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A Kris Steele Makeover using Misdemeanor Meth
A Train Wreck is coming
Imagine, One Meth Possession Arrest or One Hundred Meth Arrests
Carrying the same Misdemeanor Penalty
Yes the people voted last Tuesday but once the ad money has evaporated the media is now running stories showing the true effects of SQ 780 and 781 on state, county, and local budgets.
Both state questions were funded mostly by the New York based ACLU which pumped 3.6 million dollars into the total budget of approximately 4 million dollars.  Both measures were written and filed with the Secretary of State by Crowe & Dunlevy, an Oklahoma City law firm on the behalf of the ACLU.  Their ultimate intent is to break the back of the commercial bail bond system, start the path to full legalization of all drugs, to flood the county jails so as to force new jails to be built, and to enrich the lucrative non profit job market so those jobs can be made available to termed out legislators and the spouses/family members of sitting legislators.
Preventing the killing of the bail bond industry is a freedom and liberty issue as it attacks our 8th Amendment that guarantees reasonable bail for those suspected of committing a crime.  Once this kicks in Pretrial counselors will decide who might be a flight risk and thus who gets bail.  There are no provisions for running down those that get out on personal recognizance bonds therefore these government bureaucrats will be reluctant to release defendants. Huge numbers of felony and misdemeanor defendants will simply leave the state once released without a cash bond.  Worse, the shrinking of the bail bond market will drive the vast majority of the 600 registered bail bondsmen out of business, driving down the competition and driving up prices for bail bonds.  Ultimately no one will be able to get out on cash bond once the process is made unprofitable and the most risky defendants are all that is left.  Not unlike Obama Care, drive out the healthy and low risk customers with high prices, leaving the old and sick customers to cover their own costs.
Under our long running system of bail bonds a defendant has the opportunity to get out of jail by posting the entire cash bond set by the court or he (or usually the family) can hire a bail bondsman that guarantees the entire cash bond in return for a 10% fee.  Rarely do defendants post their own bail, they are in jail with no access to checkbooks or credit cards, their families generally co sign and post the 10%  bail fee.  If they run the co signer is on the hook so the families tend to keep close watch on their defendant and the defendant thinks twice before jumping bail.  The result is that bondsmen ensure that 99% of all defendants show up at their court hearings with zero cost to the taxpayers.   There are crimes where bond is not allowed to be posted and the bondsmen are heavily regulated by the State Insurance Department.
What will replace the commercial bail bonds is a system of “nonprofit” businesses such as former Speaker Kris Steele’s TEEM organization.  They seek to duplicate the Washington D.C. and federal system of no cash bail, relying upon a complicated calculation wrought using a series of 70 questions answered by the defendant, supposedly enabling the bureaucrat to determine who will run and who will show up for court for justice to be served.
How well does the federal system work?  64% of all federal defendants are not allowed out on bail, a percentage that would bankrupt most states and counties just from the pretrial incarceration costs. It also means the defendants are pressured to agree to plea deals, giving up their right to defend themselves in front of a jury of their peers to avoid personal bankruptcy, losing their jobs, homes, and families, due to sitting in a jail awaiting a trial where they are supposed to be presumed innocent until the jury says otherwise.
And the D.C. model?  The cost is over $60,000,000.00 per year, paid for by the federal government instead of the District of Columbia and local taxpayers.  The number of defendants is around 16,000 per year, leaving a cost per defendant of almost $4,000.00 per year.  Compare that to the approximately 9,000 felony defendants and 4,000 misdemeanor defendants in Oklahoma County alone and you are looking at approximately $23,000,000.00 tax payer dollars per year to run the program.  D.C. has over 350 District employees tracking and processing their 16,000 defendants.  Each year the D.C. no bail system has around 27% of the released defendants fail to appear at their court hearings.
 Under one plan by the supporters of SQ 781 there is a plan to charge  $80.00 per month fee per defendant if he is allowed to check in twice a month, double that if he is required to check in each week.   Do the math, between $80.00 and $160.00 per month,  $960.00 to $1920.00 per year from each defendant plus the cost of drug testing, anger management classes, and other fees.  This is more than most bail bond costs.
