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In This Issue:
The decoratin' is startin' and we're gearin' up for a grand hoolie like no other!  'Cause 'tis a Friday this year, which means ya got two days to recover before Monday.
But first - a wee bit o' trivia...
Did ya know:  Four leaf clovers aren't Irish at all.  The Irish symbol of a three-leafed shamrock goes back to St. Paddy hisself when he was teachin' about the Holy Trinity and used the leaves to explain the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost as three parts of one whole.
Did ya further know: March 17th marks the day our dear St. Paddy died, in 461 AD
Did ya even further know:  The first St. Paddy's Day parade occurred in 1737 in Boston, MA -- there's a lotta Irish folk there, for sure!  Today, about 39% of Americans say they celebrate the day.  'N while that's about 122 million folks, it makes ya wonder what's wrong with the other 61%
Finally, I betcha didn't know: Paddy O'Quigley's is celebratin' our 27th St. Paddy's day...having been originally founded September 17, 1990 (exactly 6 months prior to St. Paddy's 1991)
So - What' "On Tap" for Friday, March 17:
  • Our famous St. Paddy Breakfast will kick off at 9AM featuring a standard plate of Green Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Cottage Fries, and a biscuit for $8.99 or $5.99 for the wee li'l ones
  • Our special St. Paddy's Day Menu will start at 11AM featurin' traditional Irish fare alongside American Pub favorites to keep ya goin' all day
  • The Corned Beef 'n Cabbage dinner will headline the menu on St. Paddy's and is available all week long startin' Monday March 13.
  • Wanna watch some basketball?  No worries, we'll have March Madness on all our TVs -- especially when our local boys are playin'
  • Speakin' of playin' -- the music will be goin' all afternoon and into the night with DJ Lolly providin' the sounds again for us this year
  • His only break will come when the Bagpipers are here - to be followed up by some Irish Dancers 
  • Drinks?  For Sure!  The inside bar and the patio bar will be goin' full throttle to keep everyone's whistle appropriately wetted
  • That, of course, includes Green Beer, Judy's famous recipe Jell-O Shots, 'n a whole lot more
  • Just be sure to enter our drawing for prizes and hang out all day for giveaways from our beer and alcohol vendors
  • Prizes to be given away include Golf at Ironhorse (good neighbors, they are), a Party O'Quigley certificate for a future rip-roarin' kind o' time, a Makers Mark adirondack-style chair, Apparel and more -- some of which we're still gettin' in!
  • By the way, T-Shirts are already ready so come 'n get yours.
We did some refreshin' and some updatin' of our daily specials with some great new deals and themed days o' the week that your sure to like.  Check out more on our website, but here is a quick glance at what we've got for you any day o' the week.
Mondays are BURGER DAYS - all day, burgers and chicken breast sammiches are $4 off
Which goes well with our drink specials:  $2.25 wells and domestic bottles
Tuesdays are Better than Taco Tuesdays - what's better than Taco Tuesday?  How 'bout $3 off all Nachos and Quesadillas?  That includes Taco Yo Nachos, Pulled Pork Nachos, Caribbean Berry Q'Dilla, and the SpinArt Q'Dilla.
What else could the drink special be but $3 Cervezas - Dos Equis, Corona, and Corona Light bottles...and...$3.50 house Margaritas
Wednesdays are Irish Pub Nights with our famous Irish fare - Shepherds' Pie, Reuben, and Fish 'n Chips - all $3 off all day
Wash that one down with $5 Jameson, $5 Bushmills, and $4 import pints of Guinness, Harp, and Smithwick's
Thursdays brings us back to BURGER DAY - for lunch only, they're $4 off again.  But for dinner, we take off $4 from our main entrees:  Smokehouse Chicken, Paddy's Pork Chop, Salmon Fillet, and Country Fried Steak.
To go with that - wine and martini specials.  Wines are all $2 off by the glass and martinis are half off
Fridays, can it get better?  Yep!  Lunch sized Fish 'n Chips are $7.99 like always but for dinner we've added a Paddy's BBO'Q Platter o' the Week - price varies dependin' on what we've had on the smoker!
Paired up with $3 Boulevard Pints of Wheat, Pale Ale, and a Seasonal brew, it's a tough one to miss...especially when we also offer $5 GinJas
Saturdays means all day 8 for $6.99 Jumbo Wings and a return of the Paddy's BBO'Q Platter o' the Week for Dinner.
For quenchibles, consider $3.50 Bloody Marys, $2 PBR Tallboys, and $3 KC Pils bottles
Which brings us to Sunday featuring the same 8 for $6.99 Jumbo Wing special all day along with $2 off all our slider trios.
To drink - well, it is Sunday Fun-day, so to keep the fun goin' we bring back $3.50 Bloodys, along with $4 Mimosas
Somethin' good for every day o' the week - so we'll see ya then?
~~~~~  Final Words for Family 'n Friends ~~~~~
Beannachtam na Feile Padraig!
(Happy St. Paddy's Day!)
Paddy O'Quigley's