Hi Cat Lover,

The next issue of the Kitty Times isn't due until
the 21st, but I wanted to touch base with you
this weekend to get your feedback on a couple
of things. Plus, I have a few more interesting
articles to share with you that didn't fit into the
last issue. And I don't want to wait too long, or
it's just more old news.

(Hint: Feel free to visit my blog to get daily, fresh
news, here: http://loveablecat.blogspot.com, so you
don't have to wait for my newsletter!)


OK first, here are the articles:

1. Ugliest cat:

2. Cat found inside couch bought at yard sale:

3. Cat Abused, owner charged (This one is from early January
... oops)

4. If your cat has diabetes:


And now, here is a survey I put together to find out if
I'm giving you what you want in the newsletter. Feel free
to submit your comments on the form. You don't have to
enter your name.

Here is the link to the survey (it ends at midnight, March 23):



Some things to keep in mind:
I have been putting the newsletter out in pure text format
for several years now, because some people have slow
internet connections and wouldn't be able to get it in a fancy
format with graphics and color, etc. However, times are
changing and more features are possible, even on dialup.
But if most people prefer it in text, I'll keep it that way.

A very diverse group of people subscribe to this newsletter
and have a variety of interests and opinions. Any changes made
will be according to the majority's preferences. So, if you were
hoping for something to change and it doesn't, it could be that
not enough people wanted to see it.

Whatever changes occur (or not), I will continue to make
every effort to provide useful and interesting information to help
you with your cats, and to give you a smile now and then.

As always, if you have a specific question about your cat,
I will answer you as quickly as I can, but can't promise it will
be instant. I still have shelter animals and lots of mouths to feed
and boxes to scoop... It keeps me pretty busy. I do not have
the question and answer system on automatic... I still do it
manually because I want to be sure the answer is helpful.
And that takes time...

If you need to try to find something fast, you can look for
answers on my web page, as I have written a lot of articles
on many subjects, based on the questions people have sent me:


If you don't see anything there, go ahead and email me, and I will
answer you as soon as I can. My goal is to help cats live happy
lives, and we do that by helping owners know what's going on!

Again, here is the link to the survey (it ends at midnight, March 23):


Thank you for your help with this!