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Issue #205                                                                                                    Mid-September 2021
So... this newsletter is a tad early this month because we are actually leaving town for a vacation next week (for the very 1st time since May of 2019!) AMAZING!!! 
Looking back, this has been a very hard 2 years for us and for so many more reasons that just the pandemic, although it HAS been a major factor. So I think getting away for a while could be VERY good medicine! And speaking of which... I better get in gear and get packing! 
The website will still be open if there's stuff you need though! My able assistant will be keeping things moving as usual while I'm gone. 
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September 2021 "Eye Candy"
It’s time for your monthly treat for the eyes & I really LOVE this month's selection of bags.
ALL of the bags pictured below have been shared recently on
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic)
Jeanette Jay seems to specialize in gorgeous Side Slingers! She surely makes some of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen posted! 

Nita Wilson found this fabulous western fabric on a trip to Clovis, NM
and has certainly found the perfect vehicle on which to show it off. Her Flaptastic is      ah-mazing!
This is Pat Kroesch‘s 2nd Gateway Bag. She says she’s really enjoyed the size of this bag & all of the storage areas. This particular sample is adorable and it’s destined to be her granddaughter’s!

This HipBag Hybrid was created by request from one of Nancy Rosa‘s family members who simply asked that Nancy choose something colorful from her stash! 
And I’d have to say that M Whitlock is definitely ready for her vacation. She said her husband found this fabric on his own for this Quattro/Sling Along duo, and is incredibly proud of himself for doing so!

Jodie Dennhardt used Irish tweed (purchased on a trip to Ireland) for the front pouch of her Sling Along & combined it with some waxed cotton she had on hand for a very unique look! 
So since this was her 1st attempt at an Everyday Attache, Nancy Rosa said she used leftover fabrics, but she’s so pleased with the result that she’ll soon be making another for a friend! I think its simply breathtaking!
And here’s the 2nd Gateway that Pat Kroesch created and this one is destined for her  granddaughter. I’m thinking she should be achieving “rock star” status with her, right?
So if you guessed that Edgar Allen Poe is Heidi Munk‘s favorite author, you’d be right & now everyone else will know it too! She says she’s “squealing with delight” over her new Bangle Buddie and might never put it down!  
And last but not least, here’s another fantastic Everyday Attache created by Nancy Rosa. This time her customer
chose the large print exterior and opted for Nancy to choose the coordinates. Sounds like a winning combination to me!  
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic) 
Some Good Reading!
And... here's an "Oldie but Goodie" from our "Archives" you may enjoy!
8/19/09- Listmania - So which side of thr fence are YOU on?
For your Viewing Pleasure- Man vs. Goose
Having been on the receiving end of a goose encounter in the past I now know to always give a Canadian goose a WIDE berth and Im thinking this man will follow suit in the future! Hee hee!!! Click HERE for a good laugh!
So.... so many of you have been asking for this...
           We created "a back pack option" for               our Sling Along pattern!
Yep! Now you can create a convertible strap that will allow you to carry our Sling Along design as BOTH a one-armed sling bag AND as a true backpack!  Please note that this pattern is available seperately & is intended to be used as an add-on option alongside & in conjunction with our Sling Along bag pattern. Listed below are some links for your convenience!
As Funny As Real Life-
Click image or HERE for a larger view
The excitement of getting a new phone is often tempered by nagging regret. Ashamed of yourself? Don’t be. There’s no need to stick the old phone into a drawer or use it as a doorstop or furniture shim. There are lots of ways you can put your older phone to work. {Click HERE to read more.}

Wanna Duplicate This Look?- Now Available: a Gustav Fabric Kit
So... if there's been one constant during the entire pandemic, its been that fabric deliveries from our supplliers has been annoyingly SLOW! But at long last the Gustav fabrics we used to create the Elsie K Baglet Look (at left) is in stock and ready for purchase. 
For more info just go HERE, and FYI, I think this fabric combo would also look incredible on a Sling ALong or a Gemini Flightbag. Please note: the zipper is not included in this kit, but can be purchased HERE to complete this look.

Cats in the News- A DIY Cat Toy
Looking for a fun DIY cat toy project? This cute wand toy is colorful and really easy to make — and it’s perfect for crafters who always have lots of extra ribbon and fabric trims lying around!
Click HERE for supplies & instructions.
Cat Picture of the Month-
Thanks to alert reader Sharon McKinney for sending us                              this cute meme. Click image or HERE for a larger view
Here's Our Upcoming Show Schedule (we hope!):
International Fall Quilt Market 2021- Oct 23-25, 2021 - Houston, TX  
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- Oct 28-31, 2021 - Houston, TX
International Sewing Arts Festival - Jan 13-15, 2022 - Ontario, CA
  Road to California 2022 - Jan 19-22, 2022  - Ontario, CA
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AQS Quiltweek Paducah 2022 - April 27-30, 2022 - Paducah KY 

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