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Rep Shumate married





Whetsel Forced to Return Campaign Donations from Criminals


Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel was forced by public opinion to return thousands of dollars in campaign donations to indicted gambler Teddy Mitchell.   Here is one of the best stories on the  controversy.


Read the comments at the bottom of this article, they raise some very important questions about how a county sheriff wouldn’t know how a major gambler earned his living.  Other comments reflect other organized crime figures like Pody Poe, a well known golfer and gambler.


 Indeed this Oklahoman story quotes an Oklahoma City police chief as saying:

“It's common knowledge now that he was involved in bookmaking and things like that,”


And here is an interesting comment on the Julie Mitchell murder story: 

There's a lot more to this story that will never come out in my opinion. Teddy Mitchell was Poddy Poes right hand man for a long time. I have been to the house in Nichols Hills that PP owned before it got busted-- it looked like a small casino. The Nichols Hills police had to know what was going on but did nothing then something changed. My guess is there was some money changing hands. The bust did not stop them they just moved locations. There has to be a trail of of activity that will never be found.”

In the Oklahoman story, Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel said that he had a policy of returning donations to those arrested in crimes.  Next week we will begin investigating those on his donor list to see how many of them have been arrested on criminal complaints and publishing the information.



Incoming Speaker Denied Information

Outgoing Speaker Kris Steele Said to be “Starving” TW Shannon of Information Needed to Successfully Transition to Speaker


We are tracking another scandal on outgoing Speaker Kris Steele where Steele is reported to be “starving” the incoming speaker designate of the information needed to make a successful transition between the two sessions.    Speaker Steele’s handpicked successor  lost the Speaker Designate race back in October of 2011 and one would have thought the hard feelings would have been set aside to enable the incoming speaker to learn the ropes and to prepare for a smooth, safe transition.

That turns out not to be the case as inside Capitol sources are saying that incoming Speaker TW Shannon is being kept in the dark on House budget matters and as of this moment Speaker Steel has not met with Shannon.

Various possible reasons have been proposed, the possibility that the sharing of House financial records might well show an unhealthy connection between Steele’s spending with former Governor Brad Henry’s partner for legal work related to defending Speaker Steele on various matters or the amount of money spent re hiring the former parliamentarian that had quit the Steele administration in late 2011, allegedly to protect his reputation after becoming uncomfortable with the rulings that House leadership were demanding on parliamentarian decisions in the House Chamber.

The actual final election for the 2013 Speakership will be held in January but unless conservative Republicans and Republicans in general take a whipping at the November 6th election it is expected that the TW Shannon coalition will hold.   But the situation at the House is becoming critical enough that an unusual meeting has been set for November 8th, two days after Speaker Steele is forced out of office, meaning that there will be no Speaker of the House until the January election.

Reports are coming in blaming RINO Republican House member David Dank for pulling strings to prevent the incoming speaker from gaining access to the records or budget numbers.   Not doubt something interesting is going to come out of all of this and we will be reporting our findings.  Regardless of the fact that this should come as no surprise given the disaster of an administration that Kris Steele ran, it is completely shameless that Steele would put the state of Oklahoma through such a risk.  The annual legislature costs millions of dollars and money shouldn’t be wasted because a sore loser can’t act like an adult.   No doubt there is some serious financial shenanigans going on or this wouldn’t have occurred.






