Also SPECIAL NOTE: Edmonton Latin Festival Aug 16-17 at Churchill Square,
ETOWN SALSA will be performing there! Also students of LEVEL III, in the next
few days, we will be posting special workshops for advanced dancers,
and also LEVEL III Drop-in is BACK! Wednesdays at 8-9pm!!
Open House
Register early with your friends and don't miss out! FREE CLASSES! New Students only please!
For the first time! A Bachata dance team! Also, if you have some Salsa under your belt, you are ready to take the leap to the big times! Audition and register now!
Salsa Classes
If you can't make all of one, you can substitute to makeup a class on another day. If you pre-do , no problem!
Teen Salsa
For the first time ever! Ages 13-17! Tell your friends! Bring a partner!

New to LATIN?! This is the perfect class for you! Affordable as well! Easy dances too! Click banner for video demos!
Bachata Classes
There is a discount for couples til Aug 9. Pre-register now and save!
Rental Space
NEW MONDAY TIMESLOT! 4:45-5:45pm, SUNDAYS also are relocated to the ETOWN SALSA Studio now.
Bachata Classes
Restarts up again Aug 19!
Bachata Classes
We will have also LEVEL II drop-ins every Sunday as well!