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June 26th 2016 newsletter
 A Very Short Newsletter Tonight
It has been a busy week and a long, brutal weekend for the volunteers that delivered the magazines into three House Districts.  Yep, three, not five, we bit off more than we could chew with five districts this year and technical problems slowed our printing down a bit as well.  Then there was a major issue with the folding and assembling of one issue but all in all not bad for the first issue we have printed ourselves.
Will it work?  Yes, it worked as soon as we announced that we were targeting some legislators for their abysmal voting records.   And as main goal really is to kick start the magazine, draw in subscribers, and sell product for our advertisers we really don't have to worry about if the other guy defeats the bad incumbents.  If that happens it is just icing on the cake. Win or lose voting records will be better next session from these three and quite a few more as they will know there are consequences for voting badly.
Be sure and go vote tomorrow.   Use the archive link at the top of each email if you need to review the 2016 Oklahoma RINO Index to find out who is bad and who is good.
Legislative Bribing #101
Call it a “Gift”
By The Watchman
It’s not very often that you will see this publication can identify so clearly the elected officials who work for the people of this great state and those that work to enrich themselves. This is one of those opportunities.
What got us interested on the subject is this article The news group here, Oklahoma Watch, put a lot of time and effort into putting this list together. This could have all been avoided if the House and Senate would have passed a certain bill in 2014.
In the 2014 legislative session a bill was introduced that would have limited lobbyist giving. You can see the results here Oklahoma state House defeats bill limiting lobbyists | News OK. Now these legislators already get paid what is an annual salary for most individuals in Oklahoma for a part time job, plus a per diem to help pay for their stay in Oklahoma City during the legislative session.
We want to thank Representative Jason Murphy, (R), Guthrie. He always has refused to accept any gifts from any lobbyist. He has gone as far as to post a sign outside his office door at the Capitol that says He does not accept gifts from lobbyist represented entities.” He has stuck by this for a very long time and deserves a round of thanks from the people in District 31 and indeed the State of Oklahoma. These are fine examples of Oklahoma values.
There is one name that is being disputed on the list of those who accepted gifts from lobbyist. He deserves a mention here because of that dispute. That individual Is Senator Nathan Dahm  Republican from District 33. He is disputing a sum of less than $400.
With all that being said, if you open the first link in this article, you can tell which legislators are working for the constituents of their Districts and indeed the State of Oklahoma and those that are so hungry for power and greedy for the money that they are selling you out. If the Speaker designate has his way, you’ll be taxed to death next year while their lobbyist buddies make sure their tax credits stay in place. It’s time for people to make a change.
BL Cozad to Speak
at the High Noon Club

Oklahoma Game Fowl activist BL Cozad will give an 1 1/2 hour briefing at the High Noon club on Monday, 11 July at 12:00 noon.  His talk will be on the flaw within Oklahoma's "Right to Farm" law - SQ 777, the destruction of our God given rights, the usurpation of the Constitution as the traitors we've elected adopt the communist policies of the UN Agenda 21 plan.
Russel Drank the Koolaide
By the Watchman
We in the grass roots community, regardless of the name you take, work hard on trying to select and support good, decent Conservatives to fill the halls of both chambers of Congress whether it’s the National Capitol or the State. In this article we will present you with one of our failures. Regrettably the man is just finishing his first term in office, and we as a state need to make it his last.
The individual we’re talking about is Congressman Steve Russell. We can understand a little timidity during his first few months in office, but the fact is he fell in and started listening to the wrong man from Oklahoma that is on our delegation. That man is Representative Tom Cole. They must have become pretty good friends because they have an identical Conservative rating.
We first went to his Congressional web site to see what information was there. This is what we found Biography | Congressman Steve Russell. We would like to thank you for your service sir but that raises a couple of questions. How come there is no mention of your manufacturing business in your biography? With the oath you took as an officer in the military and the oath you took when you were sworn in as a Representative why was it that when one of your constituents reported a fellow congressman who was in office in violation of the Constitution, they were told that it was beyond your scope of responsibility and they would have to file an official complaint with the ethics committee themselves?
We visited the votes and legislation side of his site too. You can see it here Votes and Legislation | Congressman Steve Russell We found it to be totally lacking in accurate information. This too was only a partial list so we went to and found his voting record there. We find it hard to believe that a man who owns a company that manufactures weapons would vote to make law abiding citizens work harder to own one. Disgraceful.
We next looked at his campaign finances. This is something that we all should have done a better job at prior to his first election. You can get an estimate here Rep. Steven Russell: Campaign Finance/Money - Summary - Representative 2016 | OpenSecrets. However we would recommend that you go to and look at his finances there. You’ll find that most of his campaign funds came from business associated with the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce, unions and special interest groups. He’s not working for the people he’s a Chambercrat.