Corruption at the Courthouse
 Part 2
Leonard Sullivan, Is He Using His Position
to Take Advantage of the Elderly?
The court house gang at the Oklahoma County Court house is in violation of several rules of the Republican Party with their endorsement the Democratic candidate for Sheriff.  The initial reports were from The Outer Limits Blog and AxXiom for Liberty.
The second scoundrel in our series on Corruption at the Courthouse is Oklahoma County Assessor Leonard Sullivan. He too stands accused of violating Rule 19 (G) 4 of the Rules of the Republican Party which allows for the removal of any officer “officer, committee member or delegate of any organization, committee, delegation or unit of the Republican Party” for “Publicly supporting or endorsing an opponent of candidates of the Republican Party.” His name appears prominently as a Co-Host on the invitation below.
Mr. Sullivan’s credibility is further called into question by the controversy over a will. This is a story that is virtually unknown story that you will find nowhere in the main stream media. You will find a lively discussion about at this link:
You must scroll down to follow the conversation, but in it you’ll find where he may have violated his oath of office while handling a will of an individual.   We will be investigating further on this  controversy.
Mr. Sullivan’s credibility is further eroded by supporting a candidate who is currently alleged to be under investigation by the OSBI and the FBI in regards for the illegal use of county detention inmates to assist with the manufacturing of his campaign signs. Is this really the caliber of individual you want to fairly assess the value of your property for tax purposes? We don’t think we could trust this man to properly assess the value of our dog house.
We went to the Oklahoma County Assessor’s web site to see if we could gain an insight into Mr. Sullivan. No real information was there. It boiled down to nothing more than a brag sheet about him. This is something typical of a RINO Republican. You can read the brag sheet here.With friends like this in office, the Oklahoma County Tax payers don’t need any enemies.
After a lot of research, I finally found one news article on the subject of the will. You can read the entire article here:
There were several items of interest in the article. In September of 2008, Mr. Sullivan submitted to the Court an inventory and appraisement of the home, which is appraised by Mr. Sullivan’s office, at a value of $95,815.00. In May of 2009, Mr. Sullivan submitted to the Court an updated appraisal that valued the same property at $35,000.00. Now we know the real estate market was bad during this time frame, but this is the first property I’ve heard of that suffered a better than 60% drop in value. Mr. Sullivan went on to later sell the home for a mere $37,500.00. This home is located near the Nicholls Hills area of Oklahoma City.
The second item I found that troubled me was the Attorney that represented Mr. Sullivan during these proceedings. His name happens to be Ray Vaughn. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because you read about him in last week’s newsletter. It must be nice to have your attorney as a County Commissioner. Doesn’t this create a conflict of interest?
The third items I found interesting, was the estate of William Argo. According to Mr. Argo’s relatives, his estate had never been settled. He had passed away a few years before Mrs. Argo. I spent two days trying to find information on Mr. Argo, and was unsuccessful. I couldn’t even find an obituary. The only intriguing lead I found was an alleged statement made by a partner in the law firm with Ray Vaughn, a Mr. Michael Clark, informed the family that there was no money in Mr. Argo’s accounts. The heirs wanted to know where he gets the authority to make such a statement.
Now it is impossible for us to actually look at the probate cases on the two individuals we have mentioned here. Probate case access is limited to the attorneys and affected parties only. There is enough here though to warrant an investigation. The lack thereof, may explain their support for Sheriff Whetsel. Maybe it’s time for the Oklahoma State Attorney General or the OSBI to look into these allegations. There is just too much information there to indicate a possible conspiracy to defraud an estate.
We’ve all hear about sore losers before. Have you ever heard about a sore winner? Apparently Mr. Sullivan is. While doing the research for this article, we found this. Defeated candidate learns job lost, too. - Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, OK) | HighBeam Research. Apparently one of his employees ran against him in 2006, and lost. The very next day, he fired that employee. It is alleged that the individual former employee’s taxes went up, when nobody else’s in the neighborhood did. That is just plain vindictive.
With all this information, or should we say lack of information, on Mr. Sullivan, is it no wonder that county precinct officials have called for his censor. Censorship is inadequate in this case. Lack of respect for the Republicans that put him in office, abuse of office, alleged abuse of trust in the case of the will all call for an investigation of Mr. Sullivan and his removal from office.
Third World Status for America
 U.N. to Send in Election Monitors
