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Holidays in October
National Animal Safety and Protection Month. 

National Pet Wellness Month.

October 4: World Animal Day.

1st Full Week of October: Animal Welfare Week (AVMA)

Oct. 11-17, 2015: National Veterinary Technician Week. 

Oct. 28: Plush Animal Lovers Day. 

Oct. 29: National Cat Day.

Oct. 30: National Black Cat Day in the UK.

Always remember to check with your local shelter to see what they need. Your donation will go directly to the animals, as a rule, in sharp contrast to some of the large national groups, whose donation income goes toward large administrative salaries and other expenses, not always for animals. But to be sure, be prepared to check out the shelter. Not all of them are as honorable as they proclaim.
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October 7, 2015
National Feral Cat Day is October 16
National Feral Cat Day is the perfect time to stand up and protect cats where you live. You have the ability to educate your community, and that is an incredible thing—no matter the size of your activity.
Also known as community cats, outdoor cats have been the victims of misunderstanding, mismanagement, and misguided attempts to control their numbers with ineffective, often cruel, methods. 
National Feral Cat Day began in 2001 to bring awareness to and effect change in how communities approached feral cats. This year’s theme, “The Evolution of the Cat Revolution,” highlights the evolution of the cat protection movement.
Read more about how you can help cats in your area:
Do You Know What to Do When Your Pet Needs First Aid? 
If your pet suddenly experienced a medical emergency or needed some quick medical care, would you know what to do?
Here is a good article to help you work out a plan of action for your own pets:

Another reason to keep your cats inside
Free roaming cats are at risk anyway, but things are worse in San Jose, Calif. right now, as a thief has been busy snatching and killing cats in the area. 

8 Things You Should NEVER Do to Your Cat 

Does your cat need an iPad?
Friskies, the cat-food company (owned by Nestle-Purina), has been producing digital games for cats since 2011. Titles include Cat Fishing, JitterBug and Pull 'n Play, and each involves tempting cats to chase moving targets on the screen of a phone or tablet.
The company says its games have more than 2.7 million downloads, an average of about 20,000 a week on iTunes.
There are also about 12,000 videos on YouTube of cats playing these games.  
Get started here:
Now THIS is a "Cuddle Pile!"

This couple uses an 11.5-foot bed to maximize cuddle time with their  5 cats and 2 dogs 
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