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February 2014
In this months newsletter:
Our upcoming production - includes Director and casting calls
Our upcoming showcase - include Casting and writer calls
Our upcoming showcase - upcoming Writer and Director calls
Our upcoming production - includes Director, Set Designer & Stage Manager calls & Casting calls coming soon
Our upcoming showcase - upcoming casting and writer calls coming soon
In Bits - NW Tour
"It’s autumn. In a Brain Injury Unit, Julia, David and Calum long to escape.
 Julia wants her life back, David to write again. But Calum, lost in twisted memory and psychosis, can never leave.
 Leaves bulge in plastic bags, tormenting voices echo down windy corridors—and a 21st birthday party is coming. There’s cake, flickering candle flames.
 And a dreadful remembrance is ready to break a world into bits…"
Our production will be coming to Manchester at the Three Minute Theatre 25-26 April and to Liverpool at the Lantern Theatre 2-3 May
Our casting call closes soon - click here for more info

We are also looking for a Directpr - click here for more info
Boy On A Bed
"Adam is a runner - out in all weathers and single minded about winning.
 Benedict is a painter who prefers to sit and smoke.
 When he persuades Adam to sit for him, the result is a painting that leaves its mark on both of them."
Our production will be coming to The Lowry 15-16 May
Our Director, Set Designer and Stage Manager calls close soon - click here for more info
Our casting calls will open on 3rd March - click here for more info
Spring Ignition
Following the success of previous Ignitions we are presenting Spring Ignition 2014 - a fantastic opportunity to get creative, showcase your talent and meet like minded people. We will be bringing writers, directors, and actors together to create some new and unique theatre. It will be an evening of 10-15 minute pieces of theatre with the theme of Spring.
The shows will be performed 27-29 March at Taurus Bar
Our casting call closes soon - click here for more info

Our writer call also closes soon - click here for more info
Chaotic Combinations
On Saturday 5th April many actors and writers will be brought together to team up in groups of an actor and a writer to create short monologues. They will be locked away in a rehearsal space for a full day of creativity with the outcome performed in the evening of 6th April.

Our production will be coming to Gullivers on 6th April
Our Writer calls will open soon - click here for more info
Our casting calls will open soon - click here for more info
Continuing on from last year we bring back Perspectives - bringing writers and directors together to create four thirty minute pieces of theatre this time.
The shows will be performed 26-28 June at The Kings Arms
Our Writer and Director calls open in April - click here for more info
Our Casting call opens in May - click here for more info

Organised Chaos on the net
We have set up a page on facebook so that we can keep you all better informed about all things Organised Chaos.
We also have a blog - come and follow us at
With this we are hoping to bring our audiences an insight to what we get up to behind the scenes and to the teams of people we work with.
On Twitter we're @orgchaosprods, on YouTube we're OrganisedChaosProd and our website is
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