A recent article in the Daily Caller reported on an official of the Mississippi NAACP being sentenced to a term of 10 years in prison for voter fraud. I found this to be strange, since Mississippi’s Voter I.D. Law was challenged by the U. S. Department of Justice as being one that would tend to disenfranchise minority voters. She was found guilty of voting by absentee ballot for six living individuals and four deceased individuals. You can read more about the case in this article, Mississippi NAACP leader sent to prison for 10 counts of voter fraud | The Daily Caller.
While this case was pending in the courts, Mr. Benjamin Justice, the President of the NAACP, along with the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and the American Civil Liberties Union among several other unnamed groups decided to take their case before the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a United Nations partner on democratization and human rights projects. This group will now be sending forty four (44) observers around the country on Election Day to monitor activities including potential disputes at polling places. This is Un-American. You can read more about it in this article, OUTRAGE! United Nations Monitors Will Oversee US Presidential Election Voting 
If you will notice, the Justice Department never filed against the one state that passed a voter I.D. law that was controlled by Democrats. That piece of legislation happened to be written by an African American Senator in the state of Rhode Island who was a Democrat. You can read more at this article,  Rhode Island Democrats Disprove Media Myth That Voter ID Is 'Racist'. Can someone tell me why the Justice Department didn’t file an objection to this Voter I.D. law?
So how prevalent is voter fraud? If you listen to the U.S. Attorney General, it doesn’t exist. That’s the same Attorney General that dismissed a case against the New Black Panthers for Voter Intimidation that had already been won. But according to this map one organization alone has convictions in seventeen (17) states covering 35 instances of known voter fraud since 1998. That’s outrageous.
It is the view of this writer that no one has done more to promote the disintegration of the United States of America than the American Civil Liberties Union. It’s a catchy title. It really sounds like an organization that is out there to protect our rights. It was founded by a communist and still follows the communist doctrine. Its sole purpose is to assault the U.S. Constitution from within. It’s as about as far left as you can get.
The NAACP has done a lot of good work in its days, but somewhere along the line, it’s lost its way. A prime example is its endorsement of a candidate for President. Instead of endorsing a candidate that offers a future for their members, they endorse a candidate that has made no indication as to what he would do if re-elected to a second term. That candidate has doubled their unemployment rate. Doubled their poverty level and only offered hope. Their endorsement was made based on the color of his skin. That’s not leadership. That’s racism.
As for the last group, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, what a joke. The list of members covers six (6) pages. There are groups in there like the AFL-CIO and SEIU. You know all the Democratic thugs. These people have no standing to go to the U.N. on anything. You can see the entire list here
People have been calling for the United States to get out of the United Nations for years. Under President Obama we have seen our Armed Forces delegated to the U.N.’s control and decisions about our national security left to the whims of the U.N. If ever there was a time for the United States to get out of the U.N. and the U.N. to get out of the United States it is now.
Where is our high and mighty Governor on this. Voting is controlled by the state not the federal government. We do not have to let U.N. observers in. Where is Matt Pinnell on this. This is another reason to get rid of that useless individual. He has done more to hurt the Republican Party in Oklahoma than any other individual in the state. It’s time the Governor and every elected official speak up. It’s time Matt Pinnell that resigns.
Tulsa Area Republican Assembly (TARA) Might Need A Name Change
 to (TRANPA) Tulsa Republican Assembly Not Paying Attention
By Ms PM
It does appear that the President of TARA, Ted Darr, is full of excuses when questioned as to why the Tulsa Republican Assembly did not endorse Dave Bell, the real conservative candidate for Senate District 11. Is this a mistake on Ted's part or simple incompetence?
As to the Officers of TARA, the lackadaisical appearance of "follow the leader," instead of taking on a responsibility of bringing attention to an important issue before those that are supposed to pay attention, slipped through the crack.
This is an excellent example of "perception" not being the truth of what happened, maybe, but the outcome shows that all of the officers were off playing with Ted and participating in a game of "head in the sand."
Donna Taucher, Vice President of TARA, doesn't seem to understand the procedure for endorsing candidates. Why is this and why is she Vice President?
When you have a group of people representing the Republicans of Tulsa, you can only ask why they seem to take their responsibilities lightly? What is it about these types that seem to coddle their aloofness?
It could be time for these genie's to get back into the bottle and a tight cork stuffed into the opening. If they refuse to endorse good candidates, get out of the way for others to take on that task and drive it home. We need people that understand the seriousness of these elections, and not those that add another title to the end of their name for the glory of "see how important I am," if that is the case.


