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Rep Shumate married
HB 1021 Nullification of Obama Care
Federal Employees and Contractors Could Face
Five Years in State Prison
State Officials Could Face Two Years in State Prison
For Collaborating To Enforce Obama Care
Going on four years ago the Tea Party sprang into being and one of the things that I picked up on quickly was the desire of most activists to look for a magic bullet to solve our problems.    While I believed that the March on D.C. in September of 2009 was a necessary step, a throwing down of the gauntlet, I had no illusions that there would be an easy solution.   Let’s face it, the opposition had entrenched itself deeply from the educational system, to the courts, to the political parties.    Holding rallies and talking to politicians wasn’t going to get us far.
So the Sooner Tea Party began the long hard slog of building infrastructure, setting in place the means of mass communication using our newsletter, our sign printing equipment, and eventually the Oklahoma-Guardian newspaper.  We knew that we would have to take the battle ground by kicking out the worst politicians that were special interest whores and replacing them with decent citizen legislators.  There were a few dozen decent legislators already in place; some that were fighting with all of their heart, others that quietly did what they could without alienating the RINO leadership, taking the tactic of going along to get along while making incremental steps toward progress.  Many other legislators simply went with the winning side, accepting the special interest money and the control that goes along with the cash. 
But the back of the RINO organization was broken in October of 2011 with the defeat of the Kris Steel/Jeff Hickman coalition at the Speakers Designate election.  It wasn’t a landslide; three votes out of 101 decided the election.   The 2012 legislative session showed that the balance had shifted when outgoing Speaker Steel sent out the word; don’t offend anyone.  They knew that they had one year to change their heavy handed tactics if they wanted another chance to regain power.  The punishment of the conservative legislators using trumped up charges disappeared, Obama Care was defeated easily in both the House and the Senate, many of the special interest bond issues went down by narrow margins, and at long last an Open Carry bill was passed albeit an imperfect one.
It is true that the incoming Speaker, TW Shannon, did give away a lot of the gains to make peace with the RINO faction and it is truer that he will have to be watched carefully.  But we know exactly what he wants and by 2014 he will find his political future was decided not by Tom Cole’s political machine but by his actions and lack of actions in 2013.   And one of the
most important actions of 2013 will be the nullification of Obama Care in the State of Oklahoma.
Representative Mike Ritz authored HB 1021 that will nullify Obama Care using Constitutional grounds.    The bill sets out the case that Obama Care is unconstitutional based on the Enumerated Powers of Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution and that it violates the 9th and 10th Amendments of the Bill of Rights.   This bill also has teeth; up to five years imprisonment for any federal agent, employee, or contractor that tries to enforce Obama Care and up to two years imprisonment in state prison for any state officials or employees that cooperate with the feds on Obama Care.    The bill also allows legal action by individuals should the find themselves targeted by the feds or cooperating state officials.
Other states have bills ready to pursue nullification as well including Idaho, New Hampshire, South Dakota and North Dakota.  Oklahoma legislators are coming forward to co author HB 1021 including one of our own, Representative John Bennett.   Bennett put out a press release this last week that stated:
“Obama Care was shoved down our throats and was a huge tax increase levied on the people,” said Bennett, R-Sallisaw. “I will not tolerate such actions levied by the federal government. In keeping with my promise of protecting my constituents from big government, I am working with Representative Ritze and others to stand and fight.”
Make no mistake about this, it will be a hard fight to get this bill through and Governor Fallin will have to be forced to sign this bill.   The House Rules were finally released and they aren’t pretty.  The Discharge Petition process still remains ridiculous as it requires a 2/3rds majority to force a bill out of committee so it can be heard on the floor.   Why does it take a 68 legislators to hear a bill when it takes only 51 to pass the bill?  And there is a change in the Discharge Petition process this year as the petitions are required to be electronic.  That doesn’t mean that citizens can’t push a paper petition asking legislators to sign the Discharge Petition for HR 1021 and a refusal to sign the Discharge Petition is as good as a recorded vote against nullifying Obama Care.  Both can be used against the politician in 2014.