Worse, when one of these defendants fails to appear there is no one to chase them down.  A warrant is issued, maybe the person is caught and arrested, where they are released once more with zero personal financial cost.  No bail bond to pay, no lawyer to pay, no skin in the game at all.  New York City recently wrote off over a billion dollars in uncollected bail after spending two years and millions of dollars trying to chase the defendants down and recover the money.  Only 1.5 million was collected in two years, mainly because the criminal class was unemployed or employed off the books selling drugs or working for cash.
The argument against commercial bail bonds is that 70% of the defendants sitting in jail are there because they can’t afford to pay the 10% bail bond fee.  The reality is that of those that couldn’t pay a $2,000 or less bond fee there were 78% with three or more prior convictions and 60% with a prior felony convictions.  A study done at the Los Angeles County Jail showed that 88% of pretrial detainees sitting in jail for more than seven days had immigration holds, other pending criminal cases, or had already been sentenced on other charges.
Bail bonds started prior to the Magna Carta as a result of people spending years in jail awaiting trial.  Bail ensured that a defendant didn’t lose house, home, business, and family before they were found guilty of a crime.  The bonds initially were promises by individuals to pay the bots or fees if the person were to run away and be found guilty and responsible for a crime.  That evolved into a system of professional bondsmen guaranteeing the defendant appearing in court and chasing down the few that refused to honor their word.  For centuries the bail bond system has worked for society.   
The argument against bail bonds is that the poor and minority defendants are most likely to sit in jail.  Well, if you don’t have a job, savings, friends and family that trust you enough to raise your bail….your butt is going to sit in jail and you are probably a flight risk to boot.
Last year a similar bail reform system was passed in New Jersey with pilot programs testing the changes in four counties prior to the entire state going to a no bail system on January 1st 2017.  What those counties quickly realized was that it was going to take millions of dollars to implement so they doubled court fees, something that Oklahoma just did in the legislature last year to fund other needs.  The legislature quickly heard from their local sheriffs and county officials that a huge mistake had been made and that it needed unwound.
SQ 780 and 781 were like a lot of the state questions on the ballot.  They didn’t belong there, they were there to bypass the legislature where reasoned arguments would have been heard by informed legislators and the unintended consequences revealed.  SQ 780’s ballot title was one paragraph; the actual law changes are 138 pages long. Unlike proposed legislation the changes are not marked with strike through and underlined text, you have to go looking for the Easter eggs buried in the law changes by comparing the 138 page official file to the existing statutes.
An example is Title 63, 2-402 where the state question amends not only the prison and fine provisions, it also guts the provisions where second and third convictions allow gradually increased penalties.  It also repeals the felony conviction for selling or possessing drugs within 1000 feet of a school or park or if you are caught with drugs in the presence of a child.  It adds a provision where $100 is paid to a trama care fee to support the medical flight and ambulance systems.
Title 21 1713 has the misdemeanor time in jail cut from one year to six months
Title 21 1731 has the shoplifting penalty weakened.  Previously a second offense was treated twice as harshly, now first and second offense carry the same penalty.  
Title 21 51.3 that covered automatic felonies for second conviction petty larceny was completely repealed.
The rest of the changes changed the felony amount from $500 to $1000 along with cutting the penalties in half in many cases.
The state Attorney General warned of the misleading ballot title along with the warning that selling drugs within 1000 feet of a school or using drugs like meth in the presence of a child and that the ratcheting effect on second and subsequent convictions were gutted from the statutes.  He also warned that the 100th arrest and conviction for meth had no more penalty than the first conviction for meth possession.  However the Oklahoma Supreme Court denied his attempts to add those items to the ballot and denied his second appeal for a re hearing.
SQ 780 is bad for the state because it will increase drug sales near or on schools and playgrounds, doesn’t ratchet up sentences and fines for subsequent arrests and convictions and doesn’t punish people who use or sell drugs with kids around.  It transfers thousands of felonies into misdemeanors and that will fill the county jails without providing the funding being shifted from state prisons to county jails.
