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How do we save energy, make good thermal insulation, heat ecologically and disinfect the air? These type of solutions and technologies are the subject of the present newsletter.

We continue to inform you about the products and services of the companies that were interested in participating in this year's seeSUSTAINtec. If you would like to establish contact with them, you can use the B2b platform

Interviews with the company representatives can be read here

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Via Expo; +359 888 926 587, +359 888 279 796

Austroflex has been active for over 35 years in the development and production of systems and solutions for the insulation of heating, cooling and domestic hot water distribution. The company is recognised within the industry as an expert supplier of flexible Pre-insulated Pipe Systems, thermal Solar Pipe Systems and Technical Insulation solutions.


Green Tech clima Ltd. is a company focused on high efficiency and low energy products of ventilation, air conditioning and air SMART systems for indoor air purification. The company is an importer of foobot - monitor for quality and content of particulate matter, VOC's, CO2, indoor humidity and air temperature; Fresh-Aire UV, etc.


Hybrid Energy Saving Systems Ltd.

The company offers a system that reduces electricity costs by up to 8 times. A unique development is applied - the only one solar-air heat receiver in the world. It can be used in industrial, residential, agricultural and public buildings.


SKE Engineering GmbH

SKE is a value added partner and certified service partner of Huawei Fusion Solar and Fusion Home products. The company provides online technical support, trainings and workshops in the SEE region.


MAT Ltd.

The company manufactures metal structures and construction elements, stainless equipment for the food industry, design, production and installation of various types of supporting structures for solar power plants.


Vasilev & Tomov Ltd.

The company is focused on development, prototytping and production of equipment in the area of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Currently it is producing boilers, pellet burners and specific non-standard equipment, related with its production.

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