A Culture of Corruption at the
Oklahoma County Courthouse
Butch Freeman Seizes Property and Auctions it off Without Following the Law
It appears that with each character we investigate in this story, we discover more corruption, and more players in the story. Part 3 of this story deals with Oklahoma County Treasurer Forrest “Butch” Freeman. While researching this story, we uncovered more alleged corruption by Sheriff Whetsel and more violations of party rules this time reaching all the way up to the Cabinet of the Governor of the State of Oklahoma. Could this explain why the Governor has allowed her picture to be used on campaign literature by a Democrat? These questions will be explored in a separate story.
This report concerns the Oklahoma County Treasurer Forrest “Butch” Freeman. He stands accused of violating Rule 19 (G) 4 of the Rules of the Republican Party which allows for the removal of any “officer, committee member or delegate of any organization, committee, delegation or unit of the Republican Party” for “Publicly supporting or endorsing an opponent of candidates of the Republican Party.”
The credibility of Mr. Freeman is eroded by the simple fact that he is endorsing a candidate, Sheriff Whetsel, who is currently under investigation by both the FBI and the OSBI for using County Jail inmates to make signs for his campaign. The Sheriff was also forced to return contributions to his campaign from two individuals with pending criminal proceedings against them. You can read about it in this article. Whetsel Tied to Teddy Mitchell and Attorney Scott Adams - Oklahoma City Conservative |
We also found out that Mr. Freeman is the Treasurer for the County Jail. You can read about it in this article. Forest Butch Freeman of Oklahoma County Jail - Oklahoma City, OK 73102. As the treasurer, doesn’t that make him equally responsible for the mismanagement of the facility? I would think so. Is it any wonder that he walks hand in hand with the Sheriff?
While researching Mr. Freeman, we discovered a disturbing trend in the way he held property foreclosures on tax sales. It seems he has the habit of holding tax lien sales without properly notifying the property owner of the diligent taxes. We found numerous cases of this happening. The cases we found were the ones where the property owners had the means to fight back, and won. This raises the question of how many times did he get away with it. We’ve listed three cases below to indicate that it covers his entire career.
BENTON v. TED PARKS, LLC - 2011 OK CIV APP 7 :: December, 2010 :: Oklahoma Court of Appeals - Civil Decisions :: Oklahoma Case
McMULLAN v. OKLA. COUNTY BOARD OF TAX ROLL CORRECTIONS - 2005 OK CIV APP 61 :: June, 2005 :: Oklahoma Court of Appeals - Civil
Harris v. Freeman - 1994 OK CIV APP 106 :: July, 1994 :: Oklahoma Court of Appeals - Civil Decisions :: Oklahoma Case Law :: U
Now some, if not all, of our elected officials at the county level might tell you that politics and elections had nothing to do with their decision to delay their own pay raises in 2009 by one year. If Mr. Freeman tells you that, you might want to remind him of this article. "Despicable" county officials at it again - Oklahoma City Government | It would seem that Mr. Freeman was all for giving himself a pay raise in 2009 until one of his fellow councilmen reminded him he was up for re-election that year.
Now that sure sounds like politics played a part in his decision to us.
Not only has Mr. Freeman violated the Rules of the Republican Party, but there seems to be enough questions here to warrant an investigation as to his practices on filing tax sales. The Sheriff’s office and the District Attorney’s office would not be the appropriate agencies to hold this investigation. Neither can be trusted to hold an impartial investigation in this matter.
These controversies add to the proof that there is a major culture of corruption at the Oklahoma County Court House. This is enough to call for an investigation from the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office, and we do so here. We further call for the suspension from duty for all officials implicated in this disgusting affair. This should be without pay.
This has happened, because no one has bothered to look into the activities of these county officials. We are looking now. What we are finding is disturbing to say the least. We will continue to point out corruption no matter where we find it, despite what Charlie Meadows says. A corrupt Republican is as bad as a corrupt Democrat. There is no room for them in any elected office. It boils down to knowing your candidates and knowing where they stand on the issues.
Over State Question Recommendations
Normally these two John Birch Society affiliated organizations march in lock step with each other after all, that is the Bircher culture, to follow the policies and plans sent down from the national JBS leadership. Admittedly following a plan makes this group more effective than they would be if they used the Ron Paul grassroots model of every man and woman a leader but neither method of organizing is effective. People need to fight together on a single plan, but the plan needs to be formulated to fit the local situations and to be changed quickly if warranted.
What sparked the controversy was none other than Charlie Meadows sending out an email outing the split between the two groups on recommendations for the State Questions on the November 6th ballot. Charlie slammed Amanda Teegarden, the leader of the OKSAFE organization saying that she had “over-analyzed” the State Questions and attached “unreasonable suspicion and speculation as to their outcomes.” Charlie goes on to write that “She has taken positions opposite our most conservative lawmakers and opposite 3 issues that have been used in the Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper’s Conservative Index.” Ouch! That is going to leave a mark…
Meadows agrees with the Sooner Tea Party on S.Q. 758, the limit on property tax  except in typical “Charleyesque” fashion Meadows uses SQ 768 in his newsletter confusing SQ 758 that affects property tax valuations with a non existent SQ 768. I suppose he just added ten to the number… Time to pass the reins to someone younger Charlie…
STATE QUESTION 768 (sic) - YES - This question will lower the amount of
property tax increase from rising a maximum of 5% each year to no more
than 3% each year. A 5% cap, under the rule of 72 (72 divided by 5 %),
your property taxes will double every 14.4 years. With a 3% cap, under
the rule of 72, your property taxes will double every 24 years. This
measure will not prevent school bond issues from raising the amount
above the cap, nor will it prevent an increase due to a legal
judgment, which is the same treatment as the current system. Under
rare cases, the County Excise Board could still order the County
Assessor to increase the millage rates to make sure bond payments are
made. That is a separate problem which may have to be addressed in the
future as we are giving “un-elected” and “un-accountable” bureaucrats
the power to tax. That is called “taxation without
Charlie agreed once again with the Sooner Tea Party on SQ 759 although once again he mangled the State Question number from 759 to 769. Bad dog, no biscuit… Makes you kind of wonder about the old boy but I’ll admit to taking the time to look it up to be sure we didn’t have it wrong.