However, SQ 781 is even worse.  It mandates the state to calculate or estimate the “savings” from diverting inmates from the state prison system and deposit those “savings” into a fund that will be shared with drug abuse programs, post conviction rehabilitation programs, and mental health programs.  Note that there is no mention of the costs of incarcerating the convicted person in the county jail.  The new statutes do not say where this “saved” money will come from therefore it must come from the General Fund that pays for all the other state services and needs.
SQ 781 is actually quite vague as it simply creates a new statute under Title 57 section 631 that creates a new revolving fund and earmarks the funds deposited to community rehabilitative services.  Then another section labeled 632 tells the state to calculate the savings from diverting inmates from state prison into the county jails by using estimates or best available data and the new section 633 directs the state to deposit those funds into the new revolving fund.
Regardless SQ 781 was a raid on the state budget to send millions of dollars to the counties while forcing the state to slash other services and programs or raise taxes.  How many millions of dollars? 
According to the OSBI there were over 109,500 felony arrests last year so if you take the Washington D.C. rate of $63,000,000.00 to handle 16,000 defendants you have around $431,000,000.00 in new money needed to pay for the Pretrial, substance abuse, rehabilitative services, and mental health programs.  One figure bandied about but Kris Steele is a “savings” of $19,000.00 per state prisoner diverted to County jails or $52.00 per day.   Yet state figures say about $13,600 per year for a minimum security prisoner or $37.00 per day, compared to the $32.00 that Oklahoma County Jail contracted with the state for excess prisoners.
Another byproduct of the change from felony to misdemeanor will be the unwillingness of commercial bondsmen to write small misdemeanor bonds. One would think that the quantity of bonds needing written would make up for the smaller bond fee but it turns out that misdemeanor bonds are far, far, more likely to be defaulted due to economics and Oklahoma law. First, even if a bond enforcer can see the wanted criminal standing inside the home they are prevented from kicking in the door and arresting the bail jumper.  Second, if the bail jumper flees to another county the cost of finding and transporting him back to jail is more than the bond forfeited by the bail bondsman. 
Then misdemeanors are not extraditable.   An example would be a criminal accused of assault of a police officer that flees to Texas.  A bondsman would be unable to bring that person back across the state line or even if he was found and a Texas bondsman was hired to capture the fleeing criminal the Texas bondsman wouldn’t be able to bring the wanted criminal across the state line.
Then take a $2,000 bond that pays a bond fee of 10%, it would cost more than $200 to hire a local bail enforcer to track down a bail jumper and if they criminal was found halfway across the state the transport costs of $1.00 per mile would prohibit going after the escaped criminal.
What will happen once these changes become law is that even more detainees will sit behind bars at the County Jail from the lack of commercial bondsmen willing to write a bail bond and the reluctance of family to post the cash bonds.
However, all of this is designed into the ACLU/Kris Steele plan.  The point isn’t to lower the cost of crime as much as it is to kill off commercial bail bonds and fill the coffers of nonprofits that provide Pretrial services and rehabilitative services.  Once the jails begin filling to overcapacity there will be a cry to eliminate cash bonds as even more prisoners are unable to make bond, creating automatic personal recognizance bonds for the majority of misdemeanor and felony criminals.
SQ777 Defeated by Lying
There is no nicer way to put it.  The Right to Farm law was defeated by out of state environmental activists and animal rights activists spending a lot of money.  Nearly a million dollars were raised by two dark money groups that don’t have to disclose their donors and that money was spent on advertising that claimed that farmers and ranchers could poison the land and air with no accountability despite the fact that all existing law remained in place.
SQ 777 was another state question that should have never been sent to a vote of the people because frankly it wasn’t necessary other than to make it harder to repeal.  Over 92% of the House voted for the state question and 86% of the Senate voted to put the measure on the ballot.
SQ790 Defeated
A lot of conservatives were upset over the defeat of the repeal of the Blain Amendment, SQ 790.   But really it was a bridge too far.  
