MAGIC PUNKS collection in their official online store.


WAR ON WOMEN - Baltimore feminist hardcore punk band joins roster with two exclusive shirts.
Known from their tours with FLAG, PROPAGANDHI, ANTI-FLAG, and many more, their releases on Bridge Nine Records, and coverage in Newsweek and many other outlets, we're happy to welcome WAR ON WOMEN to the Shirt Killer roster. Their new official online store launches with two exclusive designs: "Smile" and "Birth Control."  


RLYR - New "Planetary" shirt from band led by Trevor deBrauw of PELICAN.
RLYR is the newest band from Trevor deBrauw, guitarist/leader of beloved post-metal outfit PELICAN, and also featuring former members of RUSSIAN CIRCLES and BLOODIEST. Their new shirt "Planetary" is a bit of 80s prog inspired minimalism designed by Ryan Patterson. Get RLYR's debut LP and shirts in their official online store.


THOU - Two new shirts.
THOU has added two additional new shirts to their store, both classic designs that have been unavailable for years. "Sophie Scholl" features the iconic anti-Nazi activist and "Death To The Death" is a self-explanatory bit of circular logic. Recent shirts "Chaos Wizard" shirt and "Bat" logo shirt are also available now along with all of their older designs in their official online store.

AMEN RA - Belgian post-metal band joins roster with two shirts.
Shirt Killer is happy to welcome long-running Belgian post-metal outfit AMEN RA to the roster with two exclusive shirts. "Thurible" features gorgeous detailed illustration and "Church Of Ra" includes the band's update icon. Visit AMEN RA's new official online store.

INTEGRITY - New Zodiac Manson shirt with glow in the dark ink.
INTEGRITY continues their obsession with the dark corners of history with the new "Zodiac Manson" shirt that ties together two of the most feared icons in American history. The glow in the dark ink reveals a hidden face unseen in the daylight. Get all of INTEGRITY's classic merch in their official online store.

ABOMINABLE ELECTRONICS - New shirts from boutique pedal company.
North Carolina based boutique guitar pedal company ABOMINABLE ELECTRONICS has long been a friend of Shirt Killer. We're happy to welcome them to the roster with the "Sunnbather" shirt featuring artwork by JACOB BANNON (CONVERGE) and "Throne Torcher" featuring art by Matt Kerley. Get both in the new ABOMINABLE ELECTRONICS official online store.
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