STATE QUESTION 769 - YES - This question will prevent racial,
color or gender preferences from being considered in government hiring
and contracting practices as well as admissions to government colleges
and universities. In other words it will require us to base those
practices on merit and qualifications. To get this on the ballot,
lawmakers did not want to risk expensive lawsuits with the federal
government, so they recognized exceptions regarding federal funding of
certain programs, court ordered situations and federal gender programs
like Title 9 where sports equality is at stake. While 769 recognizes
the current level of federal government involvement, it does not
increase the feds control over us. It will provide a better means for
victims of affirmative action to challenge the government in hiring,
contracting and admission standards.

Charley got it right again when he agreed with the Sooner Tea Party on SQ 762 and he got the number correct! Good boy, Charlie! I’ll pat you on the head and rub your ample belly next time I see you. Interestingly enough the Sooner Tea Party first issued our recommendations on the State Questions on September 23rd and Governor Fallin dropped her support of SQ 762 on October 18th according to a Tulsa World article. Good girl Mary! But no belly rub for you, since that Troopergate scandal came out there is no telling who or what has been laying on that belly, I ain’t gonna touch it.

STATE QUESTION 762 - NO - If this question passes it will remove
the Governor, an elected official, from the parole process for non-
violent offenders. Without an elected official involved it puts the
decision making process in the hands of un-elected, un-responsive
bureaucrats with no accountability to the people. Another problem is
how do you define “non-violent”? You never know when a burglar simply
didn’t kill you because you didn’t wake up while he was in the process
of ransacking your valuables or you may never know what “non-violent”
criminal was the beneficiary of a plea deal where his or her violent
charges were dropped for an easy plea-deal conviction on lesser

Charley got it right again when he agreed with the Sooner Tea Party on SQ 764 and Charley did a good job explaining exactly why this was a bad law that needs to be defeated. People need to understand that the Sooner Tea Party has deep inside connections within the Capitol, we know the back story on much of the legislation because we focus on plowing the path for conservative legislators. We also can be “used” in the fights among the various cliques as the rural legislators fight against the urban area legislators or when the Republican Caucus fights against the rise of the Democrat Caucus. The identity of the legislators that provide us inside information would curl the State Chamber leader's hair if it was known; there is no honor among thieves despite the old adage.
STATE QUESTION 764 - NO - I disagree with the State Chamber’s
support of this question. Basically the measure would allow the state
to float $300 million in bonds. The primary users of this borrowed
money will be cities and counties, claiming they can borrow from the
state at a cheaper interest rate rather than float a bond themselves.
In reality, if a city or county is in good financial shape and not
over loaded with debt, they should be able to borrow money on their
own at a decent interest rate. That would make the citizens of their
jurisdiction only responsible for the debt rather than transferring
the responsibility to citizen all over the state. Currently there are
limits to the amount of bonded indebtedness that can be incurred by
cities, counties and school boards which is a good thing. Any attempt
to get around those limits is risky. John Stossel recently did a
documentary on cities and counties in America who are defaulting on
their debts. Most of the problems occur when cities or counties borrow
money for “economic development” programs or water, waste or sewer
projects that are un-needed “Cadillac” version projects rather than a
needed “Chevrolet” version project.

