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Edinburgh Academy War Record: 1914-1918

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A complete list of students who served in World War I. 
Situated in Edinburgh's Stockbridge, this establishment has educated some of Edinburgh's most influential sons and is still teaching them today. (Published in 1921 by the Edinburgh Academical Club).
Extracts can include name, class master, years at school, birth/marriage/death dates, father/guardian name and occupation, address, spouse, academic/sporting achievements, biographical information and military details. Each entry includes a reference to the related entry in the original academic register and the War Record is also mixed with those students who entered the academy from 1914 -- 1921. There is a comprehensive list of Honours included.

Gazetteer of the United States 1854

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Giving a full and comprehensive review of the present condition, industry and resources of the American Confederacy. Embracing also important topographical, statistical, and historical information from recent and original sources; together with the results of the census of 1850, and population and statistics in many cases up to 1853'
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1831 Tithe Defaulters

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Compiled and Edited by Stephen McCormac

The records compiled in this CD are the most important evidence we have of the people involved in the infamous Tithe War 1831-38. All occupants of land were required to pay an annual tithe (or religious tax) of 10% of the agricultural produce generated by that holding. This money was demanded from all landholders, irrespective of their religion, and was paid directly to the official state church, the Anglican (Episcopalian) Church of Ireland.

However, in 1831 many people refused to pay this tithe, and so started the Tithe War, which was fiercest in the southeast. The names that appear on this CD are of those people recorded by the Church of Ireland clergy who refused to pay their tithe. The CD contains all personal details from the original files, as well as copious information about the parishes that the people resided in. The people most affected by the Tithe War are precisely those most affected by emigration and the famine in the next generation. It includes:details of nearly 30,000 individual defaulters

Addresses, occupations and all other details about the defaulters appearing on the original record

Complete records for 232 parishes
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Passenger and Immigration lists: Irish to America 1846-1865

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Between 1847 and 1854, the arrival of more than 1 million Irish marked the first voluntary mass migration to the United States. This Family Archive contains information on approximately 1.5 million individuals who arrived in Boston between 1846 and 1851 and in New York between 1846 and 1865. It was compiled from the original ship manifest schedules filed by all vessels entering United States ports in accordance with an Act of Congress in March of 1819. Name, age, and gender of immigrant; Occupation; Province/country of residence; Village/town of origin; Dates of travel; Name of the ship; Port of debarkation; Destination in the USA; Manifest ID number
You need the Family Archive Viewer either version 3.02 or higher to use this CD. You can download the FAV from
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