Our job will be to force HB 1021 through committee and through the House and Senate.   We have the upper hand as they fear us already and we do intend to block all efforts to escape voting for HB 1021 or signing the Discharge Petition for HB 1021.  Each individual legislator will be forced to choose a side or risk finding 20,000 newspapers on the driveways of their voters.
What you can do to help is to call and email your state representative and state senator.  The contact info is below including a link to find out who your elected officials are.   Also email Governor Fallin and demand that she support HB 1021 in the legislative session and sign the bill once it arrives at her desk.  As always mention that you are a Tea Party supporter, they can ignore individuals but they dare not ignore the Tea Party.
Ken Miller, State Cheerleader or Clueless Ken?
By the Watchman
It’s been less than two weeks since we ran a story regarding Oklahoma’s economy and the State Treasurer, Ken Miller.   That report was highly critical of the economics of the states budgeting of its revenues. We listed this report as a reference on which we based our conclusions. The latest report coupled with the legislature’s lust for spending will only insure that this story is more than unlikely, but a reality.
Now in this latest report from the State Treasurer, which you can see here, Treasurer Miller describes Oklahoma's moderated economic growth, he does admit to only moderate growth in the state’s economy over the last year. We saw a 3.8% growth in the economy. Now when you figure in the fact that most economists estimate that the fiscal cliff deal will take an estimated 1.5% out of the economy that leaves our economy barely growing at all.
Mr. Miller does address the averting the fiscal cliff in his report. He mentions that the good news is that 98% of Americans avoided a tax increase and the Bush tax cuts were made permanent. Well, just like a typical politician, he only gave you half of the picture.
While it is true that the Bush tax cuts were made permanent, the Obama Tax Holiday was allowed to expire. What this means is roughly 77% of all tax payers saw an increase in the amount of taxes they pay each week in FICA Taxes or Social Security Taxes. Now knowing the way Washington enjoys spending, don’t look for this increase to help stabilize the Social Security Fund any.  After all it cost us $1.7 billion a year just to keep the 1st family in the White House and on vacation.
 Mr. Miller, don’t you think you owe it to the residents of this state that put you into office to let them know the truth. Don’t you think letting them know about the tax increase they were getting would have been helpful last week instead of waiting for us to come along and clean up your mess.
We already knew that the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce would stick their greedy paws into the mix. Back in November, Representative Dank and his committee gathered to decide how much of our tax dollars they were going to give away this year. Needless to say, the State Chamber opposed some of the tax credit reforms that were proposed. You can see the report here. They want tax credits for everything, not for what they were intended for.   Many firms have abused these credits in the past by hiring an individual for the length of time they can receive the credit, then laying them off and hiring someone else so they can continue to get the credit.
The legislative session will kick off soon. The budget will be decided, but as usual it will be short on funds. I can’t help but wonder how they can actually form a working budget to cover the cost of the needs of the state, when the State Treasurer is not reporting the possible loss of revenue due to the increase in FICA Taxes 77% of our workers will be paying. How can they possibly pay for everything without going into debt, when they spend 37% of every tax dollar on payback to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and their members? Just think of how much this state could do with the $1.7 billion in tax money they give away every year.
Treasurer Miller, Representative Dank and all the rest of you elected officials with offices on Lincoln Blvd.; we are not as dumb as you think we are. Tell us the truth. That’s all that we ask. People deserved to be warned about Obama’s tax hike. It’s time you realized that you work for us, we don’t work for you. We hired you and we can fire you. Get it right or we’ll get it right the next time.
Pro Tem Mike Jackson and Floor Leader Pam Peterson Invite You to an Informal Meeting to Discuss Making Bad House Rules Worse
House Rules Released After Lengthy Delay
Major Problems Hidden Within House Rule Changes
After nearly two months of delay Speaker TW Shannon finally released the draft House Rules for the 2013/2014 legislative session.  As we had feared the House Rules are horrendous, actually taking last legislative session’s bad rules and making them far worse.   House leadership released two documents; the first is the redacted copy of the House Rules with the removed wording stricken through and the added wording underlined, and the second document is an outline with the changes in the rules noted.  Only section 7 was changed according to their release, the section that deals with committee procedures.
