Hi there and how's your cat?

Did you get an email from anybody about the Painted
Cats? I think at least a dozen people sent that one
to me, with quite a variety of comments along with
it. Many were outraged that someone would take the
time and spend the enormous fees charged to actually
PAINT their cats.

I was equally disturbed and passed it along to my
list of friends, too, with my comments added in.

Well, as it turns out, I guess I let my hoax shields
down and didn't check it out before using up all
that bandwidth for nothing.

Here is the final answer on this one:


Yep, it was all computer generated. The cats didn't
look upset, OR drugged, so that should have tipped
me off right there!

Still, I have to admit, the "artwork" was quite
amazing. Some of the photos are on the snopes web
site, in case you haven't seen this.


I am tempted to say this month's tip should be about
being cautious with those crazy email stories. So
many of them are not true... there is no Amy Bruce
who needs a liver transplant, for example... and
there are several web sites you can use to check out
all these stories for their "hoax score," but I will
just say that we all need to be a bit suspicious these
days. It's so possible to do just about anything with
a computer now. Or, say that you have, and "prove it."

Here are two sites I use to dig out the truth:


OK, so this month's tip will be:

Don't forget to give your cats lots of love! And
remember all the cats that don't get any, and love
yours all the more.


A great place to shop if you use natural products:
(Recommended by Dr. Andrew Jones)


Well, no jokes or uplifting stories this week,
but I would like to mention that we had one of
our best weeks at the shelter... we got 10 cats
adopted out! That makes US smile!


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