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JANUARY 2012 - Happy NEW YEAR!
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1) Your Community Update:
NEW 2012 Success FREEBIES!

2) Self-Healing Article: How to clear fears of change and what others think of YOU

3) Surrogate Healing Snippets for Kids & Critters: Video demo of surrogate FREED to clear rehomed horses' fears of not being safe - works for all animals and kids too!

Your Community Update
How did YOU welcome in the New Year? For the first time ever, I celebrated the entire holiday weekend with my 80 years young mom.

After living in Tucson, AZ since 1976, she moved 150 miles north to be near my sister and me. What a blessing for us! What COURAGE it took for her to leave her friends and familiar surroundings to start her new life in a 55+ senior community. Ain't NO stopping her now!
Do you have HUGE changes you'd like to make but somehow feel stuck?
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I've partnered again with hundreds of global motivational gurus to bring you more n.o.-c.o.s.t. self improvement gifts (ebooks, audios, videos, f.r.e.e sessions) than ever before during this limited time SIXTH annual event.
As we say here in the Old West, join the stampede and lasso up some goodies to GET UNSTUCK in the new year! Please say howdy when you see me in the virtual aisles with a chuck wagon of motivational gifts for my 2012 transformation!
Blessings to you in 2012 and beyond, my precious friends and truth seekers!
Q: I want to change by losing weight, at least 4 dress sizes this year. I am SO AFRAID my family will criticize me again due to my past failures to lose weight or keep it off. How do I get started?

A: It's simple: list your fears. Then clear them one by one until you couldn't care less what others think or say about you and your weight loss campaign.
Please know that you have NOT failed in the past; you've learned what does and does not work for you!

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My 80 years young Mom decided to leave an unhealthy 15 year relationship in 2011. Before she did that, we discussed her fears and cleared them. A big block keeping her stuck was her fear of what other folks would think of this huge life change.
If YOU have this fear, please know that:

- Most people are so focused on themselves and their own lives, they don't have time to continually judge us.

- We cannot control what people will think of us so why worry about anything we cannot control? Clear the fear!

- Our true blue friends and family will love and support us through our changes.

- Life is short and what others think of us is NONE of our business.

- Relationships are our teachers, providing valuable lessons in forgiveness and unconditional love. Is it time for YOU to graduate and start learning with a new instructor?
If you need guided assistance from a worldwide expert, please contact me: or use this form:
Specific to your weight loss campaign: clogged, painful emotions play a HUGE part in keeping us huge, overeating, or not exercising. Clear those emotions TODAY!
You can get my entire weight loss program, animal healing information, allergy relief program, and more via the $10 per month Silver Self-Healing Community membership!

Thanks and enjoy a FABULOUS 2012 of blessed changes!
for Kids and Critters
What is surrogate healing? Applying Emotional Release methods to yourself to help another. It works because we are all energetically connected.
Q: I volunteer at a horse rescue ranch that recently rescued several new horses. Two are still frightened, and were likely abused by previous owners. How do we calm them so they will trust humans and can be rehomed? 

A: All beings on this planet love to live in their comfort zone. When forced out of that zone, their energy systems may get clogged with fears of not being safe, leading to bad behavior or physical conditions.
This NEW 5 minute video demonstrates how to use surrogate FREED (touching the animal or at a distance) on a horse to release fears of not being safe.
You can use this info on humans or animals. Check it out - we all need to feel safer and healthier in the new year!
NEW Emotional Release for Animals ebook with SIX bonuses for our brilliant Healing Community's ongoing education.
I know that you're all in different financial situations, and clearing your emotions via private sessions may not be in your budget.  That's why various levels of my help are ALWAYS AVAILABLE to YOU.
Many kinds of proven self-healing and surrogate healing tools for people and pets can be yours and immediately downloaded
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Wishing you prosperity, peace, love, and successful healing results!
Colleen Flanagan, EFTCert-I & FREED Founder
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
"The Expert to Call When You're Overwhelmed by It ALL!"
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