Before covering the problems in the proposed House Rules let’s look back at the major issues that should have been addressed which we wrote about in last week’s newsletter and how the new rules addressed the problems:
The top issue that we addressed was the Discharge Petition process where legislators can overrule House leadership to force a bill onto the House Floor for a vote.   The Shannon/Hickman leadership gutted the Discharge Petition process, gutting representative government along with it.
The second issue was the Joint Rules that gives the Senate an advantage, that the Senate bill doesn’t have to be germane, amendments don’t have to actually deal with the issue being addressed, nor is the disparate difference between the numbers of bills a Senator is allowed to file addressed.  The proposed rules completely ignored this problem.
The third issue was the GCCA (General Conference Committee on Appropriations) bills aren’t subject to amendment at all; only a yes or no vote is allowed and are allowed last minute votes even if they aren’t appropriation bills; the prime example is the recurring Native American Cultural Center bond issue.  The proposed rules completely ignored this problem.
The fourth issue was making bills germane to the committee they were assigned to.   The proposed rules completely ignored this problem.
The fifth issue was that legislators had a right to have their bills heard in committee or at least a portion of their bills heard.  The rules completely ignored this problem.
The sixth issue was to watch for efforts to restrict discussion and debate on bills.  The proposed rules set a laborious procedure that turned a one step process to get a bill heard into a three step process that appears to be designed to shield the Speaker from accountability.
And the seventh issue was to watch that the Conference Committees weren’t compromised.   The proposed rules completely compromised the Conference Committee process, a throwback to the corrupt Democratic rules of previous decades.
There are eight enormous red flags present in these proposed House Rules.
1.       The only changes were in operation of committee s, nothing about the floor procedures, joint rules, the germane rule covering Senate as well as House bills, nothing about the GCCA non appropriations bills getting rammed through at the last minute
2.       The Discharge Petition process was completely gutted despite the fact that in the last 100 years only one petition was successful.   Previous rules allowed legislators to quietly circulate a petition on their own; we even used citizens to help corral legislator signatures in 2011.   The new rules require that House leadership know about the petition in advance, that the signatures are done electronically through their system so that leadership knows who is signing the petition in real time, allowing leadership to pressure or retaliate against legislators that support their constituents over the leadership agenda.   The asinine procedure where it takes more people to force a vote on a bill than are required to pass the bill remains in force.  Requiring a dual majority of majority party members and of house members would be more than enough to insure that liberals didn’t abuse the Discharge Petition process.
3.       The Calendaring Committee took control of bills from the Floor Leader, substituting a one step process to get a bill on the agenda to a three step process where the responsibility of killing a good bill can be spread out among the Calendaring Committee to avoid the consequences of killing good legislation.  All of this is specifically designed to prevent Speaker Shannon from being held accountable to preserve his future political viability.
4.       Conferencing Committees were gutted completely.  No longer do Committee members have to show up in person to sign off on a bill, no longer does the author have the right to appear and lobby for his bill, no longer does each bill have to go through the Conferencing Committee in a public manner where the media can keep watch.  There doesn’t have to be any meetings, any votes, nor would amendments be possible, just enough signatures on the form  to pass the bill.
5.       The impression is given that all committees will have the right to start oversight investigations but the reality is that only the A&B Committee itself, the Rules Committee, and Government Oversight Committees will have subpoena powers.  The rest will have to jump through a laborious and byzantine process requiring a super majority to actually look into allegations of corruption and waste.
6.       The Rules Committee will be allowed to waive the fiscal impact statement requirement for a bill.   So their pet bills will never require an estimate of how much they will cost the taxpayers while the bills they don’t like have to show the costs to implement.
7.       Rather than have simple straight forward rules that make the process better this set of proposed rules sets up a convoluted procedure that is simply not needed; a simple up or down vote on a bill or issue should be all that is required.   This is more about keeping the process confused enough that Parliamentarian Joel Kintsel has job security and that the blame for good legislation being killed doesn’t land in Speaker Shannon’s lap.