Oklahomans and Americans in general are a religious people but we also understand the significance of keeping the state out of religion and religion out of politics.  We are against the Taliban and the American Taliban, while being tolerant of most all religions, the only exception is the ideology of the Muslim “faith” which is more a system of conquest and government than a religion.
Oklahomans voted resoundingly to keep Church and state apart.  It wasn’t about the potential for having a satanic monument on the Capitol grounds, it was plain common sense.
Bennett Wins Re Election
Sequoyah County was one of the House Districts that we ran a magazine into, over ten thousand magazines, so every home and business for the most part received a 24 page Oklahoma Guardian.  
The magazine  caused quite a stir after publicizing a covered up wreck that allegedly killed a young woman.  The car was owned by the grandmother of the Sallisaw Mayor at the time, a man by the name of Shannon Vann and Vann’s brother was in the car at the time of the wreck along with three others according to the OHP wreck report.
However the local paper covered up the story due to the brother of the Mayor being involved, a brother that had a long, long rap sheet including DUI, driving under the influence of drugs, so they guy shouldn’t have been near a car much less in possession of grandma’s car.   A young woman named Desiree was driving and how many people drive someone else’s grandmother’s car?  The reality was most likely that Shannon Vann, also an insurance agent, was unable to get insurance on a car used by his brother so they put the car and insurance in grandma’s name.
After the 10,000 magazines were delivered the county erupted over the corruption uncovered with people screaming for justice.   There was more than an alleged death that has yet to be proven; two of the four people that were in the car had been found dead in the last few months.  One floating in the river with a stab wound and the woman driver of the car dropped dead after walking into a friend’s house.  Both were 27 years old, highly unlikely to be murdered or drop dead at that age.   The woman driver had sent texts warning family that if she died it was not a suicide but that she was murdered and a named suspect that was said to have stomped her until she couldn’t breathe has not been questioned by the police.
And it gets weirder.  Turned out there was a fifth person in the car, unreported by OHP or unknown to OHP.   Another young man that the driver had just picked up from an area nursing home where the guy lived due to a disability.    And where is that young man now?  Dead….
Three out of five of the occupants in the car are now dead.   The young man found floating in the Arkansas River had taken money from being in the wreck but it is unknown who aid the money but one can assume it was the owner of the car.   The young woman driver had rejected a settlement, calling it “blood money”.
Family members brought up the possibility that the missing dead girl allegations that started our investigation of the wreck might not have been in the car.  She could have been walking down the road or in a second car.   We do know that the driver was on the phone with a family member when the wreck occurred.
The Monday after the magazine was delivered we were told that the publisher of the local Sequoyah County Times, a family owned newspaper that was pressured to support the Democratic challenger in the House race, walked into his office that Monday morning and slammed down a copy of our magazine.   He yelled at his employees that he was certain that they had written a story about the wreck and ordered them to find the proof but despite their motivation they couldn’t find a single word written about the wreck.  And a small town paper is always desperate for copy.  Someone visiting their grandma will make the paper, much less a wreck that sends four people to the hospital in serious condition.
Approximately 50,000 Oklahoma citizens received the October issue of the Oklahoma Guardian.  With the corrupt media in control of news and in control of the narrative it is crucial that we keep the magazine going out every month, hitting new districts, and spreading the truth about Oklahoma politics.  If you are not involved or not donating we really need you to do one or both.  For less than 5 cents per citizen we can reach anywhere in the state and do a lot of good.
Tulsa Area Republican Assembly
Tara Meeting at Tuesday, 6 to 8 pm, Golden Corral Restaurant, 9711 E 71st St S, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133
Senator Nathan Dahm Will present the preview to the 2017 State Legislative Session, and the key issues which the legislature is faced with. He will likely field questions from the guests.

Former State Rep. Mike Turner will discuss the Trump Victory Reort. How the GOP won state victories in blue states and in demographics where past nominees have failed.

Doors open at 6pm for dinner (dutch treat).   No charge if you just come for the meeting without the meal.   The program starts with preliminaries at 6:45, and the main speaker starts at 7pm.