Charley messed up on SQ 765 although I’ll admit that the Sooner Tea Party had to change our mind on this one as more information came in. The value of knowing exactly what is going on behind the scenes and the guidance of conservative legislators is what made us look deeper into this issue. What tipped the apple cart was Senator Greg Treat’s comments to the media; this had solidified into a power grab by Governor Fallin that also brought up the question that Fallin might have cut a deal with Democrat Representative Rousselot for his support on this bill in exchange for the use of her image in endorsing him against the Republican challenger David Tackett. The entire sordid affair was reported in this edition of the Sooner Tea Party newsletter.
Bottom line on this is to vote NO on SQ 765. This coupled with Charley bobbling the State Question numbers make me wonder if he needs to be washing a single window on the inside of a nursing home instead of washing all of the windows on the outside. This bill needs to be returned to the legislature and have them do their job correctly.
STATE QUESTION 765 - YES - If passed, this question will eliminate
the current “governing” board of the Department of Human Services
(DHS) and replace it with an “advisory” board. If passed, the
governance of DHS will shift from the governing board to the Director
of DHS, who will then serve at the will of the Governor. Under that
change the Governor, an elected official, becomes responsible for the
performance of the Director. In talking with a current board member,
he assured me the quality of DHS will always depend upon the quality
of the leadership and people who work there, especially since the
agency deals with humans and human interaction. I would go so far as
to say that some of the problems at DHS are impossible to fix,
especially when it comes to efforts to PREVENT future human
Charlie agreed with the Sooner Tea Party again on SQ 766, correctly pointing out that OKSAFE stood alone in the grassroots groups as opposing this State Question. And Charley did a good job pointing out why that government should tax consumption not production although too much tax on consumption leads to less production and fewer jobs. But Charley, it is embedded, not imbedded. I think that imbedded is when a state trooper…. Oh, never mind.
STATE QUESTION 766 - YES - I whole heartedly agree with the State
Chamber on this one as it is truly pro-business. With the exception of
OK-SAFE, I know of no other grass-roots organization that is taking an
anti-business stance on this issue. Conservative grass-roots
organizations are not anti-business, our beef with the State Chamber
is over their preference for a form of fascist and socialist
capitalism rather than support of free market capitalism. If this
measure passes it will prevent property taxes from being applied to
intangible items such as patens, trade marks, certifications, customer
lists and on an on. I am opposed to taxing businesses for a couple of
reasons. First, businesses consider taxes as overhead, therefore they
increase the costs of their goods and services to cover the tax, thus
it is the people purchasing the goods or services that actually pay
the tax and not the business. However, since the cost of the tax is
into the price, the consumer never knows how much of the cost
is tax which means we have then allowed politicians to hide the true
cost of government. Second, it forces those businesses to raise their
prices which then makes them less competitive in a national or global
marketplace. If we want a strong economy and good jobs, we should
insist government get its revenues from the consumptive (sales taxes
and fees) side of the economy rather than the productive (business and
income taxes) side of the economy. Voting yes on this pro-business
state question is a no brainier.
Charlie Meadows