8.       The new idea of allowing the Calendaring Committee and the Rules Committee to restrict amendments, debate, or discussion of a proposed bill is outrageous.   They are allowed to do anything that they “deem appropriate.”   That puts the Hickman/Steel supporters in control of making the House Rules, rules for individual bills, and control of the Calendaring Committee along with all the plum committee chair and vice chair positions they were given.  The people that actually supported Shannon in the Speaker’s race are getting the short end of the stick!
Representatives will have the opportunity to amend these rules or even vote them down and force new rules to be drafted if they organize.   Pro Tem Mike Jackson has scheduled an informal meeting on Tuesday, January 22 at 9:30 a.m. in Room 108 at the State Capitol.  We encourage all legislators to show up and provide their input on the House Rules.  We encourage citizens to show up as well and let them know that we are watching.
In 2011 the Charles Key amendment on House Rules won the initial vote by ten votes and was only reversed after House Whips worked over the freshmen legislators.  The freshmen legislators need to also understand that Speaker Shannon won his position by three votes, the margin of control is razor thin and House leadership knows this all too well;  they will be hard pressed to punish any legislator that stands up for his right to represent  his constituents.
Action Alert!
 This is not an academic issue; we will live and die by these House Rules for the next two years.   Changing the Rules is the only way we will get any good conservative legislation heard and passed.
First attend the informal meeting on Tuesday, January 22 at 9:30 a.m. in Room 108 at the State Capitol.   You won’t be able to speak your mind but they will notice that people cared enough to show up.  A good turnout will give them cause to think twice.
Contact Pro Tem Mike Jackson at (405) 557-7317 or by e-mail at: and let him know that conservatives will not allow these House Rules to pass without consequences.
Contact the other members of the working group that put together these proposed House Rules and demand that they stand up for openness and accountability.  Their names, contact info and their 2011 Oklahoma RINO score are below.  Anything below 60 is a RINO so encourage the good ones and draw a hard line with the bad ones:
Dennis Johnson, R   2011RINO score was 40   (405) 557-7327  Duncan area  District map
Pam Peterson, R.  2011 RINO score was 40     (405) 557-7341   Tulsa area District map
Tom Newell  R,   2011 RINO score was 65    (405) 557-7372  Mcloud to Seminole area  District map
Gus Blackwell R.,   2011 RINO score was 65   405) 557-7384  West of Woodward/Panhandle area, District map 
Jeff Hickman R., 2011 RINO score was 30  (405) 557-7339  Alfalfa, Major, Woods, Woodward counties District map
Jason Murphey R.,  2011 RINO Score was 90  (405) 557-7350   Guthrie area  District Map
Jason Nelson R., 2011 RINO score was 40   (405) 557-7335  North Oklahoma City  District Map  
Randy McDaniel  R.,   2011 RINO score was 50  (405) 557-7409  Edmond area  District Map
Leslie Osborn R., 2011 RINO score was 40   (405) 557-7333  Tuttle/Mustang area  District map  
Contact your own state representative and ask him to attend the Tuesday meeting.  You can find out who your representative using this link.
Here is the House Directory if you already know who your Representative is.
State House Caucus Releases Republican Strategic Plan
We received this too late to develop a response but thought we would go ahead and release the House Republican Caucus plan .   As always the devil is in the details.   If the State Chamber is behind this you can guarantee that there will be plenty of corporate welfare padding up the old agenda.
Next week we will go over the plan and point out opportunities and danger areas.  As long as they aren’t planning a master race or requiring us to shout “Heil Hickman” or something we will keep an open mind.
Round Two Oklahoma Firearms Freedom Act
Fifteen Oklahoma representatives co-authored another Tenth Amendment bill named the Oklahoma Firearms Freedom Act.  Authored by Rep. Sean Roberts the bill contains the same language as Senator Randy Brogdon’s 2009 SB 1685 which passed the House and Senate in 2010 only to be vetoed by Governor Henry.  The veto override attempt was defeated after Senate Democrats dropped their support for the bill after supporting the bill earlier in the legislative session.  Only three Senators voted against the bill  when it passed the Senate;  Easley, Johnson, and McIntyre.  Aldridge, Coats, Coffee, Mazzei, Reynolds, and Sweeden ducked the vote.
