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All PST Shows at
Hipbone Studio

1847 East Burnside
Portland, Oregon
[corner of NE 18th & E Burnside]

Doors 7:30 PM, Curtain 8:00 PM


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Every night is different -- it's a festival of opening nights! Starts this Friday at Hipbone Studio! 
Doors 7:30, Show 8:00
(Each night runs about 2-1/2 hours, including intermission) 

Friday April 23rd
The Adventures of Huckleberry Horowitz is all about growing up Jewish in New York. It's about gefilte fish and chopped liver and bagels and lox. It's about fisticuffs on the Hebrew School bus. It's about embarrassing myself at my bar mitzvah. It's about the secret Christmas tree. It's about the Pope and the Rabbi! It's about rejecting and then reclaiming my heritage. It's about the search for identity and belonging.    

It Takes Two To Tango, one woman's journey through the perilous challenge of dance, relationships, and life. It's all part of PST's Solo Performance Festival, Singlehandedly!

Saturday April 24th
SexyNurd: Rockstar Trapped in a "Nurd's" Body 
Who is your inner rock star? SexyNurd is for anybody who ever wanted to be something or someone they weren't. Trapped in a small factory town with a dearth of dreams, SexyNurd is the story of a boy who pins his only hope of escape on the delusion of becoming a rock star. While railing against the damning fate of his small stature and "expressive eyebrows," his mother defies her body's own trap as she falls victim to Multiple Sclerosis. SexyNurd is a one-man, autobiographical comedy/drama/rock musical about being trapped by your limitations-real and perceived-and the colorful ways one boy survived his adolescent dreams to eventually learn it is only our perceptions that limit us. Written by auGi + Pema Teeter Performed by auGi

Penny Walter 
Out of The Box Ever wonder what life would be like to be a child entertainer? Well, Penny of Penny's Puppet Productions (PPP) would like to share her experience with you. Penny will weave in and out of reality and the box (the puppet theater) through the use of puppets, music and story to disclose the secrets of how to follow your dreams, trust the universe and still have time to walk the dogs.

Friday April 30th: Taru Sinclair / Will Hornyak
Saturday May 1st: Don Kern / Taru Sinclair
Friday May 7th: Lynne Duddy / Lawrence Howard
Saturday May 8th: Jordan Herskowitz / auGi

Friday May 14th StorySLAM showcasing Domeka Parker, Ry Stroud, Kristin Olson-Huddle, Sean Bowie, Nicole Accuardi, Enrique Andrade, Wayne Haythorn and Hipbone Studio's own Jeff Burke

Portland Story Theater