The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers
Cub reporter Pop

The two hares, Slippy, NG along with young Spider Man led the r*nning hash ( they were the r*nning hash), followed
closely behind by the walking group - Counterfeit, Malteaser and Watsarong. Well back in the rearguard were Mary Poppins and
Pop. Tut tut, two late GMs.

After the torrential rain of the previous day everyone was well prepared for knee deep shiggy but to our surprise the going was
fairly firm and dryish.  Spider Man led the hash and with two r*nning hares had no choice but to abandon all FRBs, Morley's etc.
Meanwhile back at the pub, Pop who had arrived 15 minutes late was contemplating with dark, dismal thoughts of trailing the
hash on his lonesome. But, hey presto, an angel appeared, ' Pop are you late too'. It was Mary Poppin. Feeling uplifted and
revitalized the pair set off in pursuit of the main body of the hash.

The various groups plunged into the thickets which quickly became dense forest. Numerous obstacles had been cunningly
positioned by the hares.I.e. rustic stairways of unimaginable steepness and height. With aching limbs we ascended the final
'stairway to heaven'. Deep breathing soon ensured we had copious amounts of oxygen flowing through our veins once more.
With lighter hearts off we set again.
Down we went into a magical land, stopping to gaze in awe at a fairy ring, expecting at any moment to be enchanted by
the sprites and nymphs of the
overheated bodies.

Back on terra firma (the back streets of Ferryhill) and we soon spotted the OnIn.
By a combination of hash planning, good fortune and luck the three groups arrived at the pub within 5 minutes of each other. A short circle was called,
misdemeanors and fines arbitrarily handed out before heading into the pub for an excellent lunch.
A perfect end to an enjoyable hash.
underworld. The magic spell broken off we scampered, thankfull for the breeze which cooled
At some point the rear hash passed the walkers so we changed to a 3 - 2 - 3 formation
Hash 1367.   Ferryhill.      3 - 3 - 2

No 3 - 3 - 2 is not some strange football formation but the order for the Sunday hash.
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