Voting against the veto over ride were Tom Adleson (D ) (gone), Roger Ballenger (D), Randy Bass(D),   Johnnie Crutchfield (D ) (gone), Mary Easley (D ) (gone),  Judy McIntyre Eason  ( D) (gone),  Earl Garrison (D),  Constance Johnson (D),Charlie  Laster (D ) (gone), Debbie Leftwich (D) (gone),Richard  Lerblance (D ) (gone),  Andrew Rice (D) (gone),  John Sparks (D),  Joe Sweeden (D ) (gone),  Jim Wilson (D ) (gone), Charles Wyrick (D).
Missing the vote were  Patrick Anderson (R),  Jay Paul Gumm (D)  (gone)), Jim Reynolds (R ) (gone), and Steve Russell (R)(gone).
This was one of the four bills that the OCA (Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance) got past the House and Senate in 2010 but all were vetoed by Governor Henry.   Had the John Birch Society leadership not done their shameful and cowardly attack on the OCA we would have most likely gotten those bills signed the following year.  Indeed incoming Governor Fallin had made a public promise to sign those four bills if we could get them to her desk, showing her confidence that House and Senate leadership could knock the bills down in the legislature.
HB 2021 would ban the federal government from interfering with the manufacture of guns and ammunition here in Oklahoma as long as the items were clearly marked as made in Oklahoma and are kept within the state borders.   The constitutional test for interstate commerce that the feds could control was the movement of manufactured items across state borders.  HB 2021 is a classical test case for standing up for states’ rights and the Constitution.
Here are the co authors of the bill along with their  party affiliation and 2011 RINO scores:

Sean Roberts,  R.   45      
John Bennett ,  R. 75   
Mike Ritze,  R.  90       
Josh Cockroft,  R.  70     
Jadine Nollan,  R.   20     
Arthur Hulbert,  R.  Freshman legislator, no score
Mike Reynolds, R. 90           
Jason Murphey,  R. 90     
Sally Kern,  R. 90                  
Lewis Moore,   R. 70     
Mike Sanders,  R.  40  
Mike Turner, R.   Freshman legislator, no score          
Tom Newell,   R. 65
 Dan Fisher, R.  Freshman legislator, no score                
David Brumbaugh,  R.  80
What is interesting is to see RINOs like Sean Roberts, Jadine Nollan, and Mike Sanders climbing on board.  Things have drastically changed since 2010 and legislators are beginning to want to be on the right side.   If they keep this up they will earn their Republican wings again.  Nothing would please me more than to take all three of them off the RINO list.
Oklahoma Republican Precinct Meetings Set for Feb 7th
Sure the party is ran by RINOs but we are gaining ground on them every single year.   The sad fact is that all it would take is three hundred Oklahoma County Republicans to show up and we could clean house in March at the County Convention.   Right now we are close; around 40% of those that attend the GOP events are actually Republicans.  Really another fifty would push the RINOs out of power.
We all remember the rat bastard Republican County officials that endorsed the Democratic sheriff candidate over the Republican candidate and how the Oklahoma County Republican Party didn’t say squat about it.  Well it is time to clean house and throw every single one of them out the door and put conservatives in place.  Once that is done it is time to call the rat bastard county officials into a board meeting and ask them to give reasons why they shouldn’t be thrown out of the Republican Party.
Here is a link to the Oklahoma County GOP meeting notice with a list of all the precinct meeting locations and a link to find out what House District you belong to.   All you need is your voter ID card to get in, they can’t turn you away and if anything like that happens email us ASAP.  Don’t trust anyone either!  The RINO GOP leaders are terrified that the Ron Paul supporters will boot them out this year so they might just try to find out who you support.  Again let us know if they pull this and we will expose them to the state.
Here is a link to the Oklahoma State GOP event calendar that has an entry on Feb. 7th with details about the call for the precinct meetings.   The person to contact for more info is or contact your County GOP Chairman which can be found here.
