Welcome to the April Newsletter!
Dear Reader,
I hope this newsletter finds you well—not something we can take for granted at this time, as both our physical and mental health are under a lot of stress. And I hope you have someone or something to help you through. I have my husband for company, and I’ve also resorted to my usual failsafe to cope with this unusual situation, reading.

I’ve chosen to escape to fantasy worlds that have none of our current problems. For example, I’ve been binge-reading a couple of series by Lindsay Buroker that feature assassins, sassy women, broody men, and plenty of mayhem. Emperor’s Edge series is set in a steampunkish world, and Death Before Dragons is an urban fantasy series with arrogant dragons and other interesting creatures. Many of her books are currently discounted on Amazon, so give them a look, if you need something to read.

I’ve also found joy with Violet Evergarden, a fantasy anime series on Netflix. The sweetness of the stories and Violet’s quest to understand love is exactly what I currently need. And there’s a new movie out now too.
Having found joy in books, I want to offer my readers the same. I made a bundle edition of my first books, called Starters, and I offer it for free at Smashwords’ Authors Give Back sale, which lasts until April 20th.
The bundle has four books that give a taste of what I write. The Wolf’s Call is the first book in the Two-Natured London paranormal romance series. Tracy Hayes, Apprentice P.I. starts my P.I. Tracy Hayes mystery/detective series. Which Way to Love? is the first contemporary romance I ever wrote, and Personal is my first thriller. You can find the free book here. Many authors are offering discounted and free books on Smashwords as well, something for everyone, so don’t miss the sale. Authors Give Back sale is featured on the Smashwords home page.

Starters is available via other vendors too, for $5.99, but it’s only free on Smashwords and only until April 20th.

In other news, the next Two-Natured London book is almost here. It’s called Magic on the Highland Moor and it’s a shorter, in-between romance, vol. 6.5. It comes after Crimson Warrior and features Adeline Emery, though it should be fairly stand-alone.
Those of you who have read Crimson Warrior may remember that Adeline was whisked off to Scotland for her safety with a couple of warriors of the Crimson Circle, one of whom is Nicholas Fortier. This book tells what happens there. Sample chapters are available on my webpage, and you can find preorder links here.
Here’s the description:

Adeline Emery is livid. One moment she’s heading to work with her sister; the next, she’s whisked off to Scotland—for her own safety. A deadly enemy has targeted her family and they need a powerful ally. For that, Adeline has to marry a complete stranger.

She would much rather stay with her new protector.

For Nicholas Fortier, a warrior of the Crimson Circle, escorting a vampire lady to be married should be an assignment like any other. But Adeline isn’t like any woman he has met before. Protecting her ignites his hunger, the vampire instinct that preludes the most powerful mating bond among their kind. But she has been promised to another.

Scotland and the manor of the Meyrick family should be a safe haven. But something sinister is going on there. Soon Adeline is in as great a danger as she would’ve been in London. And this time Nicholas doesn’t have the strength of the Crimson Circle to rely on.

Through the Highland moors, they fight for their lives-and their love. But is the magic of Scotland enough to bring them their happily ever after?
Continue to a sample chapter.
Thank you for reading. Stay safe.

p.s. I've done some chages to my social media presence. My website is now www.susannashore.com and my Twitter handle is @SusannaShore.
p.p.s. The next Tracy Hayes book is on its way too. More about it in the next newsletter.