We formally adjourn at 8pm, but stay & visit as you like.
Whetsel the Weasel Re Elected
but on the Way Down!
Misappropriation of Government Funds
is a Felony in Oklahoma
Last Wednesday we attended the Oklahoma County Commissioners Meeting where the future of Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel was on the agenda.   The decision to consider dealing with the corrupt sheriff had been delayed since the previous week, no doubt to prevent Whetsel from losing the election.
The chairs were full of deputy sheriffs, leaving little room for the other reporters, activists, and citizens that showed up to watch the show. 
Whetsel pleaded for his job, claiming his daughter called asking if he was “okay”, doing everything he could to hide the simple fact that the State Auditor had found ample evidence of wrong doing on multiple issues.   The misappropriation of government funds from an intended purpose to another is felony embezzlement.   Then there were all the instances of breaking state law on a host of other issues.  Then the $28,000 to Whetsel’s trust fund,  paid for a worn out car with 81,000 miles on the odometer while brand new cars were being bought for thousands of dollars less.
Despite that Sheriff Whetsel received around 1.8% more votes and he won his re election.  Why?  For two reasons one of which we will cover in stories below, the treachery of GOP State Chairman Pam Pollard and the treachery of Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A) Tim Gillespie and Don Spencer.  Pollard’s act was the most damaging for sure and there was a reasonable purpose for doing so if you have no honor and no integrity.
What happens next to Whetsel?    The County Commissioners voted to have Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater open an investigation into the Whetsel scandal.  Prater told the commissioners that a county Grand Jury would be costly and would take some time to set up while the State Multi County Grand Jury would be re convening in January.  His investigation will take two to six months to properly document and evidence the corruption and embezzlement as a criminal burden of proof is much higher than what the State Auditor needed to show the criminal conduct.  There the simple facts are enough to show cause for removal from office but a criminal case has to be solid and airtight to prevent weaseling out by Whetsel.
Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt could order the OSBI to investigate to speed things up but when they did that to Prater after the Sooner Tea Party articles in October of 2012 it still took till January before the Grand Jury picked up the case.
The law states that if Whetsel survives in office over 2.5 years into his term a replacement can be appointed but if he goes to trial and is found guilty in less than that time a special election must be held.  As soon as Whetsel is indicted expect the County Commissioners to suspend him from office, probably with pay, until he is convicted, a hung jury occurs, or he is vindicated.  Juries and voters can be damned stupid at times so expect anything but according to the State Audit Whetsel the Weasel is almost certainly guilty of embezzlement.
Even with the rioting by the millennials, likely upset at not getting a participation trophy in the election, the majority of Americans had broad smiles on their faces on Wednesday morning.   What fun it was to read the liberal media explaining the almost certain disembowelment of the Republican Party having turned into a liberal Democrat rout. 
Barrack Hussein Obama was supposed to ensure his legacy and Obama Care with the election of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Instead they got the certain unraveling  of Obama’s legacy and executive orders.   Obama we were told was a transformational president that would leave a mark on the country and put Hillary into the third term of his presidency but  by 11 pm on Tuesday night there were few smiles on the faces of the Clintonistas as reality set in when Florida went to Trump.
The Democratic Party has disintegrated beginning in 2010 when the GOP took the House in the largest seat pick up since 1948 and picked up six seats in the Senate.  In 2014 another 13 House seats and they also seized the Senate.  They also lost over 900 state legislative seats in that same time frame in what was thought to be midterm effect.
But on Tuesday the GOP whipped Democrat butt big time, maintaining the House and Senate, capturing the Presidency and picking up around two thirds of the state governors and state legislative bodies.  All caused by Obama’s leftist policies that have been rammed down the throats of Americans despite all opposition. 
His executive orders and overreached and unwillingness to cooperate with the Republicans caused his political capital to burn to a crisp.
Magnifying all of this was the choice of Hillary Clinton, and old corrupt woman with a boat anchor of a husband hanging on for relevance, while the Democratic Party alienated the Bernie Sanders supporters, causing the minorities, millennials, and the college educated to lose enthusiasm and hope till they just stayed home or switched to protest votes for third party candidates.