Chances are that no one will show up to represent your House District, I was the only person from my House district two years ago when we met by House District. Get there and elect yourself as precinct chair so that you have a vote at the County Convention in March.  We will walk you through all the process, it is quite simple.   One hour attending the precinct meeting, a half day attending the County Convention and a full day attending the State Convention and you will have helped to re gain conservative control over the Oklahoma GOP.
Slobber Fest Charlie Style
A sure sign of a sold out conservative leader is when he becomes the spokesperson for the politicians, explaining the politician’s point of view to his members, acting as the politician’s mouth piece instead of holding the politician accountable for his voting record.  A near perfect example was this week’s OCPAC email where Charlie Meadows bowed and scraped before Congressman James Lankford while explaining to OCPAC members why Lankford was a good Republican.  Here are some excerpts from Charlie’s email:
“While there have been votes in the past that I wish would have been
different, for the most part I am in the camp that believes he is
doing a much better than average job as a congressman. Let me suggest his strong points. He is probably as hard a working congressman as there is in Washington. He is very well informed as there was only one subject brought up in which he had no answer for and that included fielding probably 20 questions from the crowd. He is very willing to meet with the citizens of his district to field questions. He is simply not afraid of the people and does a good job of explaining his reasons for his positions. Some folks may not like his answers, but he pulls no punches and gives an honest answer from his understanding.”
Charlie mistakes the purpose for sending Lankford to Congress.  It isn’t because he works hard or is well informed, or willing to meet with citizens, nor is it for his courage to face the voters.   We sent him there to cast conservative votes that represent Oklahoma values and he is failing to do that job.
“Now, the main issue I want to address centers around his excellent
answer to a yes or no question as to whether or not he would vote to
raise the debt ceiling again. His answer was yes, which is the correct
answer, depending on how much in spending cuts can be obtained while working with a Senate and President who have no intention of having to be fiscally prudent.

He challenged anyone in the audience to show him anyone’s plan to cut a Trillion dollars in spending in one year. I may be wrong here, but I believe Ron Paul’s plan calls for 3 years to balance the budget, Rand
Paul’s plan calls for 5 years, the Connie Mac plan calls for about 9
years and the Paul Ryan plan takes 25 years or so and then it probably still won’t balance the budget.”
No, voting to raise the debt ceiling is just kicking the can down the road.  It matters not that others have no intention of being fiscally prudent; what matters is if Congress James Lankford is willing to be fiscally prudent and represent Oklahoma values.  It isn’t up to the citizens to find a trillion dollars in spending to cut; it is Lankford’s job to do that.   You can’t tell me that Lankford can’t find some spending that needs cut.
“I want a balanced budget and then to start paying off our national
debt as much as anyone. However, here is my challenge to those who
don’t want to raise the debt limit a penny under any circumstances.
Tell me how you intend to cut over 1 Trillion in federal spending,
most of which goes into our economy, without it having a devastating
effect upon our economy and the lives of literally millions of
citizens? If we were to immediately shut off more than a Trillion in
federal spending, many bureaucrats, will lose their jobs, which isn’t
a bad thing as long as there are other jobs to go to. Many private
sector jobs will dry up as large and small businesses will lose
government contracts. Also, many welfare recipients will lose their
benefits, which is a good thing as long as there are jobs for them to
go to. I don’t believe the theoreticians understand just how
interconnected we are with the deficient spending.
Charlie’s unbelievable defense of bureaucrats and worry about them not finding another job or worrying about government contractors and small business men losing work is so far from his usual spiel of privatizing and free markets that you can’t know Charlie without understanding the blatant hypocrisy.  And defending the continuation of welfare benefits because the freeloaders might not find a job?   Balderdash as Charlie would say!   Let me tell you one thing that is a fact;  it is dang hard to hire anyone these days and get them to show up for a 40 hour week.  There are tons of jobs out there, many that are filled by illegal aliens because Oklahomans refuse to work for a working man’s wage.
