Please join us today at Philadelphia's Israel Independence day festival from noon to 5pm. This free event will feature Israeli folk rock singer David Broza, Israeli food, mummers, and other entertainment.

We will be at table #58 near the Walnut East Gate between the tables for JStreet and the Holocaust Awareness Museum. We are near the Lag b'Omer Children Fun Zone which features Krav Maga demonstrations, 2 Gaga courts, Tzofim (Israel Scouts) rope games, Henna Body Arts, Philly Israel & The Israeli House Experience, Federation Early Learning Services Preschool Arts & Crafts, and a giant Israeli flag project built with K'NEX.

Even if you do not live in the Philadelphia area, check out our ideas for delicious Lag b'Omer bonfire treats!


Open Letter to the Perelman Jewish Day School Board of Directors
I am writing to you to ask you to reconsider your unilateral decision to no longer recognize the union which has represented your teachers since 1976. If secular law does not require a religious organization to give unions a voice, then halakhah (Jewish law) and derekh eretz (common decency) do. (More online.)

Without the requirement to treat all data equally, big internet providers would be allowed to block or slow down access to any website whose ideas they do not like, or simply whose owners do not pay extra to be part of the "fast lane." Do you value your continued access to alternative sources of information? Learn what you can do.

4 Creative Foods to Roast on a Stick for Lag BaOmer
Roasted apples make whistling noises while they cook, and taste like apple pie on a stick. Halloumi cheese has a high melting point, which makes it perfect for roasting. Prepackaged dough makes roasting smoked bread on a stick effortless. In a kosher "chorizo," red peppers are mixed with raw meat, which gives the "chorizo" its special flavor. (More online.)
  • May 18: David Broza and PJVoice at Philly's Israel Day Festival.
  • May 18: Senator Casey speaks at Gratz College Commencement.
  • May 18, 19, 20: Shrek, the Musical
  • May 20: Pennsylvania primary election
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