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By Courage to Resist
March 15, 2015

The Courage to Resist March 2015 national newsletter (PDF) is arriving in mailboxes across the country this week. In this issue you'll read about active duty Marine officer Jake Bridge and his appreciation for Chelsea Manning’s heroic actions, the outcome of resister Sara Beining’s court martial, former Staff Sgt Hickman’s attempts to expose murder at Gitmo, a legal update from exiled objector Andre Shepherd, and a summary of “what’s next” for Chelsea Manning.

We also enclosed a recent hand-written letter from Chelsea Manning to supporters (PDF) like you!

Please donate today to support the troops who refuse to fight!


Our message to drone operators

drone250Message from Veterans to Drone Operators and Support Personnel at Creech Air Force Base

By Courage to Resist, Veterans for Peace, and Iraq Veterans Against the War. March 17, 2015

To our Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters at Creech Air Force Base,

Last week, veterans of the U.S. wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan arrived in Nevada to join protests outside Creech Air Force Base against Drone Warfare. We were not protesting against you, the airmen (and women) who are drone operators and support personnel.



“Spring Rising” underway!

spring-rising250“Spring Rising” is four days of creative resistance; theater, teach-ins; rallies and marches marking the anniversary of the United States’ “shock and awe” attack on Iraq and its invasion and occupation in a completely illegitimate, immoral war.  Together we will use this time to oppose the plans and calls for growing military intervention. Courage to Resist is proud to be one of many dedicated organizations participating and endorsing this critical intervention.