Volume 7, Number 10                                                                                                  August 2015
From the Editor
On the Road

I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t take part in this year’s AANR Skinny-Dip.  It’s the first one I’ve missed, but the nearest participating location was a three-hour drive, and I felt certain my aging automobile would never be able to complete the journey. The poor vehicle should have been taken to the junkyard and put out of its misery years ago, but it would break my heart to see it crushed into scrap metal and tossed into a pile of decomposing Pontiacs and crumpled Toyotas. We’ve been through too much together.  We’re a pair.

Still, a three-hour road trip in this car is out of the question.  Drive it under forty-five, and it overheats, spilling antifreeze into the passenger floorboard, and filling the cabin with the noxious odor of wet carpeting and burning maple syrup.  Drive it over fifty-five, and the rattling of its aging frame becomes so violent that parts literally break loose and fly off.   The mismatched wheels wobble like those on a cartoon clown car.  Most people laugh, or stare in horror as they pass, but every now and then the driver of a windowless truck or a thirty-year-old subcompact with mismatched fenders and no hood will honk the horn and wave, and I feel a sense of solidarity with those determined drivers who are simply too stubborn to give up on their rusting jalopies.  

Hopefully, you have reliable transportation, because there are a number of exciting events coming up.


On August 14 -16,  Avalon Resort and Campground in West Virginia hosts the 18th annual Avalonfest, an outdoor music/arts/crafts festival.  It’s three days of music fun, food, vendors beginning Friday afternoon, rain or shine, around the outdoor stage. Ticket prices have been significantly reduced. A three-day ticket gives you access to the event venue plus access to all the amenities of Avalon Resort. A three-day ticket is $65 and includes free tent-camping. Member price for the 3-day ticket is $50.  Individual day tickets are also available. Price and performer information is on the web at www.avalon-resort.com or call (304) 947-5600 for lodging and camping information.

The Young Nudist Leaders Summit takes place August 28-30 at Turtle Lake Resort in Union City, Michigan.  The purpose of the Young Nudist Leaders Summit is to enlighten and engage young nudist leaders with knowledge of how AANR and other organizations may help stimulate growth, as well as encourage interaction amongst the groups/individuals in order to further our knowledge of how AANR and other organizations may be able to support their endeavors.

We’re all pretty excited about the AANR Nude Games, being held at clubs across the country the weekend of September 26 -27.  Many nudists appreciate the challenge of competing in volleyball, ping pong, archery or tennis tournaments. Some nudists enjoy competing in 5k runs, potato sack or canoe races. Other nudists may enjoy Darts, Mahjong, Bingo or Bridge tournaments.  Nudist chefs might compete in a BBQ or Chili Cook-off.  Each club will decide the activities they wish to promote during the games. Check with your favorite AANR Club to for more information

Remember to visit our events calendar and follow our Facebook page for a complete list of upcoming AANR-East events!  
News from the Eastern Region
Joining is Winning!

Any AANR member will tell you that belonging to AANR is a winning proposition: the community of new nudist friends you will make; the freedom of feeling the air on your skin while participating in fun activities at an AANR club or resort, at a nude beach, or a nonlanded club event; the way you will be accepted for who you are, not what you are wearing. Membership within the AANR community makes everyone a winner.

Just in time for summer, two cool ways to save whether you are joining for the first time or renewing or reinstating your membership.

New, Renewal or Reinstatement Memberships are automatically entered to win big prizes! (Click for details)

First time members receive Free Grounds Fees at Participating Resorts/Clubs! (Click for details)

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