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I hope you got a chance to listen to the Veterinary
Secrets Revealed teleseminar with Dr. Andrew Jones
last week. It was awesome! If you registered and
then found you could not get on the call, you are
not alone, but are still eligible for the bonuses.

Dr. Jones' call was maxed out long before the
start time! He was hoping for about 200 callers,
but his teleconferencing service crashed with
more than 1,000 people trying to call in. Once the
lines settled, about 800 people were shut out. He
had no idea he would be so popular!

If you would like to listen to the call and get
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(You will have to register first to get to the
download page. His newsletter is worth it, and I
can vouch for that.)

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As Dr. Jones says, "Heal your pet at home!"

CAT STORY - promised from last month

We heard from a few folks this month with heart-
warming stories about their cats. But I promised
the story of Gus, the cat with diabetes, so that's
the one I'll give you here. [Next month we'll feature

This is from Cheryl:

"About a year ago, we found out that our cat, Gus,
is diabetic. Things were up and down for a while
as we all learned our new routines, learning how to
give insulin shots, and trying to find out just the
right amount to keep his blood sugar at the right level.

I had to be gone one weekend with my job, and my
husband had to give Gus his shots alone. Although I never
showed him exactly how to do it, he assured me he
knew what to do.

When I came home on Sunday afternoon, I saw Gus in my
bedroom, tangled up in some stereo wires, and he wasn't
moving. There was poop everywhere. I screamed, "He's dead!"

As I scooped him up in my arms, I noticed he was still
breathing, but was otherwise completely unresponsive.
I asked my husband how much insulin he had given him.
It turns out that he had been giving him 30 units at a time,
not 3. TEN times the correct amount.

I rushed Gus to the emergency vet, and ran in screaming,
"He needs sugar! He's in insulin shock!"

They put him on an IV with sugar and soon had him
stabilized, though it took a few days. On the day he
was to come home, they determined he was blind and
recommended he stay for further treatment, probably
for swelling of the brain affecting the center for sight.

But we decided to bring him home, where he was most
comfortable, for whatever length of time he had left.
He'd been through enough stress by then and if he was
meant to die, we wanted him home.

After a few days, I noticed he seemed to be watching me.
As I moved, his eyes followed. Was it possible?

Then one day, as Gus was lounging in the back yard,
my husband started the sprinklers. Gus panicked and
darted directly through his little cat door back into
the house. His aim was perfect.

Now we are sure he is able to see! And we are so happy
to have Gus back with us & in full!"

[Thanks for the happy ending, Cheryl!]


If your kitty needs medication for any condition, be
absolutely certain to follow your veterinarian's
instructions to the letter, especially if the amounts
and schedule are critical.


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