!!! If You have a PM500 or a MMCX then this is IMPORTANT !!!

There are some general housekeeping notes at the bottom of this message too.

ProMark 500:  *** IMPORTANT ***

Required Update by January 1, 2009 to compensate for a known issue with additional GPS leap second. For complete information see:

  [ ReleaseNotes ] or [ ReleaseNotes ]

MobileMapper CX:  *** IMPORTANT ***

If you have a MobileMapper CX and have not yet updated the EBOOT to V 2.50, do so ASAP:

  [ Info ]  [ EBoot2.50 ]

Latest Software Information:

 See this [ List ]

Other Notes:

Recently the official Magellan FTP site went down for a couple of days (my mirror at www.magprogps.com was not affected). I can't figure out what changed from the 'before' copy to the 'now' copy.

I just finished a complete mirror (6:00 pm on Dec 26, 2008) so the mirror should be an exact copy of the official site again.

The complete mirror base location for the software mirror is http:www.magprogps.com/out3 . I am now keeping historical copies of the official Magellan FTP site which may be valuable if you ever need to revert to older firmware/software. You might find what you need at the following locations:

HTML clipboard

Cache of firmware through January 28, 2008 click here: [ out ]

Cache of firmware from January 28, 2008 through November 20, 2008 [ out2 ]

I have compiled a list of software changes by date, with the latest changes at the top. This covers every file on the Magellan FTP site. Hopefully the ability to generate this list automatically will help me ferret out changes and additions. The link below will get you a fresh copy of the list:

  [ FTP site change log ]

You may notice that there is now a technical description of the ATOM format used by the PM500 and a new MM6 FAQ.

Hoping your Christmas was fantastic and with my Best Wishes for the New Year!

Mark Silver