“Bottom line, many of us have become very proficient at being arm chair
theoreticians, big on ideas but woefully lacking on the realities of
having to govern. Then of course you have the political realities. If
the pain is too great, then those who started the responsible process
will be booted out of office and their replacements will not continue
the responsible process. There is no way out of our problems without
experiencing some pain. The longer we can spread out the pain, to a
point, the less it will hurt. The risk to this strategy is the
possibility that if spread out too long, then of course nothing will
ever really get done.”
Dear God!  What is this man smoking?  All of a sudden none of us have the right to judge Lankford because we are naïve, delusional, or ignorant?   Charlie comes right out and tells us to listen to our betters and advocates taking years to do anything about the overspending!
Charlie rambles on about free market and the root causes of our problems before he comes up with this howler:
“Then fourth, we have a problem with labor. Many of the welfare and
drug crowd aren’t fit to work. Many employers would not want them
around as they bring more attitude and work ethic problems with them
than they are worth. In addition, we have a huge problem with
organized labor. I would be against a law which prohibited labor from
organizing in the private sector, but I believe contracts should be
worked out between labor and management without government
Oh, so we have to continue to feed these lazy bums because of their attitude and work ethics?  How about trying the old “once they get hungry their attitude will change” trick?  And we have an organized labor problem in Oklahoma?  Or in the U.S.?  Union membership is in a nose dive as private companies move their production overseas when the union thugs get too greedy.  I used to belong to the Carpenters Union in Tulsa and let me tell you they had no problem working for non union wages when they were on strike.  They won’t let their family go hungry, they will put some illegal aliens out of work once they are forced to compete at the level that private business is willing to pay.  Pure free market at work.
“Being a congressman is exceedingly difficult if your intention is to
be a real leader and provide good government. The most amusing thing I hear is that a congressman is not representing, “we the people”. How can anyone say that when the “people” have a hundred different ideas.
Proper representation in a Republic is to govern according to the rule of law and the constitutional principles which establish such. That is made even more difficult when we have strayed far away from those  ideas and then we find it really hard to find a way back.”
O boy…  Charlie is amazed at our stupidity and ignorance of the difficulties of being a congressman and just has to laugh at the rubes for daring to suggest that Lankford isn’t representing Oklahoma properly.   He claims that we must follow Constitutional principles while not explaining how Lankford voting for the NDDA act which allows U.S. citizens to be detained without trial indefinitely.
This is why Right to Work and Campaign for Liberty training teaches activist leaders to maintain their distance from politicians.   Poor Charlie has sold out to Lankford for the price of Lankford showing up at an OCPAC meeting.  All principles are gone, he thinks that his members have suddenly become mostly ignorant and stupid for grumbling about Lankford’s voting record, and Charlie can’t see past the brown spot on his nose to recognize the hypocrisy in his words.  But this is why the politicians show up at OCPAC; they know that Charlie will defend them and insulate them from the consequences of their voting record.
We have seen it time and time again, Oklahoma conservative activist leaders selling out the power of their group for access to a damned politician.  Even a John Birch Society maven like Charlie will betray everything that his group stands for to preserve access to the same politicians that are ruining this country.
Oh, and Charlie told us that his membership would skyrocket to over 500 people after the video/cartoon on YouTube that attacked the two of us last month.  Well, his email admits that only 83 members have signed back up for this year, down from 243 from the previous year.   Are you listening Charlie?  That sound is the trampling of feet headed the other way.   Seems like Oklahoma conservatives just might not be the rubes that Charlie thinks we are.


2013 Senate members and House Members
Please copy the block of emails for your contact list so you are able to email all of them and help to inform and educate them before the new sessions begin. Use Bcc to send dozens of email with one email from you to them. This will look like you send each one of them a personal email with only their email showing as the recipient. Please mention the Sooner TeaParty in your emails so they will have a healthy respest for what we do. 
Here are the updated House members email addresses in three blocks of Thirty- four each and updated senate emal addresses in one block
Who is my state representative and my state Senator?   Click here to find out  
Here is the Senate Directory
Here is the House Directory
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Money is always needed for printing costs, postage, sign materials, and robo call costs.  We are tightfisted; we will spend your hard earned money wisely and frugally as we do our very best to clean up Oklahoma politicians so we can begin to clean up our country.
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