Oh they are crying and screaming and rioting aplenty.   They are petitioning the Electoral College and pillaring anyone that might have had a hand in their demise, but the reality is that Obama’s actions alienated enough of his supporters and Trump energized those GOP voters that stayed home in 2012 due to Romney being so liberal.  But Trump has won and is going to pull the country back from the brink of insolvency and chaos.   With enough help political correctness will be driven down into the sewer it emerged from and the RINOs will have enough pressure on them to support real change in the government.   That will bleed into state government too as the RINOs see that conservatism resonates with the voters.
State GOP Chairman Pam Pollard Leaks Letter to Sabotage
Republican Oklahoma County Sheriff Candidate
Two weeks ago  Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Pam Pollard leaked a confidential letter to the McCarville Report in an effort to damage Oklahoma County Sheriff candidate Mike Christian.  Pollard is from the Midwest City area and wanted the Midwest City police chief to run for the slot but Brandon Clabes was too timid to take on Mike Christian in the primary.  Pollard is part of a small political mafia organized in the Midwest City/Del City area, composed of both Democrat and Republican party leaders and activists.
Basically it was a set up.  Pollard authorized and okayed the use of Mike Christian’s mailers during a Central Committee meeting with witnesses verifying the same.  Then a few days later Pollard received a few phone calls from congressional staffers upset about the photos chosen for the mailers.
Pollard then berates campaign manager Senator Ralph Shorty in an email that had three recipients:  Pollard, the GOP attorney, and Senator Ralph Shorty.   Hours later, the email is leaked to the McCarville Report, an online blog ran by RINOs that is the mouthpiece for the State Chamber of Commerce.
One legislator said that Pollard “had an axe to grind with Ralph and she made Mike Christian the target in her pettiness.”
One Central Committee member was quoted on the meeting where Pollard authorized the Mike Christian mailer:  “Party rules allow their likenesses to be used by a party authorized mailer since they are on the ballot”.   The Christian campaign mailer was authorized by the GOP Central Committee and Pam Pollard but paid for by the Christian campaign.  Elected GOP officials that are not on the ballot will not have their images used for other GOP candidates.
Of the three parties privy to the email only Pam Pollard would have leaked the email.  The attorney was bound by client/attorney privilege; Senator Shortey wouldn’t have leaked an email that would damage his candidate, leaving only Chairman Pam Pollard as the only possible leak.  Again her motivation would be to have Brandon Clabes, a fellow RINO Republican/Democrat as the County Sheriff.  Clabes however has his eye on the Edmond PD chief slot as it pays much better.  Clabes would take a $40,000 pay cut to be sheriff and he has a very ill daughter that requires a lot of medical expenses.  Clabes has always been an apologist for Whetesl, being a drinking buddy back at the Old Germany restaurant out on SE 29th street in Choctaw.
Pollard knows she is way in over her head as State Chairman and is incapable of raising money for the GOP.  People simply don’t like or respect her and Pollard is quite jealous that some of her staffers have better rapport with legislators.
Meanwhile House and Senate leaders are livid at what they see as a willful betrayal by the Party Chairman and concerned about Pollards links to democrat operatives.  One legislator said that Pollard is personally considered non grata with a number of legislative leaders both RINO and conservative.  One Western Oklahoma state rep said “Well, she is a liability and has no political skills.  Why the hell would I let her in if she does that to a Republican even if by accident?   No excuse, its Trump vs. establishment.”
There is another element behind this vicious betrayal of Oklahoma Republican Chairman Pam Pollard…Denise Northrup, the outgoing Fallin Chief of Staff.  Northrup was upset with Rep. Mike Christian over his investigation and publication of State Troopers lobbying while on duty, an ethical violation.
Reliable sources are saying that GOP Chairman Pollard will have no choice but to turn off the lights on December 1st if a donor doesn’t come forward to shore up Party bank balances.  We were told that the Oklahoma Republican Party is down to around $10,000.00 in the bank with more than that being spent each month on overhead.
