Relax and Grow RICH February 2008 Newsletter   

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EFT for Pets

Tip of the Month 

Pets deserve to know they are loved, too!

Our pets give us so much love.  What are we giving in return? 

  • Exercise your pets more often
  • If you have multiple pets, be sure to equally SHARE your love and attention with all the animals
  • Show them how much they are loved and appreciated
  • Apply surrogate EFT to release their fears of rejection, abandonment or not being safe!


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Happy Valentine's Day 

to my Worldwide Subscribers!

 "Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.”

--Dr. Leo Buscaglia

Are you a LOVE MAGNET?  Do you wish you could attract your soul mate into your life?  Or maybe you’re in a relationship riddled with difficulties, and wish you could bring back the love you once shared with a partner, spouse, friend or family member? 


The first letter of my RICH acronym in Relax and Grow RICH is R for Relationships.  What relationship would you like to grow?  Are you resisting love?  Do you have emotional blocks to loving someone who hurt you?  Maybe you think love is painful and to be avoided? 

Love Makes Life Worth LivingI’ve worked with adults of all ages and marital statuses, who are looking for someone to love in their life or wanting to rekindle a faded love relationship with a spouse or sweetheart.  As much as these tender souls want to bring love back into their lives, they’re frozen in fear or still holding on to old anger and resentment from previous relationships or upsets.  They shield their broken hearts with energy blocks to keep them “safe” from being hurt again.   

Little do they know that they are only hurting themselves by depriving their lives of the richness of a mutually kind and loving relationship.  As Dr. Buscaglia suggested, love is a HUGE part of life.  Giving up on love is like giving up on life. 

Using EFT to Release Fears to Loving AgainAre you ready to blast away your blocks to being a love magnet and hoist that bright welcome sign for LOVE?  The below fears and corresponding setup statements are a good start to bringing love back into your life.  Feel free to modify them to your specific blocks.  Love blocks are often related to previous, painful experiences with others.  

Fear of Rejection: “Even though I remember the pain of being rejected in the past, I now choose to release this fear and open my heart to love.” 

Fear of Not Being Safe: “Even though I’m afraid of someone breaking my heart again or taking my money like <name> did, I now tap away this fear, anger and resentment and allow love back into my life.” 

Fear of Failure: “Even though I’m afraid a new relationship will start out well but end after a few months or years like my previous ones, I now choose to release this fear of failure and attract my perfect new mate.” 

Fear of Abandonment: “Even though <name> left me and I’m afraid to love and be hurt again, what if a wonderful new sweetheart came into my life…forever?” 

Fear of Success: “Even though it’s scary thinking about being in a love relationship again because my new love may expect too much of me like <name> did, I now tap away these fear blocks and open my energy system to love again.” 

Become the Lover You Wish to Attract!  Have you heard the expression that “Like attracts like”?  A great way to bring a new love into your life is by becoming the lover you wish to attract.  Buy yourself gifts and flowers, treat yourself to special meals, love and cherish yourself and bless your courage on this path of life!   Louise Hay suggests you look into a mirror every morning and evening and tenderly tell yourself, “I love you!” 

Be a Super Love Magnet!  Make every day Valentines Day, a celebration of LOVE for yourself and those who love you.  Tell your spouse, family, friends, sweetheart and even that pet that piddles on your bed that you LOVE them. 

As you generate love through your thoughts, actions and words, you’ll become a Super Love Magnet and your love will be returned tenfold!   

Have a joyful month...

... and keep on tapping!  I love you!

--Colleen Flanagan, EFT-ADV