To make it easy to remember here is a way to remember. No on 762, 764, and 765. The top two on the ballot and the bottom one the ballot should be yes votes if you follow conservative values.
Corruption at the Courthouse
Part 4
Carolynn Caudill, the Nigerian Identity Theft Scammer’s Best Friend
For About Twenty Hours per Week
Full Time Pay for Part Time Work
Let’s turn the spotlight on County Clerk, Carolynn Caudill. As with the others, she stands accused of violating Rule 19 (G) of the Rules of the Republican Party which allows for the removal of “any officer, committee member or delegate of any organization, committee, delegation or unit of the Republican Party” for Publicly supporting or endorsing an opponent of candidates of the Republican Party.” You can read the stories behind the allegations here investigation | AxXiom for Liberty and here The Otter Limits: Oklahoma County GOP Supports Democratic Sheriff!  What is disturbing is that no action has been taken by the state GOP Chairman, Matt Pinnell, as of the writing of this article.
In 2008, Ms. Caudill was caught in a scandal when her office had put all the county records online but failed to redact the Social Security Numbers of the individuals involved in the transactions. This had been going on for years. She had to make an emergency requisition of $30,000.00 and hire an outside firm to come in and redact the Social Security Numbers from the records. In other words, her mistake cost the tax payers almost $30,000.00.
Caudill later put the blame on the agencies that filed the documents which were mundane things like tax liens, financing contracts and other legal documents claiming that the companies and agencies that filed the documents way back then were responsible. But way back then when these documents were filed there was no need or requirement to redact as it was the custom of the time to include the SS# for accuracy of indentifying the people involved. Caudill claimed that the number of SS# that her mistake exposed was not the claimed 1,000,000 but “only” 870,000 as some were duplicates. Andrew Speno with Fox 25 had done some excellent stories on the controversy but they have disappeared off their website.
Not only was Caudill refusing to own up to her mistake, she had admitted that she knew that the documents had SS# that needed redacted two years before when she announced that the older documents were being uploaded to her website. She repeated the claim again one year later, one year before this controversy erupted.
But even worse than the problem she created was how she attempted to redact the Social Security numbers from the data. Caudill hired foreign nationals to do the job, not only outsourcing Oklahoma County sensitive data to a foreign country, sending Oklahoma tax payers money to hire low wage foreign workers but she opened the door to massive identity theft!
Caudill recommended and ultimately hired HTC Global Inc. which uses IT personnel in India, China, and Malaysia and the contract didn’t require that the records be kept confidential. Then only mention of security was a requirement that the finished product be sent back using a secure server. Former county commissioner Stan Inman was quoted as saying “This opens up the county up to lawsuits about ID theft. Once out, you can never get them back.”, referring to the Social Security numbers that Caudill released on her website and to the foreign ITworkers.
Back in the past we used Social Security numbers in public records, even on voter ID records but only an idiot would have missed the trend of identity theft that started cranking up in the early eighties and nineties. Remember when we used to have the SS# or our drivers license number printed on our checks? Now we know better, times have changed, and there was no excuse for Caudill to pull a stupid stunt like this.
Caudill would have faced the voters this year but no one filed for office other than her so she wins by default.
Another scandal we found involved a law suit she tried to get out of. I never could track down the actual law suit, but I did find this document on the lawsuit.
Between you and I the plaintiff sounded like a complete whiner about her medical problems but she made the case that she was squeezed out of her job because the other employees made comments about her being an older woman which lead to a merry go round of re assignments. The woman is likely to prevail in her lawsuit so once again the taxpayers will pay for Caudill’s incompetence. It’s amazing what our elected officials think they can get away with.
In addition to failing to support the Republican candidate for the office of Sheriff, we need to ask why an individual, much less an elected official, is willing to place their own reputation on the line to promote a corrupt friend. Did you know that she is supporting Sheriff Whetsel, a man who claims to support your Second Amendment Rights, yet as the past President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, he worked to eradicate your ability to own a gun.
This is the same Sheriff who is under investigation by the FBI and the OSBI for using inmate labor for making his campaign signs. Would you put your reputation on the line for this man? I wouldn’t.
But the answer is most likely found by looking at exactly what a county clerk does. Part of the job is to serve on the county budget board along with the assessor, court clerk, the county commissioners, the treasurer and the sheriff. This group then sets the budget for the coming year which is used to set the millage rate that determines how much property tax you owe. Most of us are thinking that the valuation of a home determines how much property tax is owed, and that is true only by the percentage of the entire county property tax paid each year. Having your home valued lower than the neighbor means he pays slightly more tax than you but your taxes also go up if the county agencies want more money. So even a cap on property values does absolutely nothing to slow the rate that your taxes increase. Even if the price of homes plummets to half the value the year before all they have to do is double the millage rate to force you to pay what they think they need.
The county clerk also files all the legal documents, deeds, mortgages along with the legal and financial records for the county agencies. If you need to hide payments to political cronies or lucrative contracts to campaign supporters you need the county clerk on your side. The county clerk also serves as the secretary for the county commissioner meetings, the county excise board, the county equalization board, and the board of tax roll corrections. If you want a political crony to pay half the property tax they should pay then you need to limit access to those tax records and the process by which property taxes are lowered and raised. The county clerk is responsible for publishing the agenda, keeping the minutes of the board meetings, and the county clerk is the person that actually pays all the contracts and invoices from the county conducting business. Basically she is the county accountant and you need her on your side if you want to keep a lid on corruption investigations and to keep the information buried out of view of the media and the public. Here is an excellent document on how the various county elected offices are intertwined.
But there will be some out there that defend Carolynn Caudill as a hard working public official that is being unfairly attacked for supporting a Democrat. But that is not the case according to another controversy that hit the Caudill administration in 2008.
In July of 2008 Caudill was facing a Republican challenger, Stan Inman. Not until other county officials got involved were the work records of Carolynn Caudill released and it turned up that this woman showed up at work just over 25% of the time. The open records requests showed that Caudill got full time pay for part time work. The payroll records were released without a fight but the security system records that logged in each badge holder as they entered the building took a fight to get. Amazingly it was the D.A’s office and the sheriff’s office that intervened to get the records released. I suppose they were between a rock and a hard place and were willing to throw Caudill under a bus to keep this off their plate.
It turned out that Caudill “badged in” on 57 of 107 working days in the released report, working never more than 20 hours per week. She worked 58 hours in Feb of 2008, 44 hours in March, 41 hours in May, and 32 hours in June. No doubt it took much of her scant hours of work just to protect her cronies by keeping things buried deep.

