Laser Training Center
May 2012

New name competition guidelines
To have the same impact the name Laser does, the new name has to sound good in all languages. Please send your name suggestion by June 30th, 2012 to
We will post all the names on our Facebook page. The name that will receive the most Likes, will be forwarded to the decision makers. If the name you suggested is accepted, you will be invited to participate free of charge in a Laser Training Center clinic, including coaching, boat charter and hotel. Value is well over $1000.
Background to new name search
The Laser SB3 has recently changed its name to SB20 losing the name Laser. We therefore assume that the boat we know and love as the Laser may be looking for a new name, too.
1. Will I still be able to use my Laser in the new class regattas?
Yes, after all it is the same boat, just a different name.
2. Why didn’t the Laser change its name already?
The name change seems to be on pause not to confuse sailors, the public, and the organizers of a regatta that will be held in England this summer. By the time racing in Brazil starts, it will no longer be an issue.
3. What will happen with ILCA, and its funds?
The hope is that the experience ILCA has in running championships and running a class will be the base of the new governing body.
4. How can we make sure the new class does not run in to the same problems the Laser class had? This is obviously the key question. One way is to license a few established  boat builders to build the boat, and let the open market economy take over. If just one or two builders will get the rights to build, someone better make sure  the license automatically expires if parts and accessories are not available to the public for more than 30 days, or  when not supplying charter boats to major events.
Summer Special
Bring a sailing buddy
and sail for free.
Summer in Cabarete, offers consistent winds, calm ocean inside the bay, and lower hotel-room rates. And now, we are offering a 2 for 1, charter special for summer 2012.  We will take care of airport pick-up, Laser charter, and hotel accommodations. Just let us know what are the best dates for you.
5. Are you sure the Laser will have a new name?
No, but in order for this name change not to happen some of the current key players have to invest a lot of money at once. For the past two years these players had not shown any interest in investing much smaller amounts of money. It will surprise many if they start spending now.
6. Why are you running the name search competition?
The Laser Training Center prides itself in being on the leading edge of the Laser evolution. There is also a good chance we will have a major dilemma with our own name pretty soon, and would like a name that is easy to use. We hope someone will suggest: Cabarete, as the new name for the boat.

Collective ideas on how to improve the Laser Class
We would like to thank the 63 sailors who took the time to respond to our survey on how to make the Laser a better class. The anger over the price of the class-legal sail dominated the responses to the 'what annoys you most about the Laser class' section'. It seems that if the retail price would drop to $385.00 most sailors will stop buying replica sails, and bring one design harmony back to the waters.

A close second were comments about ILCA being too passive and out of sync with sailors. This is surprising, because as far as we know, any sailor can volunteer to be on the World Council, and help bring about desired changes. At the same time we realize that it is not an easy task.

Other ideas, not in order of importance are:
  • The class should be opened to ALL builders and sail makers, rather than regional monopolies. Local class approved builders should be in place, with very strict measurement procedures thereby allowing price competition.
  • IODA (Optimist) made the IOD 95 building guidelines, and similar ones can be made for the Laser. For more about the Opti class read here.
  • Periodically offer class members a tangible benefit of membership. At the moment Masters don't have a reason to be ILCA members.
  • Design a  radial sail for the full rig size.
  • Design sails that last longer.
  • Design a hiking strap that is easy to adjust and stays in position.
  • Mast. People are getting bigger so make the mast stronger. Vang was made easier to pull, but no change was made to the mast.
  • Get rid of the rivet in the collar of the top section, and have a small bolt in the appropriate place in the bottom section. This would allow sailors to turn the top section around, instead of developing a permanent bend.
  • There should be more strict controls over mast thickness and flex characteristics.
  • Stop dictating where and where not ropes can travel through.
  • More efforts should be made to convince youngsters who have outgrown the Optimist to step up to Laser 4.7.
  • At ILCA events, save time. Sail checking should just check for the red dot on the sail.
  • The class office needs to leave England.
  • ILCA could put together a business advisory board formed by sailors with significant legal, financial  and business expertise.
  • Look at for an idea on what a modern website looks like.
Each and everyone of the people reacting to the question regarding masters age groups agreed on the following age group changes:
  • Masters: 50-59
  • Grand Masters: 60-69
  • Great Grand Masters: 70 and forever. Great Grand Master full rig, should race with GM full rig, and scored on same score sheet as GM, but receive separate cubes.
  • Views on Apprentice Masters were wide. From eliminating Apprentice Masters all together, to change the age group to 39-49 years old, or to 35-49 years old.
  • Allow Masters the use of digital compasses, as the other kind are too difficult to read or remember.

It's Opti Time
Take advantage of our 6 racing Lange Optimists. We are happy to charter the Optis, and the coach boat to any club or group coming with their own coach.
We will be running Opti clinics, Mid July to end of August.
Great opportunity for young sailors who wish to improve their strong wind skills.

Where in the Worlds is coach Rulo?
Rulo is now in Germany coaching in the Laser Senior Worlds, followed by coaching in the Women Radial Worlds. 
Being out on the cold water, with air temperature  5* C, is only part of the efforts Rulo is making to bring the latest news and updates from the top sailors to our program in Cabarete. For those who are already planning next winter, here is what the January 2013 calendar looks like so far:
  • January 5th-9th, 2013. Clinic and regatta. 
  • January 13th -16th, 2013. Pre race clinic.
  • January 18-20, 2013. 11th Caribbean Laser Midwinter Regatta,
  • January 22nd-26th, 2013. Clinic and regatta. 

Laser Training Center, Cabarete. Tel. +1 (809) 571 0640.