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I'm being interviewed again!
Feeding cats...
Those dreaded toxic raisins...
Cute videos...
Dogs CAN get along with cats...

Thanks to everyone who sent in some fantastic info
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Remember my interview back in January? A new cat book
author named Jason Parker interviewed me about my ebook,
How to Make Your Cat Adore You. You can read about it

[It's best to right click that link so you can download
it and read it later. Otherwise, it opens the file first,
and you will need to do a Save so it doesn't go away
when you close it.]

Anyway, Mr. Parker finished his book and it's available
on the Internet now! He did a fantastic job, too.
You can access his website from here:

Just click on: "The Secret Art of Spoiling Your Cat Rotten."


I guess word is getting around, as I was just interviewed
again, on June 3, and will be yet again, on June 10.

Don't worry if you miss these, as I will find a way to
make them available for you.

If you get this in time, and you want to listen on Tuesday,
you can register at this link:


I'll be talking about how to massage a cat.

The pet care series is being hosted by my friend, Tracy
Lenderink, a veteran dog trainer with over 40 years
experience. She is featuring a line-up of cat experts
on Tuesdays, and the dog experts are on Thursdays.

If you want to hear those too, go here:

Or just go to the main site and choose the links you want
to sign up under.

This series of calls is scheduled to go for at least 10
weeks, well into August. Sign up once for cats, once for
dogs, and you can attend any or all of those calls.


This is an excellent article on feeding your cat:



On the subject of feeding, I just learned something very
interesting about raisins. Right now, there is quite a
busy campaign online, with emails flying about, pushing
the notion that raisins are extremely toxic to pets,
though the focus is on dogs. Sometimes cats will eat
them, but dogs seem to enjoy them the most.

What is NOT being spread around is that raisins are
actually OK. The bottom line seems to be about the source
of the dreaded raisins. If they are from organic grapes,
they are OK. "Regular" raisins from a common grocery
market are the problem, as those grapes have been treated
with some extremely noxious pesticides and other chemicals.

So, it's the chemicals, not the raisins, that are killing pets,

And humans are still eating these? Well, not me anymore.


Just a safety note: If you suspect your pet has eaten
or been exposed to something poisonous, keep this
number handy:

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center - (888) 426-4435


Watch this for an entertaining little video of a kitten
playing with a ferret:



Now, this one shows a cat "playing" the theremin,
a strange kind of electronic musical instrument:



Thanks to David Brow for this information about dogs
getting along with cats:

"As with the Jack Russell Terrier, it is true they aren't
all tolerant of cats, but that seems to be a common trait
with all the Terrier breeds, but I think that is because
they are more of a 'one owner animal' and once you have
adopted one as a pet, which you would have to get as a
puppy, as an older Terrier tends to grieve for its original
owner and you would have to accept that this type of dog
is for life. You can assimilate both cat and Terrier but
you can't force them and both pets will eventually get
used to each other."

Right on, David. I agree. Note the word, "eventually."
Cats learn things in their own time, and we just need to
understand that.

To read the rest of David's article on this subject, go
to this blog:



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