It is simple folks. What we have here is a culture of corruption that leads all the way up to the State House. These people are not Republicans. They are RINOs, Republicans In Name Only. Our fearful leader at the GOP Headquarters hasn’t got the gumption to reprimand these individuals, because they hold his power in their hands. It’s time for a change, and it needs to happen now.
Damn Your Free Speech
Tea Party, Candidate, and Activists Sued for Exposing Corruption
Will this Cast a Chill on the Future Reporting of Suspected Terrorist Activity or Corruption?
Last month we reported that lawyers for the notorious Dr. Jarjoura threatened the Sooner Tea Party with a lawsuit, demanding that we retract our article that exposed the corruption that he and Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel had engaged in. The threatening letter even demanded that we remove a blog post from another activist’s website. We did review our story for accuracy, found one mistake where we had used the wrong Oklahoma statute in the story, one which called for criminal proceedings for Medicaid Fraud, and corrected the story the next week to reflect the civil proceedings instead of criminal proceedings.
That wasn’t enough for the dentist/reserve deputy so late last week he filed suit against the Sooner Tea Party editor Al Gerhart, activist Carol Knight, Oklahoma Sheriff Candidate Darrell Sorrels, Freedom Bail Bonds, and Steve Long who we believe to be the Sorrels campaign manager.
 The lawsuit complains that Eli Jarjoura was painted in a false light or defamed by the Sooner Tea Party article despite all the facts coming from public information and being documented heavily. The facts are clear, Eli Jarjoura bought access to the Oklahoma Sheriff Department with enormous donations and exploited that access by gaining access to sensitive information and equipment on a vehicle that was said to have been garaged in his home garage. According to our sources the vehicle had equipment that provided access to Homeland Security and FBI bulletins and the FBI database along with a license plate scanner capable of scanning and recording up to 1,800 tags per minute.
Along with the unnecessary access to enormously sensitive information, Eli Jarjoura had a felony arrest warrant on his record prior to applying for CLEET certification. Sheriff John Whetsel admitted that there was a felony arrest in an article published in the Oklahoman, using language that inferred that he didn’t know of the felony arrest at the time of the CLEET certification. That in itself absolutely proves that Whetsel either did no background investigation of Eli Jarjoura or did a very sloppy background investigation. Given the $200,000 plus donation that Jarjoura was giving, it doesn’t take much of an imagination to figure out that the incentive was there to avoid looking too closely if a look was taken at all. The fact that Jarjoura hired a law firm to expunge the 1994 felony arrest for grand larceny indicates that the arrest record had been found and Jarjoura was cleaning up his record before attending the CLEET classe. The fact that he attended the CLEET class before the arrest record was completely expunged alone sets off alarm bells.

Further complicating the story is the federal civil indictment of Eli Jarjoura along with his colleagues at the Bright Smiles dental offices. The civil indictment case number is a Qui Tam case, number CV-00025-L filed in the Western District of Oklahoma  alleges Medicaid fraud and lays out a case where photo copies of Bright Smiles ads offered “free gas cards” to patients including Medicaid and Sooner Care patients. The civil indictment also lists an example of alleged unnecessary dental care to a child including the capping of baby teeth along with root canals that was billed to the taxpayers through Sooner Care to the tune of almost $3,500.00. Why in the world a person accused of Medicaid fraud would be kept on as an Oklahoma County reserve deputy is another question that boggles the mind.
There was much more about that story that set off red flags, a massive increase in personal wealth in a few short years, the very expensive pilot training that wasn’t followed up with getting a pilot’s license,  and later on in the time line the refusal of Jarjoura to state what his religion was other than claiming an “identification” with a Norman church and claiming he donated to that church. Had anyone questioned the religious faith of an average person and there were questions that it pertained to being a security risk most people would have proclaimed their faith at the top of their lungs. Jarjoura’s nationality was also in question and it has never been shown that he is indeed a Lebanese Christian with a Syrian surname.
The follow up article after the Oklahoman published their story on the controversy can be found here.
Eli Jarjoura’s attorneys referenced our newsletters in his lawsuit so we know that he and his lawyers are reading them. The question is this; if they know the facts as we presented them how can they hope to win a lawsuit with all the proof on our side? Much was made of Jarjoura being a “private person” in the lawsuit, showing that they know that Jarjoura is not even close to claiming that status after the news stories about his work with the Oklahoma County Sheriffs Department, the numerous facebook postings and online forum posts about his involvement in the massive donations and the garaging of the license plate reading car that has access to the Homeland Security and FBI data base. Add to that his civil indictment for Medicaid fraud and he has more than exposed himself to fair comment. Heck the fact that he interviewed for the Oklahoman strips the false claim of private citizen from him. Kind of like Kris Steele claiming that he is a conservative Republican, that dog won’t hunt.
So Jarjoura is in for a ride until he comes to his senses. We are a media organization first and foremost with a newsletter and a newspaper. This is a public story that needs to be told and we are going to put newspapers all over central Oklahoma to educate the public about this shameful attempt to punish those who expose corruption and security risks. Had Jarjoura any sense at all or had he had competent lawyers, they would have answered the questions about Jarjoura’s faith, nationality, his motivation for having that vehicle in his garage, and cleared the air.  Instead Jarjoura choses to try intimidation and bullying tactics, something that is old hat to the Sooner Tea Party.
We will see you in Court Jarjoura and your friends, family, and customer are going to learn the truth about this story in the weeks and months to come. We need to blanket Oklahoma County and Cleveland County with newspapers anyway to prepare for the upcoming Republican precinct meetings as well as expose the crooks at the Oklahoma County Courthouse. You haven’t intimidated us, you’ve only pissed us off and given us one hell of a story to tell.
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