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The end of live pet sales at 70 malls...
Ohio animal control officer now saves 97%....
Tragic loss of exotic animals in Ohio...
Cat food news... Petfood settlement, at last
Stuff for Cat lovers...Vanishing Species Stamps
Web sites to explore...
A smile for you...
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We just received news that shopping center developer
Macerich is banning sales of live animals in more than
70 malls across the US. This new humane policy is
designed to break the puppy mill business chain and is
taking effect nationwide within 30 days. Macerich
confirmed they will not renew the leases of existing
pet stores that sell animals, and in their place will open
humane stores offering adoptions of rescued pets.

Read the rest of the article:



He hasn't been very popular with his colleagues in Ohio,
but a new breed of animal control officer has made huge
strides at the Geauga County animal facility near Cleveland
where, after 8 years on the job, the euthanasia rate has dropped to
about 3%, thanks to ACO Matt Granito, who now saves 97% of
pets, mostly dogs, brought to the facility.

Using logic and compassion, which seems to be going
against the grain and traditional methods of the past, Granito
finally convinced local government that he can do a better
and more humane job without costing the county any money,
by using volunteers and other money-saving ideas. The big
surprise? It's working. And that's why his colleagues are
angry with him. Whether it's jealousy or envy, perhaps they
are just upset because they didn't think of it first.



This is a very tragic story. A private zoo owner in a rural area
of Ohio opened the cages of all his exotic animals on Oct. 18,
then shot himself. Unfortunately, as they escaped and roamed
the area, local law enforcement felt obligated to shoot nearly
all of the 56 animals, including all 18 of the rare Bengal tigers
in his collection.


Go here to sign a petition to the governor of Ohio to ban
personal ownership of exotic animals. This could have
been prevented with such a law in place:



Remember the big petfood recall back in 2007?
After all this time, the companies have finally reached
a settlement and are distributing funds to pet owners
whose animals died or suffered permanent damage.
It's not much...maximum of $900 per claim, but you can
read more about it here:



Benefits of a Raw Diet for Cats - http://bit.ly/9a1T7y


Help Feed Shelter Animals

Don't forget to visit these sites as often as you can and
click on the shelter-feed links. There is no cost to you
to do this.



http://www.freekibblekat.com/ (Answer a trivia question...
even a wrong answer gives a donation.)

You can sign up for their daily reminders, too, if you need
a little nudge, like I do.

STUFF FOR CATS (and cat lovers)

We all know by now that the United States Postal Service
is in financial trouble. In addition to raising postal rates by
the first of the year, they also will be selling a new stamp
to raise funds not only for the agency, but for endangered
species. Read more here, to find out how to obtain these
new Vanishing Species stamps:




WEB SITES to explore

Helpful information if you're traveling with your pet:


Flea Control Secrets http://bit.ly/daZr9h


Pet Poison Helpline
Keep this information "on top," that is, don't bury
it in a notebook or on your computer. When (if) you
should need it, you don't want to waste time looking for it.


-------- LATEST VIDEO -----------

Check out the video on my website: "Hidden Treasure"
Simon's Cat is back!

These sites provide up to date information on how to help animals:

1. http://www.pet-abuse.org
If you're so inclined, it's a good resource to find petitions to
sign, letters to write, or other actions we can take to help pets in
abuse situations.

2. http://www.dosomething.org/whatsyourthing/Animal+Welfare
A good resource for helping people decide what kinds of help best
fit their own abilities and interests.

3. http://www.hipaws.com/help.html
Help feed the kitties that didn't get adopted. There is a secure
PayPal donation button at the bottom of the page.

4. Don't forget to sign the petition to Ohio to ban exotic pets:


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May all who are lost, be found. May all who are ill, be well.
May all in harm's way, be saved. May all without homes, be loved.
~~Author unknown


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