This is what takes his electability away from him Rep. Steve Russell (R-Oklahoma) | Liberty Card. This report shows he votes for the Constitution only 53% of the time. That is unacceptable. It is based on the performance of Mr. Russell that we refuse to endorse him and recommend Frank Volpe be elected to represent the Republican party in District 5 in the November elections.
Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday June 28, 2016 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School, 701 W South Street
This month’s speakers are:
 Sooner Tea Party’s Al Gerhart on the  Election Analysis
and What Liberty Means to Larry Hamm (Maud Mayor)
Some Animals are More Equal Than Others
By the Watchman
In the world of politics nepotism is a common thing. It’s often used to payback loyal supporters of the candidate should they be elected to office. We currently have such a case in the office of the Governor; it appears that a political appointee can’t handle his liquor and feels he’s above the law when his driver’s license is revoked. In cases like this we must ask why is this man still drawing a tax funded paycheck? People like this are why we are considered the most corrupt state in the union.
What prompted our interest in this story was this Finance secretary accused of driving after license revoked | Now this is not the first time that Preston Doerflinger has been arrested since becoming the Finance Secretary. The story on this is so new, that we were unable to dig out any details on it over the internet. We are left wondering what special favors he will ask for this time to get out of this ticket.
We did find another legal action taken by Mr. Doerflinger here OSCN Case Details. What this is amounts to an attempt to have his driver’s license re-instated. In short this weasel is making an attempt to get out of this current trouble he’s in by claiming his license was reinstated. In short this is another politically connected individual who’s hoping those connections will get the case dismissed. This is a standard not enjoyed by the citizens of this state that weren’t handpicked by the Governor to serve in her cabinet.
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma Secretary of Finance and Revenue - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is a history of the position of the Secretary of Finance and Revenue. Frankly to us the law which created this position seems like nothing more than a way to grow the size of government. There’s nothing being done by this office that isn’t already being accomplished by other department within the government. In this time of deep debt crisis this organization should be eliminated as a luxury we can no longer afford.
We next found the personal page on Wikipedia for Mr. Doerflinger here Preston Doerflinger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Now this tells an interesting story and is well worth the time to open and read. This is the first we here of his arrest in January of 2015 for Driving Under the Influence. This is where his driver’s license was suspended. We were unable to locate any court documents to show why, but there is a claim that the charges were reduced to a misdemeanor and he paid a fine. What we do find appalling is that when the police arrived they indicated to news media that there appeared to be a female being held hostage in his Range Rover. Hello. District Attorney did you let him slide because he worked for the Governor? This is totally unacceptable to any one much less an affront to Oklahoma’s moral standards.
The next article we found of interest actually supports our previous statement. We strongly urge you to open the link and read it here Jan. 23, 2015: Oklahoma City police arrest Oklahoma Secretary of Finance Preston Doerflinger | News OK.
The next article of interest we found indicates how little concern he has for his wife and family. Instead of letting the normal course of a divorce occurs, he has drugged his out for well over two years. We can’t help but wonder if he’s doing this to see them suffer or if he’s doing it to be vindictive. You can open the link here OCIS Case Summary for FD-2013-1015- In re the Marriage of: DOERFLINGER, JILL and DOERFLINGER, PRESTON (Tulsa County District C. Now we don’t normally get the families involved, but when we see a family being mentally abused like this, we have an obligation to say something.
We next found a list of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services administrators here Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) - Administration. All of these people should be working at other agencies doing the same jobs. Putting them all together just raises the cost of government because of the building space and utility charges. None of them do a job that cannot or isn’t already being done at other agencies anyway. This is a gross misappropriation of tax payer’s dollars. This is an agency created to give a former legislator a job back in the eighty’s.
The next article of interest we found was this State Secretary of Finance and Revenue caught driving with suspended license | Oklahoma City - OKC - Most Oklahoman’s know that if you are involved in an alcohol related offense while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle your license is going to be suspended. Even if you get special treatment and have the charges reduced to a point where there is no alcohol involved, your license is suspended until you take the necessary paperwork and pay whatever cost are mandated before your license will be reinstated
The next article of interest we found was this Lawmaker Files ‘No Confidence’ Legislation and Calls for Removal of Oklahoma Secretary of Finance | FortySix News. It was a surprise to find this piece of legislation being considered. It’s unfortunate that the Chambercrats in the House never passed it. You can see the bill here FLR/HFLR/HR1046 HFLR.PDF. We concur with the bill. We have no confidence in this man.
The Office of Management and Enterprise should be disbanded and those jobs be folded back into the original departments they came from.