Pollard needs to be removed as GOP Chairman for sabotaging the Oklahoma County Sheriff Republican candidate.  We held the story for a week as the Oklahoman was itching to take another swipe at former Rep. Mike Christian and outing the sabotage would have allowed them to write another story slamming Christian and endorsing Whetsel.   Pollard has told legislators that she would step down if they didn’t support her and it is certainly time to remove her from office if only for incompetency in raising money.  The treachery against Mike Christian is just all the more reason she needs to go.  This is what happens when you elect people of low character and low integrity to office. 
How different things would be had former Senator Randy Brogdon received support instead of being backstabbed by Pollard and Estella Hernandez.  The shame is on the GOP members and activists for not demanding the infighting stop and cleaning out the instigators.
A Will to Win that Destroyed a Company
By the Watchman
There is nothing like last minute distractions right before an election. It seems that may be what we have going on here. In this article we must ask a simple question. Why in the world would a partner in a business described as a “rising star” risk it all by cheating? Why would they risk throwing their career, reputation and life away just to get a political office? This individual and his firm have brought even more dishonor to our state and to the political process we have so many that have fought and died for. Their actions are just plain disgraceful.
The company we are talking about is AH Strategies. We began our research by going to their web site here Who We Are | AH Strategies. This is a list of the partners in the firm. The founder, Fount Holland, is the individual we are most interested in. He started this company in his home in 1997. He did show some initiative.
What brought our attention to Mr. Holland was this High-profile losses, criminal investigation hit powerful Oklahoma political consulting firm A.H. Strategies | News OK. This raises serious doubt about the firm and the individual client that was also charged in this case. What makes matters worse is the candidate implicated happens to be the State Superintendent of Public Education. What kind of an example is this setting for our children?
This brings up the question of how many others has he done this for? We found this list of candidates on his web site Candidates | AH Strategies. Have there been any improprieties with any of these other candidates? We don’t know. We do feel that the Oklahoma Ethics Commission should do a review of these candidates for any misdeeds that may have been done.
The next part of their web site was this Why We Do It | AH Strategies. We find it difficult to belief that they can claim “Our clients deserve the best we have to offer, because they are positively impacting our nation’s future.” We feel they might want to modify that statement since the founder of the company is currently facing felony charges for cheating. Somehow we don’t feel that’s the best they had to offer. In fact all it did was add another layer of corruption to the most corrupt state in the union.
The next article in their web site disclosed another company owned by Mr. Holland called Majority Designs. How they are working the operation is explained here What We Do | AH Strategies. This is where the actual work gets done. Now Majority Designs is an award winning company. It’s been recognized throughout the country. We can’t help but wonder what will happen to the firm now.
This is the campaign that has gotten the politician and AH Strategies into so much trouble Oklahoma state schools Superintendent Joy Hofmeister charged with campaign violations, conspiracy | News OK. These are just two of the five people charged with these felony counts of campaign fundraising violations and conspiracy. We here don’t believe that is the example we want to be set for our children and grandchildren. At this point in time we must consider them innocent until proven guilty however Superintendent Hofmeister you are doing the student of this state a dishonor by remaining in your position until this matter is resolved. Mr. Holland you should sell your interest in the two companies and use it for your defense attorney. You should have nothing to do with politics until this matter is resolved.
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma State Superintendent pleads not guilty to campaign finance violations, conspiracy | This was to be expected. We also knew she would fight the charges against her. It is our opinion that she is just working to see what kind of deal she can get from the District Attorney.
We also found this article Outside groups blame AH Strategies, Fount Holland for Shannon's loss . This article blames AH Strategies for T.W. Shannon’s loss in his bid for the open Senate seat two years ago. This clearly shows that they have had some high profile lose.
In closing all we can do is recommend that the politicians in this state put some distance between themselves and AH Strategies. The other partners there would be wise to suspend or even buy out Mr. Holland’s shares in the companies. That is the only way you can survive as a firm. We will be tracking this story as it progresses through the court system.