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Dr. Alfonsina Q. (Nina) Davies Epilepsy Foundation
                                                           January 2014
THE MISSION of the Dr. Alfonsina Q. Davies Epilepsy Foundation is to improve the lives of those afflicted through increased research efforts, a better treatment modality and the elimination of the stigma and prejudice that surrounds this disease in all facets of public life. 
The Endowed Chair for Research is being filled . . .
The Endowed Chair for Epilepsy Research in the Division of Neurosurgery at UCLA is in the process of being filled.  The selection committee is in place, the Chair has been publicly announced and the candidates will soon be submitting their applications. 
The Dr. Alfonsina Q. Davies Endowed Chair in Epilepsy Research will be located in the the UCLA Department of Neurosurgery. The head of the Neurosurgery Department, Dr. Neil Martin, feels that the chair is a wonderful contribution to the already highly regarded Department.  "It will provide us with additional resources to continue our fight to create a day when the specter of epilepsy is but a distant memory". A world renowned scientist will fill the prestigious chair. Read More . . . 
90 copies of "Nina's Courage in Epilepsy were downloaded in December. Thanks. 
 Living With Epilepsy Takes Courage
My wife and I were discussing seizure disorders with friends and the conversation moved to our daughter, Dr. Alfonsina Q. Davies (Nina).  We shared that her life from the day she was born was very hard since she never knew when the seizure would strike. She had a regimen of daily medication in spite of two brain surgeries. She was free of seizures for a few years after the first surgery, however the anxiety, fear and isolation that she felt did not leave her.  
Once the seizures returned, she coped with them as best she could, but her life was centered around the disorder. She had to take medication on schedule, go to bed and get up on schedule, limit what she could eat or drink and continue to have follow-ups with doctors. She never discussed her illness with anyone for fear of discrimination.  All of this while working full time. 
We also discussed the serious psycho-social problems that individuals with seizure disorders often have. These negative aspects affect family, social relationships, academic achievement, opportunities for employment, housing and the ability to function.
We explained that the quality of life for our daughter was very bad. From research done and reported a few years ago, our daughter had, on average, about 13 good days a month where she felt healthy, physically able, and mentally able.  Can you imagine living where 17 days a month you do not feel “normal”. You might be depressed, have aching muscles after a seizure, have a serious injury or just feel terrible. This, we explained, was the life of our daughter.
The Quality of Life Study below, gives very clear and impactful information regarding the effects of epilepsy on daily living.  Our daughter was in the worst and most damaging category, “Any Seizures in last three months”.

It takes courage to live with epilepsy. Our Nina was a very special person who attained all of her goals in spite of her constant pain and fear. 
Click to learn more about the Quality of Life Study.  To learn more about Epilepsy in the United States click on   Epilepsy Across the Spectrum.
Like many people with afflictions, you do not always have the full story unless you have a family member, a relative or a close friend with the disorder. Epilepsy is no different, except that it is not always obvious, and is not always discussed.  The following video will give you a better understanding of what it is like for the individual and their families. The Lives of Children with Epilepsy. Remember that one in ten Americans will have a seizure in their lifetime and one in 26 will develop epilepsy. It can strike anyone at any time.  The video is about 9 minutes long.  Please take the time to watch it.  It will give you a new insight to those with epilepsy.  
Give a Gift of Life and Health.  PLEASE Donate and remember all those who are suffering from a seizure disorder.  Thank you.
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