Update on the VPac Alpaca Vests in Production
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An update on your VPac order...

Thank you for ordering the "VPac" ALPACA filled thermal quilted vest!!

Choice Alpaca Products is delighted to partner with Paca Performance Gear as the distributor of this attractive new alpaca product made
from YOUR contributed fiber!
"VPac" is a play on vicugna pacos, the scientific name for alpaca :)
alpaca vest thermal testing of vpac vest
Grown and Made in the USA!
The Vpac is the newest entry in the 
American Choice Alpaca line.
 We're running later than expected....
The Paca Performance Gear (PPG) team is working as quickly as possible to fill orders with a quality product.
As often happens with a true startup, the initial (4-5 week) production timetable was a best early estimate but the reality of coming out with a truly new product like the VPac is a bit different. It has been a learning curve as all great processes are. In our excitement with this new product, we apologies if we hoped and projected the optimal production schedule. We're making good progress but this new ALPACA creation does have a learning curve, as does any new enterprise of this sort.  

Unique to the PPG group and Choice Alpaca's partnership is the enterprise is fundamentally and thoroughly grounded in an academic and learning process. It's a business, but also a training program for up and coming young American entrepreneurs attending Southern Vermont College. The young PPG company has grown organically for this key reason - to provide eager students with learning opportunities and future entrepreneurial skills for their future.
paca performance gear vpac alpaca vest elevator pitch competition 

Again, we apologize for the delay and any assumed expectations as we get this process up, running and tuned to its optimal efficiency. PPG has been all hands on deck day and night working on this project. 

Some aspects of the production ramp up took longer than anticipated - specifically patterning every size and making sure muslins were sized correctly before beginning full production. Jeb, the lead professor for the program has been pulling his hair out over some of the issues encountered, but they have pushed through.

As of this announcement, PPG and Choice Alpaca Products are still working on the *exact* delivery dates for the first product runs. It has been a moving target, but we are honestly doing our best and working hard to make sure things are in line with expectations of top quality.
Nearly all of the vests are patterned and filled, except the 2-tone options which are taking a little longer. If you have a two-tone ordered and don't want to wait longer we could switch the selection to a single outer color option.  Please review the website to see those color choices. 

As of today we are getting ready to move into final assembly of the single color vests for the first of the orders. This entire first production run is nearly ready for assembly.
We are preparing to cut patterns for production run #2 as soon as all run #1 vests are moved to assembly. Right now the vests ordered by folk at Nationals are in run #2. Those who have ordered after Nationals (after April 25th) will be in run #3. 

Production runs as follows:
1) Pattern cutting for the entire run
2) Rough assembly - 4 piece assembly for fill
3) Fiber fill
4) Final assembly - vest assembled, labeling, zipper, fold-over-elastic

We appreciate your understanding of our production learning curve and the delay with this special American designed and produced alpaca product!   We will continue to keep you informed. 

Jeb & the PPG Team
Brian, Paula and Team - Choice Alpaca Products 

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